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Let’s Talk Mom, This is What You Should Know About Your Teens

Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog and how this information can help you and your teen! Teenagers can be very difficult to understand and communicate with. Many laments forget that they were once teens, too, and this can lead to the bumping of heads. Your teenager must know that you are there for them no matter what the circumstances may be. Yes, it is completely normal for them to rebel and put us through the wringer, but at the end of the day, any teenager simply needs guidance which is, of course, provided by parents. Being a strong role model is crucial in this time but at the same time, being understanding and not persecuting them for making mistakes is what will ultimately help build your bond stronger with them. 

It’s only natural as parents that we need to know every step they male, where they are, and with who. We want the best for them, especially in the trying time they are going through, and with their hormones, mind, and body changing, this can bring up a lot of confusing feelings and impulses that they will not know what to do with or how to properly cope with. Remember your days as a teenager can make matters even worse as if you were quite a rebellions got into a lot of bad situations then this can full a strong fear for your teen and be projected onto them in negative ways such as being overprotective and strict which as a result will only push them further away.

Why Are Teenagers More Difficult Than Children

Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog | Healthier Me TodayThe transition from child to teenager can seemingly happen overnight, and we may find ourselves baffled at the sudden changes. We can sometimes feel as if we don’t even recognize our child when puberty hits. This is a common phenomenon in many cases. The swirling hormones inside their body can cause drastic changes, and not only does their body change but also their personality along with other factors. You may find it much more difficult to talk to your child and spend quality time with them as it can be shell-shocked, and you sometimes feel as if you don’t have the right words or know exactly what is going through their mind. 

One day we may be watching cartoons and cutting their crusts off their sandwiches, and the next, they’re asking to borrow makeup and asking much more complicated questions. Although it seems as if it happens in a flash, there is, of course, a ramp up, we may have an inkling that the switch is coming, and it can make us nervous, so we try prolonging them needing us before they become independent and self-sufficient. Children and teenagers will still need similar basics, but some areas will change, and we’ll need to adapt to provide them with the guidance and support they need. Everyone is different, and puberty will hit at different ages but simplified, a child is recognized as being the ages between 3 and 12, whereas a teenager between 13 and 17, from 18 to 23, is considered a young adult. Puberty can start at the young age of 8 or 9 but more commonly starts around 12 years old for both genders, some children can be late bloomers and only hit puberty at 15 or 16, and girls are more likely to go through puberty before boys do.

What Does Being a Teenager Entail? –Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog!

Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog | Healthier Me TodayBeing a teenager is always a very stressful and hormonal time. There are new responsibilities and understanding of the world, which can be off-putting. Some people have many different opinions on what a teenager should be doing and acting, and this can put unnecessary stress on our adolescents. Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog – Starting this shift can be overwhelming on its own, and they will have tons of confusing thoughts in their head. They won’t know what directions to follow as there will be a lot of outside influences. Some people feel as if reaching teenagehood, they’re old enough to get a job and contribute to the home financially. Others feel that even though they’re teenagers, they are still children and should be sheltered. There is plenty of controversy about what exactly being a teenager entails. 

Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog | Healthier Me TodayEither way, it’s important to keep an open line of communication with your teen as they will need support and answers while their personal lives change. Their problems may seem trivial, and it can seem that they are paying attention to the wrong things. Their priorities can be messy, but to them, these issues are huge and important. Unfortunately, this is why many parents and adults do not take them or their problems as seriously as they should, which will result in many negative effects on both teenagers and parents as they will pull away and keep their parents out of many events that happen in their life and try to do things on their own which in fact will need some parental guidance and help. 

It can be tricky to exactly pinpoint what it means to be a teenager, and there are so many different definitions. This can cause mass confusion as parents will not feel like they are doing the right thing or raising their teen correctly, and it puts pressure on the teen to be a certain way and carry more responsibility now that they are heading into adulthood. It’s no lie that teenagers prefer space, and many don’t enjoy the constant helicopter parenting that they were used to as a child. This parenting change can cause strain on the bond and also create a wall between both you and your teenager. It is vital to remember that they are changing both cognitively and physically and will need different types of care now. Showing interest in their new hobbies are favorite things is a good way to reconnect with them, as being a teenager can be very isolating. 

How to Cope With a Teenager 

Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog | Healthier Me TodayHaving a teenager is undoubtedly a stressful time for many reasons. But Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog – there are still very important things you need to remember. Such as they are still your child no matter what messes they make and how much they change. Being a parent does not end when they become self-sufficient or grow up, it only means they will need different things, and it’s our job to adapt and accommodate this. If you are struggling with your teen or need some guidance of your own, then here are some tips on how to cope with your soon-to-be or current teenager; 

  • Don’t forget to look after yourself too. This is a very common mistake adults make when the time comes. We neglect our well-being because we put all our focus on our children, but we forget that when we feel content inside, we will be able to handle problems and situations much better than when we are struggling with our personal issues. So remember to get enough sleep, feed your family as well as yourself healthy meals, stay active and take care of your mental health.
  • Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog | Healthier Me TodayOur natural reaction as parents and, well, people in general, is to overreact or go straight to stressing. Stay calm. You will be able to assess and come up with solutions much easier if you don’t jump straight into panic mode. Remember, your children, no matter what age, will always be affected by your reactions as they look up to you and any adult for that matter for direction and guidance, so if you are in a state of freaking out, then they will follow. Staying as calm as possible will be beneficial for the whole family and yourself.
  • Remember to listen more than talk. We are often quick to try and get as much advice out as we possibly can, but over-talking and not giving way for your teenager to talk will discourage them and may prevent them from coming to you with problems. Feeling heard is a very important aspect of a teenager, and listening to them without constantly chipping in will be very helpful for both parties.
  • Setting realistic boundaries will keep the parent and child bond and aspect alive. It provokes respect and discipline but, at the same time, helps keep them safe. Remember not to be too strict and communicate with your teenager to make agreed-upon boundaries without having them feel smothered.  

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Being a teenager is not an easy time for both child and parent. However, listening and giving support can help you navigate a good bond with them!

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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