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Mother’s Day Ideas – Make Her Day Special

Mother’s day ideas… Moms! We wouldn’t be here without them. They are known for holding families together, feeding our friends and providing endless love and support in our darkest moments. Mothers are kind and loving and will do anything for their children. Mother’s day is that special day once a year where we drown our mothers in love, admiration and, of course, gifts to show her just how special she really is. You might be all out of ideas on how to make this mother’s day special, don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Is Mother’s Day a Big Deal?

Mother's Day Ideas | Healthier Me Today

This answer will depend on how your mother feels about it. For some, mother’s day is a big deal. It celebrates them and all their achievements as a mom. For others, mother’s day is just another day. They feel as if their efforts don’t need celebration and don’t enjoy the whole idea of mother’s day. To avoid disappointment make, try to have a conversation with your mother about the day, what she would like and how she would celebrate it. This will give you a guideline of what to do to ensure that she has the day that she wants. 

How to Make the Day Special

Mother's Day Ideas | Healthier Me Today

Money does not necessarily make mothers day special! Here are a few mother’s day ideas you can make use of to ensure that the day is as special as can be. 

Breakfast in Bed 

Surprising your mom with breakfast in bed is often the greatest gift one could receive. Turn it into a little buffet with all her favourite breakfast foods. Heart-shaped pancakes will surely melt her heart. For dads looking to help the little ones make mother’s day special, have them do some of the whiskings and prepping to keep them entertained and teach them some great cooking skills. Mom will love the idea that her little humans helped create such an amazing breakfast.

Give Her Flowers

Flowers can be expensive; however, you could choose to pluck some fresh flowers and arrange them in a lovely vase to give her. If your mom is into plants and succulents, perhaps give her a handmade terrarium. It will live longer than the flowers, and she’ll have a beautiful handmade gift to show off to all her family and friends. 

Give Her a Day Off

Moms are oftentimes overwhelmed. Giving your mom a day off might be the greatest gift yet. Begin by surprising her with breakfast in bed. Afterwards, you can make her bed as well as complete all her daily chores. This will give her the opportunity to spend time on her hobby, or perhaps just be lazy in front of the TV, spending time watching her favourite shows. 

Have a Surprise Dinner

No need for a fancy restaurant. This day is about her and cooking dinner is something mothers are well known for. This time, you’ll be cooking dinner. Cook her favourite meal for her and present it with a candlelit dinner. While she’s enjoying your cooking, you can begin cleaning the dishes so that she has less to do and can relax. 

Spend the Day Together

Moms love spending time with their children. You could plan a day in which you do all her favourite activities and hobbies. She’ll definitely enjoy doing the things she loves with someone she loves if you’re unsure of what she’d like to do. Ask her and tell her you’d like to do it together, even if it means going for a pedicure or doing various DIY arts and crafts. It will mean the world to her knowing she won’t have to do it alone. 

Giver Her a Personalised Gift

Personalised gifts are always a great choice. You’ll give your mom something unique and something she can cherish forever. Think about the macaroni art or out of proportion drawings you did as a child. I bet she still has those packed away somewhere. Moms love receiving gifts that remind them of their beloved children, so take a look below at personalised gift ideas for your mom.

  • Bracelet with charms, each is representing your family or her children. 
  • A memory pillow. Simply have various family photos printed onto a pillowcase with a little message. 
  • A family collage clock. She will absolutely love seeing her beautiful family whenever she needs to tell the time. 
  • A Scrapbook filled with an array of pictures and memories of you together. 
  • A puzzle that can be built to display a family picture. You can add a little note at the bottom that says, “You are the piece that holds this family together.”
  • A family tree necklace with you and your siblings’ names engraved into it. 
  • A large photo frame full of family photos. 
  • “Best Mom Ever” T-shirt, mug or hoodie. 
  • A stationary set with her name on it. 
  • A ring with your birthstone. 

Ideas For Larger Celebrations

Mother's Day Ideas | Healthier Me Today

Suppose you are thinking about a larger celebration for your mother and would like to go all out. There are several different ways you can do this. Take a look below at the larger celebration ideas!

  • A spa weekend because let’s face it. Momma needs a break.
  • A full body massage
  • A holiday trip to her favourite destination
  • A paid for the day at the salon
  • A shopping spree
  • Dinner at a fancy restaurant, with a new outfit paid for by you. 
  • A second honeymoon trip for her and your father. 
  • A gold bracelet with you and your siblings’ names engraved into it. 
  • A family barbeque where the moms are wined and dined whilst the men and children do all the work. 

Make this Mother’s Day Special – The Best Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother's Day Ideas | Healthier Me Today

With so many ideas, it’s impossible for you not to find something your mom will enjoy. Be sure to take your mom’s needs into consideration when deciding on what to give her. Don’t feel sad if she’d like the day to herself. Sometimes moms get overwhelmed and need a break, do your best to provide her with that. If she wants nothing more than to spend time with her family, do so!

Our Top Picks For Mother’s Day Gifts:

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