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#1 Tips – Journal Prompts For Money Mindset!

HMT News TeamHMT News Team  February 21, 2023

Journal prompts for money mindset with Healthier Me Today! Have you ever been questioned about your financial background? Have you ever even heard the term “money story”? This was one of the first ideas that Emily Williams shared with me when we first met, and it completely upended my life most beautifully.

The foundations for how you feel, think, and believe money works are established when you are seven years old, Emily would tell me in another revolutionary way. Everybody has a financial story. It’s how our parents instilled in us a value for money, the society we grew up in, the media we watched, and so on. Because of the ideas we were exposed to in those formative years, many of us interact with, follow, and limit ourselves in how money functions.

The Compelling Truth

pexels-pixabay-259027-300x200-5873294The compelling truth here is that we can challenge and change the money story we’ve been telling ourselves and the money mindset we’ve adopted, but first, we must make the story we’re telling ourselves consciously.

In this post, I’d like to introduce you to 10 journaling questions that will enable you to change your money mindset and truly recognize your financial story. I encourage you to be curious about your responses as we go through each prompt rather than passing judgment on yourself or the people who might have influenced your views on money.

The majority of us are simply doing the best we can with the resources we have at the moment. And occasionally, the life lessons and generational perspectives passed down to us by our parents don’t respect us or the future we want. You can change the patterns for yourself and each relationship in your life right now if you take the time to delve deep.

This crucial work can spark fresh visions, insights, and desires for the change you want to see in the world. The journal prompts that follow are meant to get you started on the path of more in-depth work on your financial attitude.

Let’s get started.

What Is Your First Memory With Money?

Consider this carefully because trying to access such a distant memory may seem challenging at first. When a period comes to mind, start to elaborate on the idea by asking more questions to yourself. Was that a pleasant memory? Was there a connection between lack and uncertainty? Was there a connection between annoyance and rage? You were where? What was going on inside? Was anyone else present? What attitudes toward money were they exhibiting in terms of feelings or beliefs?

What Did Your Family Believe About Money And How It Worked? – Journal Prompts For Money Mindset 

What were some of the most frequent positive and negative financial statements your parents made? We frequently hear sayings about money, such as “money doesn’t grow on trees,” “money makes the world go round,” and “money is the root of all evil.” Have you ever overheard your relatives using these words? It’s important to remember that talking about money, even when you’re not, is still talking about money.

For instance, even though my parents never brought up money, I was aware of their ongoing arguments and attempts to conceal the fact that we never seemed to have enough from me. As a child, I experienced the strain of their upheaval.

 What Do You Believe About Money? – Journal Prompts For Money Mindset 

pexels-claire-morgan-4068029-200x300-9403126What do you typically consider or feel when you view money? Do you feel abundant and supported at all times, or do you feel like there is never enough? Here are some common notions about money that may enable you to elaborate on this. Look to see which of the following appeals to you:

  • I need to improve with cash.
  • Unable to save
  • I’m never satisfied.
  • I need more to produce.
  • I feel bad and embarrassed about my debt.
  • Making money entails stealing from someone else.
  • It would be best if you put in a lot of effort to succeed because success is not easy.
  • I could improve at repaying debt.
  • Saving money is challenging.
  • You must always consider each purchase.
  • There is always a cheaper option.
  • The best strategy for living is to stay within your means.
  • God opposes our possession of money.
  • You shouldn’t expect to become wealthy by providing for others.
  • I always need help to afford the things I want.
  • Life is too costly.

What Do You Believe About People Who Have A Lot Of Money? – Journal Prompts For Money Mindset 

Next, consider your attitude toward money in general and your thoughts and feelings regarding those who have a lot of it. It might be interesting to think about this. In the western world, we frequently hear that wealthy people are greedy and perverse. If you stop to consider how many movies we watch, rich people are commonly portrayed as the bad guys.

It was a stark contrast to the world of wealth I had been taught existed in popular culture when I considered the wealthy individuals in my own life. Who are you? Here, you should do the same and compare people you know with people you don’t (famous billionaires, celebrities, and public figures) to see if there is a difference for you.

What Do You Think People Will Think Of You If You Have A Lot Of Money?

pexels-jess-bailey-designs-1018133-300x225-2043515When it comes down to it, we often believe that if we try to make more money, our closest loved ones will reject us, or the people around us will judge us and label us greedy. As a result, we often need help to achieve our financial goals. We see all around us if we continue to buy into the popular images we sell in the media. This makes a lot of sense. Take some time to write down exactly how you believe others might view you if you become wealthy. What worries and fears surface?

What Kind Of Relationship Do You Have With Money?

A relationship, indeed. Consider it a romantic partnership. Is it based on fairness and peace? Is there drama and turbulence all the time? Do you feel like you’re the only one doing the work, or are you supporting each other? Is it steady and stable or hot and cold? Is the overall impression one of good or bad? Do either need to file for divorce, or are you a power couple?

What Kind Of Relationship Do I Desire With Money? – Journal Prompts For Money Mindset 

Consider how you could mend your relationship with money before you decide to end it. Do you want things to continue as they currently are? Do you want to make any minor changes, or is there something else? You may want it to have a completely different appearance. Which ways? What would you prefer to think of it?

What Would You Believe About Yourself If You Had All The Money You Desired? – Journal Prompts For Money Mindset 

What would it mean if you could now afford to fulfill your life’s desires? How would it feel to let go of the idea of scarcity if you had the margin and the savings to do so? Do you believe you deserve and are worthy of that? Are all of those things permitted for you to possess? What would that mean if you could indeed enter that version of yourself?

Are There Rewards For Keeping Yourself At The Current Financial Set-Point That You Are?

Because we’re still determining if we can actually handle the next step of our growth, we frequently perpetuate cycles of keeping ourselves within our limits. For instance, you might secretly tell yourself that you don’t want to amass more wealth because you’re unsure of your ability to manage it well and fear losing it all.

So you stay where you are rather than allowing yourself to be in that position of responsibility. It may indicate that you won’t be able to live with as much margin because you’ll need to work harder to earn more money, which keeps you trapped in the dance you’re currently in. What is preventing you from playing bigger?

If You Wrote A Letter To Money, What Would It Say?

Journal Prompts For Money Mindset - Healthier Me TodayWhat would you like to say to money now that you’ve looked at where your money beliefs were and the stories you’ve been telling yourself about money? Would you like to express regret? Have you been acting like a confusing partner? Do you like it—or her, or him, if you want to use a pronoun—to be more present in your life? This is an excellent opportunity to elaborate on how you envision your future interaction with money. What have you discovered about yourself as you think about each step?

Will you hold on to the financial myths passed down to you, or will you change the story to give yourself the freedom to be, do, and possess whatever you want? We at Healthier Me Today think that your desires are thrown into the world like blueprints. that everything that is in your heart is intended for you. That also applies to your desire for prosperity and abundance.

We can hold ourselves back from truly embracing who we are and what we want for various reasons. Realizing that you have the power to change or heal anything in your life that is keeping you from experiencing an entire expansion and expression of who you are is the most empowering thing you can ever do for yourself. Your life also becomes a model and an invitation for others to see what is possible for them as you move forward in that freedom. Isn’t that the ideal world we would all prefer to live in? A world in which the internal narratives we are creating foster healing, change, generosity, kindness, and hope.

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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