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What is Real Romance? 10 Signs!

What is real romance? 10 signs! – Looking for love in romance? We have some of the best tips for you and your partner. A romantic relationship is defined as mutual, ongoing, and voluntary interactions between two partners that are characterized by specific expressions of affection and intimacy (Collins et al., 2009). To be engaged in a real romance with your partner, you need to know your audience. Not every person experiences romance in the same manner. Although romance is a feeling of love or a strong attraction towards another person, it is more the actions that we engage in that make it romantic.

Here are the top 10 Signs Of Real Romance

what is real romance? 10 signs! | Healthier Me Today

  • Couple Activities

Any activity that you partake in as a couple can have a romantic element. That’s 

Where the excitement comes in. Let’s use a couple of cooking lessons as an example. You spend the evening with some interesting new people, cook delicious food, and drink a little wine. This activity has all the ingredients in place for a fantastic recipe for romance. Another romantic activity is a couple of massages or a spa day. You know. The one with champagne and strawberries, fluffy robes, and scented candles. Something nice and relaxing for both of you, and it definitely sets the mood for the rest of the day. If you’re a couple who enjoys hiking, take along a picnic to enjoy. This can turn into a wonderfully romantic outing for the right couple.

  • Breakfast In Bed

Is there anybody who doesn’t love a scrumptious breakfast in bed? The options for food are endless. There is no better way for someone to pull out all the romance stops than serving your partner delicious food they love. Making an effort to produce the perfect breakfast in bed is one of the most romantic actions. It screams, “I want to spoil you!” Now the key here is that you obviously need to know what your partner enjoys for breakfast. If they are not the breakfast eating type, then coffee or tea in bed would likely do the trick as well. After all, when it comes to love in romance, actions can speak louder than words.

  • Remember Important Facts 

While chatting over dinners and spending time getting to know each other, we learn little titbits about our partners. Little snippets that are dropped in conversation. His favorite basketball team, or her favorite book, perhaps. All these bits of information make up one unique person with their own likes and dislikes. By remembering seemingly unimportant information, you will let your partner know, without a shred of doubt, that firstly you listen when they are speaking and take note of things that are important to them. Secondly, whichever action led them to know this about you would be classified as very romantic, no matter how small. It is also important to remember that the monetary factor is not always what is important. It is the thought that counts.

  • A Surprise Weekend Away

what is real romance? 10 signs! | Healthier Me TodaySurprising your partner with a weekend away is possibly one of the ultimate romantic gestures. What better way to acknowledge your partner and show how much you appreciate them. Life is not always easy; work pressures, home pressures, and general life pressures. Sometimes we all need to take a break.

  • Chores

Romantic gestures do not have limits. If your partner has to do a specific chore that they dislike immensely, try doing it for them. Simple examples are; Do all the oil and water checks on her car for her. Help him mow the lawn. Go home early and prepare dinner so that he/she doesn’t have to. All of these things make your partner realize that they are seen, acknowledged, and worth your time.

  • Spur Of The Moment Outings

A spur-of-the-moment outing to change up your daily routine is always a winner. Announce that you need an outing, and you both need to get dressed for the occasion. Hit the road for the day and don’t look back. Eat breakfast in a hidden diner, and stop for lunch somewhere you never go to. Do things that you’re always too busy to do. Eat the ice cream, go to the carnival, and watch the sunset over a field. Be spontaneous and have fun. Romantically, that is a guaranteed winner.

  • Support Each Other

You need to pitch up and support one another. Love in romance is about the big and small things that you share with one another. Accompany her to her sister’s graduation. Take her mom shopping if she can’t get time off from work. Take his lizard to the vet because he’s out of town. Whatever the case may be. You need to pitch up. Your partner needs to know that they can rely on you no matter what. The good and the bad. That’s a real romance with an edge.

  • Discover Your Partner’s Love Language

One of the top 10 signs of real romance and love in romance is love languages. Knowing your partner’s love language will help you discern how they show their love so you can feel more appreciated. Often times it’s not that our partner doesn’t love us. It’s that they love us only in the ways that they know how to love us. A simple “I love you” can be all it takes, or saying “I appreciate what you did for me” can really show them your love in the most effective way. If using words of affirmation is your partner’s primary love language, express your love to them with the spoken word, but use them well.

  • Celebrate even the smallest successes

Let your partner know their achievements are worth commemorating when something good happens to them. “That has a more positive effect than just supporting them during periods of hardships,” Aron notes. To do so, plan a special homemade dinner or write them a card as a way of shouting your excitement from the mountaintops. Love in romance is not just about celebrating big wins in life but also the small ones. Celebrate one another and support one another.

  • Think of creative new points of conversation

Those date nights aren’t so special if they’re spent discussing work, politics, or the mundanities of everyday life. Instead, Pearson urges couples to switch things up by asking unexpected questions. For example, ask what your partner thinks about (other than work) during their daily commute or what quality of yours they appreciate the most, so you can express it more often. Even childlike queries like, “What superhero power would you love to have?” work well. Then, ask what they’d be willing to give up to attain that power.

10 Signs of Real Romance!

what is real romance? 10 signs! | Healthier Me Today

There may be more than 10 signs of real romance, which couples choose to show in their own special ways. In a conscious, loving, intimate connection, partners are present with one another without judgment or unrealistic expectations. When you both understand the deeper reasons you have come into each other’s lives, you can let go of the need to make your relationship be a certain way and allow it to be what it is. You can allow your fears and wounds to come up and be healed in the soothing, loving presence of your partner. We are all born with an innate capacity to connect and love deeply. Intimate relationships are great teachers, and they bring us magical experiences at every stage of a relationship. Beneath the Valentine’s Day myths lie powerful opportunities for the most thrilling romance of all: waking up to the fully conscious life we are here to live.

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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