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Ryan Seacrest: Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

Hey guys! Imagine having a very beautiful girlfriend. Now imagine having your own personal chef. Sounds good? That’s the life for Ryan Seacrest. His girlfriend Shayna Taylor is also keeping him healthy by making sure he eats healthy every day, and she takes care of the cooking. What a deal!

Some of her tips for staying healthy include:

1. Make your own almond milk. For the lactose intolerant or those who just want to cut back on dairy, almond milk is a beloved alternative. While there are a lot of great store-bought options, the only way to truly control what’s in it is to make it yourself. Taylor’s recipe, which she shared on her Instagram story, requires only two ingredients—almonds and water. She soaks the nuts in Icelandic Glacial bottled water (very fancy) until they’re softened, then puts them through a juicer.

2. Cut down on the carbs.

3. When in doubt, grab some fresh produce. Fruits and veggies and at their most nutritious (and delicious) when they are in season, and Taylor seems to stock up on all the good stuff when she goes to the farmer’s market.

4. Seafood is your friend.

5. Don’t forget to indulge every once in a while. Even the most disciplined eaters need to take a cheat day every now and then. Seacrest and Taylor don’t shy away from a glass of wine or two on their date nights out.


HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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