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Stop The Spread – Simple Things You Can Do Today

The COVID-19 pandemic surged three years ago, around December 2019, and put a halt to life as we knew it for the upcoming years. It’s still a little unfathomable that a global pause-on-life phase initiated with a single case of the newly identified virus in Wuhan, China.

Putting a Stop Sign on the Spread- Ways in Which You Can Do It

Several preventative measures keep you and your family healthy and wealthy (quite literally since you’ll be saving money that you would otherwise spend on medical care in case you do get infected).

  • Get Your Vaccination: Multiple vaccinations have been distributed in every country. Till now, 7.36 billion people have gotten their dosage, and 40.5% percent of the global population is fully vaccinated. Vaccinations significantly lower the chances of the virus’s spread. Don’t fall for the vaccine hoaxes and get the vaccine ASAP.
  • Don’t Forget to Wear a Mask: WHO (World Health Organization) has stated that you don’t need to wear a mask full-time if you’re vaccinated (another reason you should get the vaccine). But with new variants coming in now and then and especially if you’re meeting people, it’s best to stay safe than sorry. And if you’re a woman, you can save a couple of bucks by not putting makeup and simply wearing a mask.
  • Practice Social Distancing: If you’re someone who makes people run, this is your time to shine! A 6-feet distance prevents getting too close to someone who’s infected or infecting someone else if you are infected. Practice the 6-feet distance rule, and you’ll be protected from people getting too uncomfortably close as well; it’s a win-win! Or, you can recreate your own Five Feet Apart if your significant other gets infected.
  • Crowded Spaces are a No: Crowded places aren’t following the 6 ft distance rule in the first place. Therefore, wherever it’s possible, avoid going to such places, so you don’t have people breathing down your neck and getting you infected. Poor ventilation is an added disadvantage since you’ll be breathing the same germ-infested air over and over.
  • Make a Habit of Washing Your Hands: You should be washing your hands or applying a sanitizer regardless of a global pandemic. But, for extra motivation, now’s the time to make this a permanent habit. There are tons of germs and bacteria residing on surfaces you touch every day, and the coronavirus is just one of those deadly pathogens.
  • Don’t Cough or Sneeze on Others: This is a no-brainer; not sneezing and coughing on others and covering your mouth are basic etiquettes. Another benefit of this is that it prevents the spread of the virus to others if you’ve been infected, especially if you’re asymptomatic. Cover your mouth when you’re about to sneeze or cough, and you’ll be doing more good for others around you.
  • Let Cleaning and Disinfecting Become a Motto: Ugh, the struggles of cleaning and disinfecting your entire home and workspace are indeed a task we all tend to avoid. However, these two basic practices are essential if you don’t want to get infected. The virus can live on many surfaces, as recent research depicts. Cleaning and disinfecting these surfaces lower the risks of transferring the virus to your hands and then to your mouth or nose.
  • Look Out for Any Symptoms: It’s not like you can overlook fever and pain throughout your body. But those are not the only symptoms we’re talking about. If you’ve been infected or suspect it, keep checking your oxygen levels using an oximeter. On the flip side, don’t think you don’t have the virus if you’re not showing any symptoms; you could be asymptomatic!

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HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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