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Leaders in Transformation: Empowering Mothers to Foster the Growth of Tomorrow’s Change Makers

HMT Uploading TeamHMT Uploading Team  March 25, 2024

Your children are leaders in transformation and it’s time you act! Motherhood is a remarkable journey that comes with its challenges. Many parents prioritize ensuring their child gets the best education, feeding them the proper diet, and making their lives comfortable. However, another crucial aspect should be equally prioritized: teaching them adequate skills help tremendously as they grow up and venture into the world. One important skill is leadership and let’s discuss it.

What Makes a Great Leader?

soldier standing in front of american flag // My Education CompassA great leader is more than just a voice that provides others with instructions. There are many essential qualities and considerations that go into being a great and successful leader. These are crucial elements that parents should take into account when raising their children to have practical leadership skills. Some may be born to lead, but others may need a kickstart to find their true potential and confidence.

People need an individual they can relate to and look up to. Inspire and encourage them instead of sitting on the sidelines and barking orders. Hard work, understanding, respect for oneself and others, patience, and passion are just a few qualities that have been shown to have a positive and more successful impact on managing others and situations. Being able to handle tasks properly is one thing, but encompassing emotions and riding the wave alongside teammates is what truly makes a good leader. 

What Are Leaders in Transformation?

Simply put, leaders in transformation are individuals in influential roles who focus on bettering every aspect of the organization, business, etc. They work closely with others, involving themselves as much as possible to understand the faults and how improvement can occur. 

They encourage others to be creative and innovative when solving issues and moving forward. They break away from the norm and traditional methods. Transformation leaders believe that others, whether employees or peers, should have a say in the business or environment’s well-being and problem-solving. 

This new style of leadership is beneficial for many different reasons, but to name a few:

  1. Improved communication
  2. Encourages innovation
  3. Boosts morale and motivation
  4. Decreases hostility and tension
  5. Improves outdated processes
  6. Increases loyalty
  7. Smoother transitions

How Can Mothers Set an Example

Leaders in Transformation, mom holding baby, wearing white // My Education CompassParents are known to shape the future generation, and it goes without question that what is taught at home will substantially impact the outside world. So, what this means is that the lessons that children learn from their parents will be crucial in their ability to navigate hardship, socialize, find solutions, the list goes on. 

Mothers play a defining role in their children from the very beginning of their lives. Think of it as “monkey see, monkey do.” Young children tend to inhibit their parents’ behaviors and traits, which can be good or bad. This is where mothers make the conscious decision to ensure their child has the correct foundation to become leaders in transformation and can progress in life with the tools and skills to help improve and inspire others. 

During the 18th century, a term surfaced called Republican Motherhood. It arose during the American Revolution when women had to take on additional roles as men left to aid in the war. Challenging the usual gender roles, women solely tended to farms, trading, and their spouses’ businesses, all while still keeping their households running smoothly and raising their children. Although the term often refers to the patriotic pride women of the war carried, the characteristics of Republican Motherhood can also be admired today as mothers continue to strive for the best for their families and loved ones. 

3 Tips to Encourage Leadership Development

son hugging mom in red dress, on stairsPracticing leadership early in life can be highly beneficial for child development, as it encourages responsibility, social skills, creativity, compassion, and more. 

Here are 3 effective ways mothers can encourage their child’s leadership skills:

  • Set The Example

The best way to teach leadership characteristics to your child is to be a beacon for them to look up to. By physically showing them through your actions how to apply these skills in everyday life, you will help them build their understanding. This is also why it is essential to explain to them what you are doing and why.

  • Empathy and Compassion

Teaching your child to see things and situations from someone else’s point of view can instill critical social skills, such as not doing to others what you wouldn’t want done to you. Understanding another individual’s reasoning and outlook can improve conflict-resolution abilities and open-mindedness. 

  • Proper Communication

Having the ability to communicate successfully is detrimental to almost every aspect of our lives. It can make or break relationships with others, and in situations with poor or little communication, it brews many potential problems. Ensure your child knows their opinion is valuable, and so are other people. 

FAQ Section

  • What makes leaders in transformation different?

A transformational leader is an individual who primarily focuses on how others can use their full potential and build confidence. The difference between transformational leadership and other methods is that instead of just performing the task correctly, the person doing it is motivated and able to share ideas and solutions openly. 

  • Is a great leader born or made?

This has been widely debated. Despite the saying, “natural born leader,” excellent leadership skills are learned. However, the time it takes to be a successful leader can vary among people.

  • Are mothers good leaders?

Yes, the unique skill set of being a mother is almost identical to those needed to lead successfully. From multi-tasking to patience and quick thinking, there is a lot to be learned from motherhood that can significantly impact leadership skills.

Cultivating The Leaders of Tomorrow

leader standing in front of group // My Education CompassWith everything that comes with being a parent, ensuring your child is set to make it in the big world is crucial. This is why it is essential to focus on teaching them skills such as leadership from a young age, as this gives them a set of tools to manage any hurdles thrown their way, whether in the workplace or life in general.