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The Celebrities That Lost Weight and Stunned us All!

The 9 Celebrities That Lost Weight and Stunned us All!

Constantly being in the spotlight and the topic of many conversations can be pretty daunting. We often forget that celebrities are just like the rest of us, minus their status. They struggle with the same things we do and take criticism to heart just like us. That is why many celebs will change their appearance or even address the hardship they are facing to the world to help others understand that they are not alone. 

Thousands of people worldwide look up and idolize those in the public view. Feeling motivated by their words, stories and achievements. It is good to have inspiration and motivation to change our lifestyles for the better. 

With this being said, the world watches in awe when their favourite or well-known celeb has a massive change in their life, such as a new relationship, pregnancy and especially a dramatic weight loss journey. Being body conscious is so standard that you won’t have to look fair or for specific people to learn that not everyone is happy with their looks. 

When our idol proves that it is possible to change the things we don’t like about ourselves for the better, we become relieved and inspired. So let us discuss some of the most iconic weight losses of these widely adored celebrities!

Rebel Wilson

Celebrities that lost weight | Healthier Me Today

It is indeed no surprise that she made it to the top of our list! Rebel has one of the most drastic and extraordinary weight losses to date. She achieved her new slim body by changing her diet. She has adopted a much more clean eating style by lowering her caffeine consumption, sugar, gluten, and dairy. In addition, after losing the intended 60+ pounds, she has stated that instead of completely forbidding herself to eat certain foods, she strongly believes in balance. 

Going hand in hand with her healthier outlook on life, she also exercises 6 to 7 days a week. She focused mainly on cardio HIIT, strength training and overall mobility to keep and promote a lean and muscular physique. In addition, the rebel lost weight to make sure that she could live life to her fullest and be healthy instead of doing it all for vanity. She dubbed 2020 her “year of health” and kept to that promise!


Celebrities that lost weight | Healthier Me Today

Adele has stolen the hearts of many. Not only is she a brilliantly talented singer but also a genuine soul that inspires so many of us. That is why when she lost a substantial amount of weight back in 2020, it was a highlighted topic across the world. 

The British singer is entirely private in her private life, which is admirable. She chooses to keep many things personal, even this massive transformation that she flaunted on Saturday Night Live in October 2020. Adele told Us that she wants to set an excellent example for her son, which is the main reason for her lifestyle changes. She has hired a personal trainer alongside doing 60-minute workouts, including pilates, cardio and circuit training. She has also adjusted her eating habits to ensure that she has reached her goal and maintains her new slender physique.

Andy Cohen

Celebrities that lost weight | Healthier Me Today

Beloved host Andy Cohen has made significant changes to his lifestyle, graciously rewarding him. The Watch What Happens Life! The host has lost 12 pounds in only three months by two main changes that he has made to his everyday life. The first and most significant contributor to his weight loss is his decision to stop drinking alcohol, proving that lowering your intake can significantly affect your overall health. 

Cohen has also stated that he has made healthy adjustments to his diets, and after shedding the pounds, he feels more motivated than ever to keep the weight off and follow through on the changes he has made. 

Kelly Clarkson

Celebrities that lost weight | Healthier Me Today

After following The Plant Paradox diet written by Steven R. Grundy, Kelly Clarkson dropped a whopping 37 pounds. The diet is considered controversial, but the singer has credited her amazing transformation to the book. She stated that the weight loss was due to living a more healthy lifestyle to better her autoimmune disease and thyroid issue.

Even though she did not specifically start the diet for weight loss and became healthy for medical reasons, she still shocked us with her glamorous transformation!

June Shannon (Mama June)

Celebrities that lost weight | Healthier Me Today

More commonly known as Mama June, she starred in the hit tv shows Toddlers and Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. For years, she struggled with weight loss and admitted not living the healthiest lifestyle and often cooked fattening meals. That all changed when she decided to get gastric sleeve surgery. 

With this, she lost a massive amount of weight, about 300 pounds, but it wasn’t just the surgery that helped her get to where she was. She also focuses on portion control and tries to exercise whenever she can. After the weight loss, she also decided to show off the true transformation by getting rid of the extra skin left behind by getting it surgically removed. As a result, she leads a much healthier and happier life!

Randy Jackson

Celebrities that lost weight | Healthier Me Today

The all-around entertainer was adamant about trying his best to control his diabetes. This entailed gastric bypass surgery in 2003, which helped Randy lose 100 pounds. However, he only relies on surgery to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight.

He has made great ways to aid him in sticking to the journey he started. He has discovered methods through WebMD and paying attention to his hunger cues, walking the treadmill every day and making healthier recipes for his favourite foods. 

Queen Latifah 

Celebrities that lost weight | Healthier Me Today

The Girls Trip star has admitted that she has always struggled with weight. However, when she became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, she lost 20 pounds. She has lost and kept the weight off in the healthiest ways possible.

Queen Latifah says that she isn’t really one for dieting but instead keeps everything she eats in moderation. She prefers to eat healthily and make wise food choices without the restrictions of following a diet. In addition, she exercises regularly and consumes a lot of water.

Jimmy Kimmel

Celebrities that lost weight | Healthier Me Today

The tv host maintains his weight in a not very conventional way, but it isn’t uncommon. Kimmel follows the 5:2 method, which means that two days out of the week, he eats less than 500 calories. 

Aside from following the trendy diet, he also tries to make healthier choices and work out as often as possible. He has lost weight and can keep his physique in shape with this combination. 

Drew Carey 

Celebrities that lost weight | Healthier Me Today

Once again, cutting out the consumption of alcohol has proven to be extremely helpful in weight loss. Drew can stand by that fact, the comedian has given up drinking, and as someone with diabetes, he has been trying to live a healthier lifestyle. 

He has always had ambitions of cutting out alcohol and carbs, which he has now successfully done, and the payoff has been tremendous. Losing an impressive 100 pounds since making these choices in 2010.

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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