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What Does Sports Medicine Do?

What does sports medicine do? There is no doubt that Sports come with a lot of Injuries. Whether it is broken bones, sprains, or dislocation, the sports field can hold a lot of unfortunate and painful experiences. That is the risk that is taken by athletes, and it definitely doesn’t seem to stop them.

Perhaps because they know that they are trusted and trained professionals who are equipped to get back on the field in no time, it caters to the treatment of athletic injuries and is a new-age form of medicine, but what is sports medicine? Exactly?. 

It may sometimes get confused with medication that is consumed or taken to boost athletic ability. Still, sports medicine is a branch of medicine that has physicians and other sports doctors that have studied how to properly treat and aid any injuries relating to many sports.

Sports medicine is important and has made great improvements over the years as athletes can recover much quicker and more effectively. There are more and more sports lovers who have chosen this career, and there has been a tremendous rise in the knowledge and increase of sports medicine physicians.

What is Sports Medicine and What Do they D?

What Does Sports Medicine Do? | Healthier Me TodaySports medicine has recently become its own recognized branch of medicine. It has been common for sports teams to have trained medical physicians, but sports medicine is now much more widely known and studied. 

It is now offered by many universities and colleges, and the knowledge and training have become much more in-depth than in previous years. Classes and practicals are put in place to help budding physicians learn about the human body, common sports injuries, and how to properly treat an injured athlete. 

Not only is onsite treatment taught, but there is also vast information given to help athletes improve their skills and keep themselves out of harm’s way on the sports field. 

In many countries, the position of sports medicine is seen as a specialty and is now a distinct field in health care. There are many different kinds of job positions in sports medicine which are namely;

  • Orthopedic surgeon
  • Sports medicine physician
  • Exercise physiologist 
  • Orthopedic nurse
  • Sports psychologists 
  • Physician assistant 
  • Physical therapist 
  • Athletic trainer 
  • Strength and conditioning coach

These positions each have very important roles and different purposes. Doctors or other healthcare providers will often recommend sport-related injuries to be treated and looked at by certain sports medicine doctors. 

What are Common Sports Injuries?

What Does Sports Medicine Do? | Healthier Me TodayInjuries are a very common part of playing sports, and it is something that is expected and accepted when becoming an athlete. However, this doesn’t make them any less painful, and if bad enough, it could potentially end an athlete’s career. With sports, there are plenty of predictable injuries as many sports players tend to injure the same or similar parts of their body. Some of the more commonly known injuries that occur during sports and exercise are;

  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Swollen muscles
  • Knee injuries 
  • Achilles tendon rupture
  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Pain in the shin bone 
  • Tennis elbow
  • Shin splints
  • Back injuries
  • Concussions
  • Broken bones
  • Hip flexor injury

Sports medicine is aimed at treating common and also uncommon injuries like these. When it comes to sports medicine differs from normal medical practices in many ways. As far as diagnosis, the first things that are done are x-rays and physical examinations. Newer and ever-evolving treatment options it has given athletes a wider range of treatments and specialists to choose from, which can help them bounce back at a much faster rate than previously. 

The Importance of Sport Medicine

What Does Sports Medicine Do? | Healthier Me TodayIt is a very important part of any physical activity as there is always a risk of injury with every game or performance. Having onsite help is very beneficial, as well as having specialists to further treat and properly diagnose injuries afterward. 

A medicine physician knows the ins and outs of an athlete’s body and the correct recovery treatments and procedures better than standard health care provided. This is why it is a very important job in the world of sport.

Some treatments that sports medicine will perform and common treatments are;

  • Apply compression bandages which help in the swelling and reduction of pain.
  • Apply wraps and bandages for reduced swelling and stability.
  • Icing injured joints help with swelling and pain.
  • Spinal decompression 
  • Administer injections
  • Prescribe medication
  • Physical therapy

Sports medicine is a great reliable resource for athletes. It helps them perform at their full potential and also gives hope when there seems to not be any. Getting an athlete back on their feet can sometimes take hard work, but this is exactly what sports medicine is all about. Sports medicine has dedicated physicians to help rectify any injuries and conditions which improve the lives of many athletes.

How to Prevent Sports Injuries…

What Does Sports Medicine Do? | Healthier Me TodayInjuries related to sports may be common, but there are ways in which athletes can help the prevention of suffering unnecessary pains and aches. These can be learned by coaches and sports medicine physicians, and following this knowledge can ensure safe and smart performances and matches. Protecting your body as an athlete is important as it is a very vital part of your career, and sustaining a serious injury can put a halt or even end your athletic career. Here are some ways in which athletes can help prevent potential injuries; 

  • Studying the proper movements of the sport or activity you are doing.
  • Make sure not to overdo it and take breaks in between.
  • After an injury, it is important not to nurse it for too long as this can cause negative effects such as delaying healing.
  • Make sure that you have the proper equipment.
  • After an injury is healed, make sure to start again slowly to prevent further or new injuries.
  • Make sure that you always cool down after every practice and match.

Sports medicine is a medical field that is dedicated to making sure athletes perform to their full potential and are qualified to treat sports-related injuries.

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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