Pradaxa and Xarelto Victims Can Take Legal Action

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Pradaxa and Xarelto Victims Can Take Legal Action

Hundreds of cases of internal bleeding in patients using Pradaxa® and Xarelto® have been reported and victims should know there is help available now. 

While internal bleeding caused by the blood thinner Coumadin® (warfarin) may possible be stopped by injections of Vitamin K, there is no such agent available to stop bleeding in patients using Pradaxa®. In October 2015 that the FDA approved an antibody called Praxbind® (idarucizumab), which has been shown to reverse the anticoagulation effects of Pradaxa® but patients may still be at risk.

Pradaxa® has been marketed as a more convenient alternative to warfarin, but the dangers have not been fully investigated. 

Extensive testing revealed that the most common reasons for patients discontinuing Pradaxa® were bleeding, gatro-intestinal issues, and gastritis-like symptoms. One study concluded that patients who received Pradaxa had a higher risk of heart attack than those who received warfarin.

Three black-box warnings have been added to Pradaxa®. A black box warning is the strictest warning put in the labeling of prescription drugs or drug products by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when there is reasonable evidence of an association of a serious hazard with the drug. 

Attorneys specializing in blood thinner injury cases are available to speak with you and research your case now. Their primary objective is to protect your health and fight to get you the help you need to recover. Patients have recovered financial awards for their damages, pain, and suffering. 

October 17, 2018 – A West Virginia jury awarded $1.2 million to the family of Betty Knight, a woman who died while taking the blood thinner, Pradaxa.

If you think you have been harmed by any blood thinner medication, please complete the Get Help Now form on this page and we will be in touch with you promptly.

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