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The 6 BEST Tales Of A Traveler’s Journey Books!

Tales Of A Traveler’s Journey Books – Healthier Me Today! Get inspired by these fantastic young and old travelers who have visited the world’s farthest ends, from the highest peaks to the heatest types of diesel and everywhere. Their extensive travel experiences can inspire you by reading the fantastic stories they share online.

Traveling the world may be done in various ways, and for some people, more than an all-inclusive resort vacation is required. Find inspiration for your next trip from these ten courageous globe travelers who ventured off the beaten path and shared their fantastic travel tales with everyone, ready for a dose of armchair travel if your type of travel is more focused on self-discovery than selfies. To bring you news, movies, and images from all over the world, they pack their bags, stuff their waist packs with camera equipment, and their trip diaries. When you test your limits and encounter the unexpected while searching for your unknown, you never know what insights about yourself you’ll gain.

Best Travel Stories – Tales Of A Traveler’s Journey

Tales Of A Traveler's Journey Books - Healthier Me TodayThe epic travel tales in these ten suggestions come from bloggers, travelers currently traveling the world, and some lesser-known past travelers. You will be able to travel the world from your couch with the help of these famous travelogues.

1. A Journey To Rival The Odyssey – Tales Of A Traveler’s Journey

Karl Bushby is striving to be the first individual to travel the entire length of an unbroken trail. He started the Goliath Expedition in 1998 in the southernmost point of South America, and he is still moving. As of 2020, he ran into some immigration issues but was still determined to finish his walking experience. He expects to get home to England shortly. After his adventure, he will have covered more than 36,000 miles while walking through four continents and more than a dozen different nations. On his Facebook profile, he posts updates on his whereabouts.

2. Forbidden Travels To A Forbidden City – Tales Of A Traveler’s Journey

Tales Of A Traveler's Journey Books - Healthier Me TodayBy crossing China and Tibet in the early 1900s while posing as a male beggar and entering the renowned and forbidden city of Lhasa, famous French explorer Alexandra David-Neel made history. Up to her passing at age 101, she wrote more than 30 volumes about Eastern philosophy, religion, and her travels. The beat writers Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg are reported to have been affected by her lessons. She is unquestionably one of the greatest female explorers of the 20th century, and her travel memoirs are among the best of all time. We especially appreciate her adventure to Lhasa, so check out her complete collection of stories and be inspired.

3. In The Footsteps Of Genghis Khan – Tales Of A Traveler’s Journey

Tim Cope is used to using unorthodox modes of transportation. National Geographic was interested in his accomplishments, including journeys on a bicycle, rowboat, in the air, horse, and camel. He has received accolades from the renowned newspaper for Australian Adventurer of the Year and Adventure Honoree.

His journey narrative? On the Genghis Khan Trail, he set out in 2004 to ride his horse over the 10,000 km distance between Mongolia and Hungary. It took him more than three years to accomplish the trek. Later, he produced a documentary series and authored a best-selling book on his adventure. He has written six travel books, each worth reading to learn more about his incredible experiences.

4. Dancing, Badly – Tales Of A Traveler’s Journey

To start on a voyage that would take him to more than 39 nations on seven continents, Matt Harding left his day job in 2003. Matt, most known for a dance resembling running in place and snapping, eventually caught Stride Gum’s eye with his dance. The business then paid Matt to perform in videos, travel, and dance.

On the dime of his sponsor, Matt has danced with villagers in Mulindi, Rwanda; a small canyon in Petra, Jordan; a verdant Peruvian hillside overlooking Machu Picchu; and a busy Tokyo, Japan street.

Although he no longer regularly updates his website, the films continue to exist, together with his collection of brief trip narratives on social media and elsewhere, and provide an enjoyable and motivational tour around the globe.

5. From Peak To Peak – Tales Of A Traveler’s Journey

You can find the highest point in every state, and Matt Moniz has scaled them all. By the time he was 12 years old, Matt had already held the record for being the youngest climber to successfully summit each of the country’s 50 highest points in the shortest time.

From the lowest higher point in Florida to the highest point in Alaska, his voyage took just 43 days. Matt has also traveled outside of the United States; he has scaled Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus in Russia and plans to walk all Seven Summits. He ascended Makalu, the fifth-highest mountain in the world, in the Himalayas in 2014 as the mountain’s youngest-ever climber.

6. From Ice To The Desert – Tales Of A Traveler’s Journey

At fifty, Helen Thayer became the first woman to ski alone to the North Pole. She navigated the terrain, arctic temperatures, and polar bear menace with her dog Charlie. Helen completed the 1,600-mile walk across the Gobi Desert at 63. This unorthodox explorer stayed above the Arctic Circle, close to a wolf lair, kayaked 2,200 miles of the Amazon River, and published books about all these experiences. Here’s a hint: Read them!

The Travelers Exploring Every Corner Of The Earth – Tales Of A Traveler’s Journey

Tales Of A Traveler's Journey Books - Healthier Me TodayThese intrepid travel writers, storytellers, and photographers are fascinating explorers in their own right because they live their passion for travel while entertaining and inspiring others with their travel tales.

  • Award-winning arctic photographer Paul Nicklen uses extraordinary photography to tell tales of our rapidly transforming globe on all seven continents.
  • Wandering Earl is an adventurer who likes to travel off the beaten road and has been to many locations that most people can’t or don’t want to go to. He provides information on unusual places that curious tourists might wish to visit.
  • Oneika Raymond is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who is also a lifelong traveler. She uses her travel tales to motivate others to find their beautiful destinations.
  • The Bucket List Family is not the first family to go on a world travel blog, but they do an incredible job of showcasing the beauties of the globe through films and images that stay-at-home travelers may share with their children.

Tales Of A Traveler’s Journey

Even while your journeys may not be as grand in scale as those of these daring travelers, we expose ourselves to new possibilities and enrich our experiences every time we travel.

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