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The Best 10 Ways to Improve Your Health with My Wake Health Login Today!

The Best 10 Ways to Improve Your Health with My Wake Health login

My Wake Health login is a patient portal on the internet that gives you easy access to the data you need to manage your health care.

What is My Wake Health Login?

my wake health login - Healthier Me TodayThe My Wake Health is a portal for patients, it helps make medical situations much easier

This patient portal can help patients with the following:

  1. Contact your doctor’s office.
  2. Organize your schedule.
  3. Renew your prescriptions.
  4. Pay the bill.
  5. Check your doctor’s notes from clinic appointments.
  6. See and update allergies, medications, and more.
  7. Check out the test results, visit summaries, and discharge guidelines.
  8. Do a health library search.
  9. Link the data for your family.

How Can One Sign Up?

You can sign up with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Online Right Now – To confirm your identification, we employ a security system run by a third party My Wake Health login.
  2. By Mail – You can request an activation code by completing an online form. It can require 5-7 business days.
  3. By Activation Code – You can use the activation code on your billing statement, or you’re After Visit Summary (AVS).

Or, if you prefer to enroll in person, ask a staff member for assistance when you visit a My Wake Health clinic.

10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Health

my wake health login - Healthier Me Today1. Get Enough Rest

Poor sleep affects more than just your ability to concentrate during the day. CNN has noted so far this year that getting insufficient sleep might increase your chances of depression, asthma, stroke, and longevity. 

Lack of sleep can raise the risk of:

  1. Hypertension, or high blood pressure
  2. Type 2 diabetes, 
  3. Type 3 diabetes
  4. Type 2 metabolic syndrome 
  5. Anxiety
  6. Depression
  7. A compromised immune system 
  8. Some cancers

This shows that sleep is essential.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults should obtain at least seven hours of sleep each night, but quality is equally crucial.

2. Keep Hydrated

The advice of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is as follows:

  1. Water intake of 9 cups daily for women
  2. For men, 13 glasses of water is recommended each day

3. Eat a Nutritious Diet

my wake health login - Healthier Me TodayDon’t be misled by “diet” – this isn’t a rigid approach to controlling your body weight. A simple, plant-based cooking style and a focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and seeds, along with a few nuts and a lot of extra-virgin olive oil. 

Butter and other fats other than olive oil are only occasionally, if ever, consumed, while sugar and processed foods are only eaten on special occasions.

Processed foods are often unhealthier than whole foods because they tend to be higher in certain ingredients such as:

  1. Artificial sweeteners or additional sugars
  2. Salt
  3. Trans fat
  4. Preservatives
  5. Synthetic colors

4. Try to Stop Smoking if You Do

Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the US (Reliable Source). The CDC estimates that tobacco smoking causes almost 1 in 5 fatalities annually in the United States. 

It is estimated, smokers pass away roughly ten years earlier than nonsmokers. According to reliable sources of scientific data, tobacco use is the main contributor to early cardiovascular disease deaths.

Smoking wreaks havoc on your blood vessels, stiffening and constricting them. This can increase your chance of both a heart attack and a stroke, raising your risk of both.

5. Smoking Raises Health Risks

my wake health login - Healthier Me TodaySmoking significantly raises your risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by damaging your airways and air sacs in your lungs.

Tobacco usage is responsible for about 80%Trusted Source of lung cancer cases. According to the American Cancer Society, smoking can also raise your risk of developing cancer. 

Tobacco is for numerous additional cancers, such as colon, bladder, mouth, stomach, and pancreatic.

6. What About E-Cigarettes and Hookah?

E-cigarettes are thought to contain several potentially hazardous compounds that are bad for your health. 

According to 2022 research, long-term e-cigarette usage can harm blood vessels, raising the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Vaping more than five times per week for over three months was deemed long-term e-cigarette use.

Although smoking a hookah is frequently wrongly thought to be a safer habit, it carries many of the same hazards as tobacco cigarettes.

7. Are Exercise Programs Worth It?

As scientists have long known, exercise is beneficial for a healthy body, but new evidence suggests it’s also crucial for a healthy mind.

The US Department of Health and Human Services advises persons between 18 and 64 to engage in muscle-strengthening exercises at least twice per week and at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of intense physical activity each week.

The good news is that even if you cannot do so now, even a small addition will be beneficial. Regular exercise has a favorable effect on your health. 

8. Benefits of an Exercise Program

my wake health login - Healthier Me TodayIncreased heart health is possible thanks to exercise, and a stronger heart can help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Exercise is a reliable source in many aspects. For example, it could:

  1. Improve the health of your brain – Regular exercise may enhance your cognitive function and lower dementia risk.
  2. Boost your mood – Research has shown that exercise might lower your risk of developing sadness and anxiety.
  3. Help with weight management – Moving your body burns more calories than being still would. Losing weight and keeping it off might be simpler by burning more calories daily.
  4. Enhance your bone and muscle strength by staying physically active. Strong bones and muscles are simpler to move around with as you age.

Keep active to minimize your risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases: multiple cancers and a reliable source reliable Source.

9. Decreased Stress and Anxiety 

Stress can cause a body to go into flight or fight mode, increasing cortisol. 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, elevated cortisol levels can make chronic gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease worse. 

Fortunately, stress may be reduced with a healthy diet, adequate sleep, exercise, and social support. Investigating breathing and meditation practices can also be beneficial.

10. Know Your Numbers

my wake health login - Healthier Me TodayOne benefit of preventative care is that your doctor will check you for several essential parameters, such as your:

  1. Body mass index (BMI)
  2. Blood pressure (hypertension)
  3. Cholesterol and triglycerides
  4. Fasting blood glucose

Making the appropriate lifestyle changes to improve significant elements of your mental health color can be aided by being aware of concerns relating to these key metrics early on before they lead to further issues. 

Often, indications of diseases like hypertension or excessive cholesterol may not appear until later when more severe — and sometimes fatal — problems begin to develop.

What Information Can You See In Your Health Record?

Current medications, allergies, immunizations, mental health color issues, surgeries, and procedures are all listed in your medical history. 

You can also view your medical and family history, test results, and advice on preventative care in My Wake Health login. 

The whole medical record is not displayed in My Wake Health. Please visit Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Records to find out how to get your medical records if you can’t find the mental health color information you’re looking for there. 

To request medical records, you can use the function in My Wake Health login or call the Medical Records Department at 336-716-3230.

How Is My Wake Health Login Secure?

my wake health login - Healthier Me TodayYour mental health color information’s security and privacy are vital. Personal IDs, passwords, and secure activation codes limit access to mental health color information. 

Each user is in charge of their password; without that password, unauthorized users cannot access the account. 

Best Ways to Improve Your Health with My Wake Health Login…

Your connection with My Wake Health is immediately encrypted by the My Wake Health portal using the most recent 128-bit SSL encryption technology without caching. Unlike traditional email, all My Wake Health login correspondence is done while you are safely logged on to our website.

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