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The #1 BEST Relationship Expert: Sandra Myers Relationship Expert

In her twenties, Sandra Myers Relationship Expert, was employed by a telecommunications firm. She started introducing some of the people she met while performing door-to-door sales simply for fun. One of the women she introduced to men ended up dating one of the men she presented to her. The woman informed her that a local business was hiring matchmakers. The Sandra Myers Relationship Expert was finally going to have a business card for what had always come naturally to her! She knew she was meant to do this when she set up her brother and began introducing clients who held high-level positions across the nation.

The Most Interesting Thing That Happened to Sandra Myers Relationship Expert Since Running Her Business

Sandra Myers Relationship Expert - Healthier Me TodayShe has found her instant success to be the most exciting thing! She knows this has been years in the making because their team has decades of combined experience, but she is pleasantly surprised by their success level in the first 14 months of operation. She claims they have introduced plenty of happy couples and gotten a lot of good customer feedback.

Sandra Myers Relationship Expert Funniest Mistake and Lesson

Over 25 years ago, she had just begun her first matchmaking job. She didn’t focus on the details because she was so enthused. In the end, she matched a man who was only 5’7″ tall with a woman who was almost 6′ tall. When they first met, they were baffled, but they had a blast! She became so overwhelmed that she ultimately fell down a flight of stairs and needed to go to the hospital. An honest mistake initially led to the development of a remarkable friendship between them. Not a love match but a game for a lifetime of friendship!

Who is Sandra Myers Relationship Expert Grateful For

Sandra Myers Relationship Expert - Healthier Me TodayIn retrospect, the person she initially felt most challenged by was the one who helped her grow the most. The original owner of Its Just Lunch, Andrea McGinty, hired her even though she had no prior professional experience. She coerced Sandra Myers, a relationship expert, into taking on management roles as well as those of a radio host, TV-ready wing woman, and networking diva. Sandra felt overwhelmed and never imagined that things would turn out well, yet in its first year of operation, her office was among the best in the nation. Thank you, Sandra Myers Relationship Expert, for believing in her and giving her a chance when she could have chosen someone more secure.

What Holds Women Back From Founding Companies According to Sandra Myers Relationship Expert

According to Sandra Myers, a relationship expert, some women are held back by a lack of confidence and a fear of taking chances. Sandra Myers Relationship Expert, has always been self-assured but is also risk-averse, which is why she spent more than 20 years arranging matches for businesses owned by other people. Many people had a challenging year in 2020, but something changed that year for her. She had always known that she could provide her clients better results than the larger matchmaking agencies she had previously worked for. With a colleague she had known for a long time, Sandra Myers Relationship Expert, decided to take the risk. Instead of starting another dating service, they wanted Select Date Society to set the bar high for what a luxury dating agency should be.

What Can be Done to Overcome These Obstacles According to Sandra Myers Relationship Expert

Geek With Style A Toronto Lifestyle Blog For Geeks - Healthier Me TodayAccording to Sandra Myers, a relationship expert, this issue involves individual accountability. She could have decided to save money and allow herself the luxury of going out on her years ago. She didn’t carry it out. She believes most people become complacent regarding their jobs and daily routines. You need to be efficient and plan to change your life and achieve a different result. A goal requires dedication and desire, whether related to business, relationships, or getting healthier. You will move forward and make a plan when you take the time to evaluate your life and think about how you want your life to be. She feels that anyone with the motivation can start their own business, especially if they have exceptional talent in their chosen field.

Sandra Myers Relationship Expert Shares Why More Women Should Become Founders

Feeling secure and self-sufficient is the most crucial thing in life. Life is infinitely more satisfying when you have the luxury of knowing that you can always make your own decisions and achieve your goals. Do you want a career, or do you want to love what you do – this is the most crucial question for young people to answer. These don’t have to be in opposition to one another. You are more likely to reap the rewards of both when you are prepared to assume the risk of business ownership.

Myths That Sandra Myers Relationship Expert Would Like To Dispel About Being A Founder

According to Sandra Myers, a relationship expert, many times, people believe that being the boss means having it made. The reality of running a business is nothing like this. Owning a business is serious. You are honorably but also responsibly supporting the livelihoods of others.

Is Everyone Cut Out To Be A Founder? Sandra Myers Relationship Expert Opinion

Owning a business is not for you if you want things to be simple and don’t want to think about your job when you leave the office daily. You are more likely to succeed in this position if you are constantly working and passionate about your work. Additionally, she would not advise working for yourself if you cannot multitask. Supporting a successful business requires managing many tasks in various contexts.

Sandra Myers Relationship Expert Shares Five Things You Need To Thrive and Succeed as a Woman Founder 

  1. Sandra Myers Relationship Expert - Healthier Me TodayYou should learn how to juggle! She juggles multiple tasks, including marketing, client matching, coaching calls, team meetings, managing our team, public relations, etc. To keep a business running, a lot happens! She needs to prioritize her personal life as a wife and as a woman.
  2. You must be confident, trust your judgment, and eliminate distractions if you want to succeed. When they first launched Select Date Society, there were numerous outside suggestions for how they ought to conduct themselves. Someone highly recommended one marketing firm, but Sandra Myers relationship expert had some issues with them. She chose to forego them because she believed in her gut feeling. She discovered later that they had cheated other matchmaking services out of thousands of dollars while failing to deliver the outcomes they had guaranteed.
  3. Your own romantic life should come first. Sandra Myers Relationship Expert, and a matchmaker, firmly believes that finding the right partner can make a world of difference. She has been married to her husband for more than ten years, and they remain devoted. She is aware that giving her relationship top priority has benefited her company.
  4. You need to put the right team in place if you want to be a huge success! No one person could accomplish what they do for their clients alone. It’s a genuine team effort! They initially experienced some growing pains as they assembled the ideal team. Some of the team members initially held positions different from the ones they currently hold. Although they had the right people, they soon realized they were seated in the wrong place. To get to where they are now, they had to make some adjustments.
  5. You must possess the courage to act morally. You may occasionally need to engage in difficult discussions and reach difficult decisions to advance. Sandra Myers Relationship Expert, once employed a close friend as their company grew. She wasn’t the best candidate for the job, which necessitated having a very upsetting conversation. In the end, if you are not afraid to face challenges head-on, you will feel better, and the other person will be better off. She believes that although a person can avoid confrontation, many women find it uncomfortable. To succeed, you must always act bravely in your interactions.

The #1 Relationship Expert: Sandra Myers Relationship Expert

Sandra Myers relationship expert, firmly believes that the world would be better if more people in beautiful relationships existed. She would adore it if many regular people acted as her matchmakers for acquaintances! She wished everyone could assist in finding true love for the beautiful singles they know!

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