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Inside Info on The Mystery Death of 3 Men in the Backyard of their Friends House

Do you want to know more about this mystery death? Three men were discovered dead on January 9 in the backyard of their friend’s house, raising several unsolved problems. The bodies of Ricky Johnson, Clayton McGeeney, and David Harrington were found on January 9, two days after they had gathered on January 7 to watch a Kansas City Chiefs game at their friend Jordan Willis’ house. When McGeeney’s fiancé found him dead on Willis’ back porch, she went looking for him and contacted the police.

From the First Responders

3 police officers at the scene, civilian at scene on the phone, woman police officer communicating over radio, trees in the distance // Healthier Me TodayFollowing their response to her call, the Kansas City Police Department verified to PEOPLE that they had discovered a dead body. A KCPD spokesperson stated, “After conducting additional investigation, officers found two more dead bodies inside the backyard.”

Willis’s lawyer, John Picerno, said in a statement to PEOPLE that his client is “anxiously awaiting the results of the autopsy and toxicology report” and “is unaware of how his friends died.”

The relatives of the deceased felt they weren’t getting the whole story, even though the KCPD stated that “no obvious signs of foul play were observed at or near the crime scene” and that the case wasn’t classified as a homicide.

Jonathan Price, Johnson’s brother, told PEOPLE that “nothing is adding up.” “But mainly Jordan’s story does not add up whatsoever.”

This is all there is to know about the three men’s mystery deaths—Ricky Johnson, David Harrington, and Clayton McGeeney—from the specifics of the night they passed away to the mysteries.


Who Were The Men Found Dead Outside Of Their Friend’s House?

red rose on a big stone, man and woman mourning in the distance, dressed in black, woman has blond hair // Healthier Me TodayBefore this mystery death in early January 2024, Johnson, Harrington, and McGeeney were close friends who frequently shared social media posts. Although Johnson’s brother, who was renting the house where the men passed away, was unfamiliar with Willis, he would see Johnson post with Harrington and McGeeney, according to PEOPLE.

Price also mentioned that Willis attended a nearby school, and Johnson, who was 38 years old when he passed away, attended high school with Harrington and McGeeney, who were 37 and 36 years old, respectively.

In addition to managing his father’s Kansas City company, Johnson’s Construction, Johnson was a devoted sports enthusiast who consistently supported the Chiefs. In addition, his mother, Norma Chester, told PEOPLE that he “loved spending time” with his three daughters, ages four, nine, and fourteen.

She remarked, “He would have done anything for his girls.” “This wasn’t what he deserved.”

Similar opinions were expressed by McGeeney’s relatives, with his cousin Caleb McGeeney referring to him as a “good person” in a conversation with FOX affiliate WDAF.

“The thought of him passing away and then having to spend two days outside in the cold,” he remarked. It isn’t enjoyable. The entire family is struggling. He was a perfect guy.

McGeeney’s fiancée, April, set up a GoFundMe page stating that the victim worked as a subcontractor for a small construction company. Another cousin told The Kansas City Star that McGeeney was “on a good path,” having turned his life around following a string of infractions involving driving and child maintenance.

Harrington’s mother, Jennifer Marquez, told WDAF that receiving the call announcing her son’s passing was the “most devastating moment of [her] life.”

It’s a significant loss. He is everything, she said to the publication. He is a brother and has two siblings: Sebastian and Carmen. They are heartbroken that they won’t get to see their sibling again, and they are missing him.”


Unraveling the Events of the Fateful Night: A Closer Look and Unanswered Questions

drawn question mark on wet window // Healthier Me TodayThe three guys went to Willis’ Kansas City rental home on January 7th evening to see the Chiefs play. A fifth friend was there that night but left earlier in the evening, according to WDAF, despite early reports saying there were just four at the house.

It’s still unclear exactly when the events that followed occurred. According to Picerno’s statement to PEOPLE, Willis, his client, last saw the men when they left, and he went to bed. The lawyer said, “He didn’t know they were still in his backyard.”

In an email to PEOPLE, Picerno confirmed that a fifth male had visited the residence, as reported by WDAF. However, he clarified that “Jordan is not exactly sure of that period” and stated, “he left maybe an hour or two before the other three.”

WDAF stated that Picerno later claimed that Willis had fallen asleep before the three guys departed.

“Yes, occasionally, as people, they get tired, especially when they’re very close to you, and you feel comfortable going to bed and letting them go when they want to,” he stated about WDAF when hosting guests.


The Friend’s Take: What They’ve Said About the Tragic and Mystery Death

man walking out a house, glass doors, winter season, fireplace has been lit, light snow outside // Healthier Me TodayPicerno has made statements on Willis’s behalf but has not publicly discussed the subject. Willis “allowed them into the house, told them all he knew, and voluntarily consented to a search of his home,” according to Picerno, after the police arrived.

According to WDAF-TV, two of the victims’ cars were parked on his block. However, Picerno added that Willis’ friends’ decision to leave their cars there overnight wasn’t “unusual.”

Picerno claims that Willis is only interested in “answers.” He’s known them for over twenty years, the lawyer said to NewsNation. They are his companions. Their passing has caused him much pain.

In addition, Picerno said that Willis did not hear the worried relatives who knocked on his door during the two days before the deaths were found because he was sleeping with earbuds and a loud fan. He claimed that before the police arrived, Willis had not seen a Facebook message from one of the three men’s wives and had not received any texts or phone calls about them.

The victims’ families have called attention to more discrepancies in Picerno’s remarks, though. In the two days before the discovery of his friends’ murders, Picerno stated in an interview with NewsNation that his client “was home sporadically.”

A few days later, however, he claimed Willis stayed in the house between Sunday and Tuesday when the police came. “What I meant to say on NewsNation is that … he was sleeping, and he left his bedroom sporadically,” Picerno said, per WDAF.


Who Is The Fifth Friend?

man sleeping on the grey sofa, small blue blanket on the man, feet open, frame on the wall, white lamp behind sofa // Healthier Me TodayAlthough the identity of the fifth person present that evening is still unknown, Picerno told PEOPLE that Willis went to bed before the other three did.

But WDAF later revealed that the lawyer informed them his client didn’t go to bed before they left; instead, he accompanied the three to the door and dozed off on the couch.

The fifth person WDAF spoke with provided a different account of what happened. The source ensured the outlet knew all four males were awake when he departed. The fifth person’s lawyer, Andrew Talge, informed the channel that his client left at midnight as Willis and the other three guys watched Jeopardy! on TV.


Mystery Death remains a mystery

unsolved mystery board, red thread connecting evidence, lots of pictures, map // Healthier Me TodayClayton McGeeney, Ricky Johnson, and David Harrington’s passing on January 9 remains a mystery. They were found two days after gathering at a close friend’s house, Jordan Willis. Some conflicting stories are shared, and a fifth friend’s involvement has made this ordeal even more suspicious. The family, community, and police await autopsy results that may bring clarity to this tragic accident.