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Valentine’s Surprises To Surprise Her – 15 Gift Ideas!

There can be quite a lot of pressure put on Valentine’s Day. There are high expectations and certain romantic criteria that need to be met. The stores are filled with plush toys, chocolates, and other love-related items. It can be a daunting task to dig through all these options to find valentine’s surprises to blow her mind!

Getting your partner something unique and special isn’t always easy, although you would like to stick to the conventional presents. It means more to think outside the box and make it personal. This is a sure way to make her fall even more in love with you.

Why is Valentine’s Day Important?

Valentine’s Day is important because it provides an undeniable chance to show the people around you how much you love them. It’s a day you can relish the connection and affection between you and your partner. 

It reminds us to focus on the important people and show them how much we care with spoils and romantic gestures. Often we forget that intimacy goes beyond the bedroom and we tend to unintentionally put romance on the back burner. Everyday life can be stressful and time-consuming, leaving us tired and unfocused. 

This can result in not prioritizing our personal connections and we start to lack in the upkeep of affection. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to rekindle the spark in your relationship. Also to feel the warmth of love yourself. 

Why Do Women Enjoy Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Surprises To Blow Her Mind - happy elder couple | Healthier Me Today

Women are affectionate and sensitive creatures by nature. They love to know they are appreciated. One small romantic gesture can go a long way. This is why they enjoy Valentine’s Day so much, it gives them the opportunity to share their love and also receive it back. Women can often feel misunderstood or overlooked because men have different ways of showing affection and are not as open about their emotions as women. 

It is okay that men and women are different in these ways. It’s natural. However, Valentine’s Day can give men the chance to shower or even just slightly take their guard down and be soft towards their partner.  Being given gifts and taken on dates is a nice experience but it goes beyond that. Love is important and has an immense amount of influence on our overall well-being. Feeling like you are loved and heard can trigger the happy hormone, dopamine. This is what makes us feel good and can have long-lasting effects. It proves that there is still a bond between them and their partner. Which will release serotonin as well. This calms us and helps against mental health conditions. It is an all-around feel-good kind of day!

How To Prepare For Valentine’s Day:

If you struggle with time management or have quite the day planned, it is best to prepare! Getting things into place beforehand can lessen the stress and ensure your plans run smoothly. Phoning ahead for bookings at a restaurant or a getaway, ordering jewelry or a customized item can put your mind at ease. No one likes complications, especially on a day you intend to make your partner feel special. They will always appreciate the effort of planning and this alone can make them feel very loved. Here are a few items you might want to check off your list before the big day: 

  • Make a booking at a restaurant, hotel, or wherever you want to take your partner. Around Valentine’s Day places can become busy and fully booked. You don’t want to wait too long to get on the list!
  • If you are thinking of having a customized piece done, whether it’s jewelry, clothing, or artwork. This definitely needs to be planned and designed before Valentine’s Day. It can take some time to make and also if it is online then the shipping and delivery can also take a few days or even a month or two.
  • It’s helpful to pick a theme. The old school romantic with red rose petals and candles or revisiting your first date. These can give you a guideline and think of this ahead of time can give you a chance to get all the things you’ll need in order.
  • If you have children, arrange ahead for a babysitter so that they can keep it on their calendar and not make other plans.
  • Another thing you can do in the weeks leading up is to pay attention to your partner. They will most likely be dropping hints either intentionally or not. Buying or doing what they have mentioned on the big day can make them feel heard and they will appreciate you paying attention.
  • Do any grooming work a day or two before. You don’t want to rush your shaving routine and have nicks everywhere or a rash!
  • If you are planning an overnight stay somewhere, it can be better to tell your partner a day before so they can prepare and pack. It can be stressful to frantically pick out clothes, make sure you have everything you need, and show up unprepared.

15 Gift and Date Ideas To Make It Memorable:

Valentine’s Surprises To Blow Her Mind - couple holding eachother | Healthier Me Today

There is nothing wrong with going for the classic Valentine’s Day date. Candlelit dinner and a box of chocolates. However, sometimes thinking outside the box can be a complete game-changer and make your partner feel over the moon! Here are a few ideas to make her feel special this Valentine’s:

  1. Go on a picnic by their favorite spot.
  2. Pick out a beautiful dress or outfit for them to wear and take them somewhere fancy.
  3. Go on an adventure. A road trip to get a special treat or see a landmark you know they’ve been wanting to.
  4. Fix and do the things that you’ve been putting off.
  5. Get a tasting board of sensual foods.
  6. Spice up your sexy time with a few new ideas or toys.
  7. Take her to a show or concert she’s been talking about.
  8. Make it a yes day. You have to say yes to everything she asks.
  9. Give her a personal spa day and help release all the built-up tension.
  10. Get creative. Take her to make or get something is done that’s personal. For example, a portrait, pottery, or engraving.
  11. Make her feel young again and reenact your first date.
  12. Go on a memory lane trip. Go to all the special places you two have gone to. Such as a little coffee shop, hilltop, or food truck.
  13. Simply give her a day off. Take over all of her duties and let her soak in a bath or relax while reading her favorite book. Give her no responsibilities for the day.
  14. Try a new cuisine. Enjoying the delicacies of a different culture or style of cooking can be very sensual and exciting.
  15. Make something from scratch. Handmade items hold a lot of sentimental value.

Happy Wife, Happy Life

We can get caught up in the clichés of Valentine’s Day and that can be okay. However, putting time and effort into making it personal can make your partner feel truly loved and appreciated.

Happy Wife, Happy Life – Gift Ideas

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Valentine’s Surprises To Blow Her Mind - | Healthier Me Today

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Valentine’s Surprises To Blow Her Mind - | Healthier Me Today

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Valentine’s Surprises To Blow Her Mind - | Healthier Me Today

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