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Major Health Benefits of Clear Fruit Water + 5 Alternative Drinks!

Every bottle of clear fruit water gives a mouthwatering fruit flavor as an excellent substitute for ordinary water! Clear Fruit Water is naturally fruit-flavored, caffeine-free bottled water. Clear Fruit water is non-carbonated and flavored with fructose syrup.

The National Beverage family of brands owns and produces Clear Fruit water.

National Beverage Inc. seeks to refresh America with its range of beverages. With a diverse array of sparkling waters, energy drinks, juices, and to a lesser extent, carbonated soft drinks. National Beverage inc is distinctive as a stand-alone entity in the beverage market due to its innovative packaging, creative product designs, and imaginative flavors.

What Does Clear Fruit Water Taste Like?

Clear Fruit Water - Berry water with Healthier Me TodayClear Fruit Water is described as tasting clear, crisp, still, and sweetened. Clear Fruit offers a blast of fruit flavor in every drink as an excellent substitute for sodas and juice. Clear Fruit water is renowned for being delicious and refreshing. 

Clear Fruit water caters to each person’s taste buds by offering fresh, fruity flavors, including cherry, strawberry, watermelon, pineapple, cranberry, grape, peach, orange, mango, and more.

Clear fruit water is precisely what it sounds like, infused with authentic fruit flavors. Since it is created with fruit juices, you can be sure every sip bursts with pure sweetness. Also, as it is sugar- and artificial sweetener-free, you won’t need to worry about your beverage having extra calories or toxins.

Is It Healthy To Drink A Bottle Of Clear Fruit Water Every Day?

We all know the importance of drinking the recommended amount of water daily. It is critical to drink enough water each day for your health. Dehydration is a condition that can impair your memory, alter your mood, cause your body to overheat, and result in constipation and kidney stones, to name a few. By staying hydrated, you can avoid becoming dehydrated. Water is also essential to cell health all over the body, promoting oxygen delivery.

While drinking clear fruit water might be a healthy and delightful alternative, it remains important to carefully check the labels because some brands may have added sugars or other substances that can offset the health benefits. Also, eating whole fruits, which offer additional vitamins, minerals, and fiber, should not be substituted with drinking clear fruit water.

Although flavored water may taste better, it can damage your teeth. A fantastic option for healthy teeth is plain water! Many flavored water firms’ marketing strategies and commercials can be deceptive. Reading the nutritional information on the labels is always recommended to ensure you know what your water contains and the possible health effects to consider from those ingredients. Even with its additives, flavor-infused water is still far preferable to soda, which is more corrosive and contains harmful levels of sugar and empty calories.

Clear Fruit Water Packaging

Clear Fruit Water - Berry water with Healthier Me TodayClear fruit water comes in a blue plastic bottle. The label designs hint at the refreshing taste of the fruit water, with white background, the Fruit between rushing water representing the flavor, the Clear Fruit logo features at the top, and a small colored oval with the flavor name appears just beneath the logo. The caps and bottle designs differ based on the size of the bottle. They are available in 16.9oz and 20oz options.  

You Can Make Your Own Fruit Infused Water

Water is essential for all our body’s cells, so drink up! Your immune system will benefit, you’ll have more energy, your digestion will be helped, and you’ll lose weight, among other benefits, if you include fruit-infused water in your daily wellness routine made with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Homemade infused waters can last up to 3–4 days in the refrigerator. Please remember that you might want to take the fruits and spices out of the water after 24 hours to prevent them from rotting and making the water harsh. 

The ideal ingredients for infusion are cucumber, citrus fruits, and fresh herbs. They immediately impart flavor and endure nicely over time. Apples, peaches, and berries have less flavor than other fruits. After a day, citrus rinds might taste bitter, so you might wish to discard them.

Other Alternatives To Regular Water

There are different ways to get your body hydrated throughout the day if you need more than eight glasses of water. Some people don’t enjoy consuming the recommended daily amount of water. Other people find regular still, tap, or spring water bland or tasteless, so they prefer to enjoy the water with a twist. While water is generally acknowledged as the most incredible option for hydration, other healthy drink alternatives can keep you hydrated and offer a few additional benefits when you feel like a change.

1. Adding an effervescent pill to water

Dissolve an effervescent pill in your workout water when it tastes flat. This will add flavor and sparkle without reducing the water’s natural hydration.

Most neighborhood supermarkets stock vitamin-infused effervescent tablets that may also provide you with an additional boost of your selected vitamin.

To avoid a vitamin overload, just be sure to follow the dosage recommendations on the packet.

2. Water Flavoured With Fruit Or Soda Water

Add fresh fruit to your water for the same advantages and enhanced flavor. Put some berries or citrus fruit slices in a water pitcher and let them steep overnight in the refrigerator. An excellent, fruity beverage will be ready for you in the morning.

Since this alternative to regular water is primarily made of water, it will keep you hydrated while delivering some of the Fruit’s health benefits. A 2018 study found that fruit-infused water may be the best hydration choice during exercise because it replaced the body’sbody’s electrolytes and lost salt.

3. Unsweetened Iced Tea

Tea is an excellent method to stay hydrated, and unsweetened iced tea provides an excellent alternative to water throughout the summer. A 2011 study indicated that when it comes to hydration, consuming black tea and regular water is almost identical.

Change your usual black tea to iced green or even iced berry tea.

4. Coconut Water

Dehydration can result from a sodium imbalance in your body. The consensus is that coconut water is more hydrating than water. Coconut water’s high potassium content can aid in the body’s removal of excess sodium. For this reason, many people advise drinking coconut water following a very sweaty workout.

The flavor of coconut water is nutty, energizing, and just a little sour. It’s undoubtedly a learned taste; some people adore it, while others don’t.

5. Alcohol-Free Cocktails

A glass in the afternoon makes for a good break, even if you definitely shouldn’t be sipping them like water, given their natural sugar content.

You can take your favorite cocktail recipe minus the booze for a fun water substitute; you’ll probably be left with a relatively healthy list of ingredients. Think mint leaves, lime, soda water, and crushed ice to produce a virgin mojito.


Clear Fruit water is an excellent alternative to regular water. With your favorite Fruit bound to be one of their flavors, there’s a perfect refreshing Clear Fruit for you!

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