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Katy Perry Diet Secret: Keep it Simple

HMT News TeamHMT News Team  September 4, 2017

Too often people try to over-complicate things. In reality, the phrase KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) is appropriate. I remember my grandmother used to say “If you don’t eat fat, you won’t be fat.” Duh.

Singer Katy Perry is just one of the Hollywood elite who have followed the Five Factor Diet, a meal plan that focuses on five-ingredient meals from five key food groups. It all boils down to simplicity.

“While it might sound like a diet fad, keeping the number of different flavors on your plate to a minimum can help you to eat less,” Harju said. “When you add a new flavor to a meal, it renews your appetite, causing you to eat more. Like spaghetti bolognese — once you add Parmesan cheese, that dish becomes a whole lot more interesting.”

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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