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#1 Love Jinx Synopsis & Main Character Breakdown

Love Jinx Synopsis & Main Character Breakdown with Healthier Me Today! Geonhan writes and draws the continuing manhwa webcomic Love Jinx. It was released by Daewon Cl in December 2020 and is currently being serialized in Ridibooks magazine.

The plot centers on Lim Haegyung, who experiences an odd love jinx, and Kang Woojin, who appears to be the love jinx’s source. From chapters 1 to 35, Season 1 is finished. Season 2 has now been released as of December 30, 2021.

Synopsis of Love Jinx

Love Jinx - Healthier Me TodayA peculiar love jinx plagues Lim Haegyung. Every time he gives or receives a kiss, awful things happen. He ends up breaking up with every boyfriend who shares a kiss with him, or he gets into some other issue.

He runs into Jung Wook in his workplace and the two fall in love. Even though Jung Wook knows Haegyung’s predicament, Haegyung unwittingly starts a kiss. Haegyung finds himself in a completely new chaotic position due to his love jinx, where he encounters the person who caused it. Kang Woojin, a person from Lim Haegyung’s past, is to blame for his curse.

Haegyung, who is penniless and broke, is offered a spot in his flat. The history between them is made clear as the story progresses.

The Main Characters in Love Jinx

Lim Haegyung

Love Jinx - Healthier Me TodayInitially, Haegyung is seen dating Jung Wook, his office manager. He has a bizarre love jinx; awful things always happen when he shares a kiss with someone. Haegyung’s boss seems to be in love with him because no one ever makes him kiss, and his love jinx is recognized.

However, when Haegyung unintentionally kisses him, things quickly turn sour. Haegyung unexpectedly finds himself living in the same home as Kang Woojin, who he hasn’t seen in eight years. The truth is that Haegyung had been avoiding him, it is subsequently discovered. Haegyung takes little notice when Woojin plays pranks on him once more and only wants to leave the house, but he soon finds he has no money.

Haegyung was gay, yet he kept it a secret from his loved ones. He was born into a modest family. Kang Woojin introduced Haegyung to him through Lim Haejoon, his younger brother. While in high school, he is also shown to have had a boyfriend, yet an unexpected turn of circumstances leads him to Woojin, who is three years his junior. For several years, they had a casual relationship.

Haegyung is constantly annoyed by Woojin’s antics but still begins feeling attracted to Woojin. Haegyung eventually realizes that Kang Woojin will never abandon him. Haegyung was compelled to leave Woojin behind due to the incident that brought on the love jinx.

Haegyung was always considered to be attractive and intelligent. He has a thin physique, golden eyes, and blonde hair. His previous eyewear included glasses. He easily blushed.

Kang Woojin

How To Write Blog Rygar Enterprises - Healthier Me TodayBefore Haegyung was permitted to relocate, he was already residing in Seohyun’s home. Woojin has brought on Haegyung’s love jinx. Woojin is delighted to see Haegyung again, but when he inquires about his happiness, he responds with an excellent response. Woojin comes off as generally having a positive attitude. Under most circumstances, he has a special knack for laughing and maintaining his composure.

Still, he lost his composure whenever Haegyung was there, whether it was Haegyung purposefully avoiding him or other people getting in trouble.

He first encountered Haegyung when he was a young man and was three years younger. Kang Yeongjoo, a member of the National Assembly, was the father of Woojin. Because of his father, a well-known congressman, Woojin was also involved in controversy. There were rumors that Woojin’s family had paid his school to hide his transgressions.

He played video games together with Lim Haejoon, the brother of Haegyung. When he first spoke to Haegyung, Woojin had been visiting his home for three years. It was when he saw Haegyung and his partner engaging in inappropriate behavior in Haegyung’s room. He began to like Haegyung more and more as time went on.

They had a casual relationship until Woojin entered high school and Haegyung started to attend college. This happened before the love jinx began, which caused Haegyung to avoid Woojin for the next eight years. Woojin was aware of Haegyung’s animosity toward him and accepted it. He detested that Haegyung had to endure suffering and a love jinx for the rest of his life.

Park Kihoon

Love Jinx - Healthier Me TodayIn Seohyun’s home, Park Kihoon also resides, but just until he graduates. Haegyung ended up drunk at a bar the day following his breakup, and Park Kihoon brought him back on Seohyun’s instructions.

Kihoon has been open about how much he despises Haegyung from the beginning. He claims that Haegyung kissed him while intoxicated (forgetting about the love jinx) and spat on him while referring to him by the name of his boyfriend, Jung Wook.

Additionally, it is implied that Park Kihoon and Seohyun once had a romantic relationship (the owner of the house). However, Lim Joo (another roommate) questions whether Seohyun is dating Kihoon after he admits to having a boyfriend, Lim Joo.

Kihoon and Haegyung get into another argument. Park Kihoon asks Haegyung whether his desire to move into the mansion was genuinely motivated by his affection for Seohyun. He is also incredibly well-known—or infamous—at his school, albeit the cause has not yet been made public.

Haegyung’s old university is the one Kihoon attends. According to Park Kihoon, Haegyung also has been a part of a significant problem at this university.

Jung Seohyun

Love Jinx - Healthier Me TodayJung Seohyun is the owner of the home where he has invited four other members, including Haegyung, to reside is Jung Seohyun. Later it is revealed that Kang Woojin was the one who offered him this flat after he fled his original residence.

He was never considered a true son because he was his father’s love child. In tenth grade, he was forced to live alone after being expelled from the house. He may be dating Park Kihoon, but Haegyung also witnesses him kissing Lim Joo, another inhabitant of the residence.

Seohyun rejects Lim Joo’s invitation to sleep with him, claiming that he already has a lover and is not the type to double date. Lim Joo questions if Park Kihoon is that boyfriend. Once, one of his ex-girlfriends showed up at the apartment and came dangerously close to assaulting Haegyung, infuriating Woojin (the homeowner).

At his university, he is regarded as really cute. His eyes are aqua, and his hair is grey. He is short and has a little build, which Park Kihoon considers adorable. He is exceptionally disorganized and avoids participating in any household tasks, mainly cleaning.

Haegyung witnesses him masturbating in the middle of the day while masking his groans with loud music. Haegyung is a good roommate, and Seohyun doesn’t want him to leave.

In a Nutshell – The Love Jinx Story

“I have a peculiar love jinx that makes me unique. Every time I kiss someone, awful things happen.” Lim Haegyung has been battling this love jinx for around eight years. Every one of his partnerships ends in divorce or involves him in a worse situation.

Haegyung unexpectedly learns the following day that his current lover, Jung Wook, is already engaged to the daughter of the president of his firm after unintentionally kissing Jung.

He finds himself in a pub where he encounters Seohyun Jung and Park Kihoon after being overcome with grief and rage. Haegyung kisses and spits on Park Kihoon while intoxicated. Seohyun provides him lodging at his house because he is broke and homeless. He eventually moves in with Kang Woojin, Lim Joo, Park Kihoon, and Jung Seuhyun.

Haegyung and Park Kihoon’s relationship has a rough beginning, and they don’t get along too well. As opposed to Haegyung, who isn’t pleased to meet Kang Woojin, Haegyung is utterly astonished (and perhaps happy?) to see him.

As the plot develops, it becomes clear that Kang Woojin and Lim share a history. The fact that Woojin was to blame for Haegyung’s love jinx is gently implied even though Haegyung never expresses it clearly.

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