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Her Secrets FINALLY Revealed! Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss!

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss: We often look to the stars for inspiration and motivation to make changes in our lives that are similar or even exactly the same as they have. They are our idols, and we aspire to be like them. So when a celebrity makes a drastic change, it never goes unnoticed. 

Being in the spotlight pretty much wherever you go puts a lot of pressure on one’s shoulders, especially in a world where critical looks and flaws are criticized. It’s hard sometimes to decipher what is real and what isn’t in the Hollywood industry, but when celebrities are open and raw about their struggles, it helps us realize they are people too, just like you and me.  

Who is Jennifer Hudson?

Born Jennifer Kate Hudson is an American singer and actress. She has achieved a lot of success in her acting and singing career. 

She has been awarded an Academy Award, Golden Globe award, Daytime Emmy Award, and two Grammy Awards for her performances both on camera and on the stage. 

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she grew up singing in her Chicago church choir at seven years old. When she got older, she began performing at wedding receptions, local talent shows, and musical theater.

She landed her first professional singing job on a Disney cruise as Calliope, the head Greek muse, in the production of Hercules: the musical. However, instead of renewing her contract with Disney, she decided to audition for American Idol. She managed to reach the final round but unfortunately was eliminated, landing her in seventh place. 

What Method did Jennifer Hudson Use For Weight Loss?

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss - measuring stomach | Healthier Me Today

Jennifer Hudson lost 80 pounds by focusing on her eating habits. Because she is an extremely busy all-around woman, she struggles to find time for exercise, so being cautious and conscious of what she puts in her body is the method that helped her drop almost 100 pounds. Some of the habits she adopted were:

  • First, avoid all crash diets as they can be extreme and not work in the long run.
  • Not depriving yourself of certain food.
  • Cooks own meals
  • Avoids overheating
  • Portion control
  • Give up most junk food
  • Later on, incorporate some favorite food such as pizza in moderation to combat cravings and binging. 
  • Focuses on a high protein diet that helps feel full for longer, so there is no unnecessary eating.
  • Is surrounded by healthy food and food options
  • Keep tempting food away, so there is no temptation and fall back. 
  • Mindful eating means deciding what to eat, how much to eat, and where to eat.
  • She follows a weight loss plan that she created using Weight Watchers as inspiration.
  • When she has time, she will work out five days a week.
  •  Her workout consists of a mix of non-traditional exercises and activities.
  • Incorporates different physical activities to keep herself active despite being busy.
  • Does Tae Bo and plays basketball.
  • She makes small changes to her everyday life, such as walking instead of using the elevator. 
  • She walks short distances instead of driving there.
  • Her weight loss routine called Trilogy is a 15-minute workout involving sit-ups, push-ups, and squats.
  • The workout also includes a combination of cardio and strength movements.
  • Finish the workout with jumping rope.

How Much Weight Did Jennifer Hudson Lose and Can I Lose that Much Too?

Jennifer Hudson started her weight loss journey in 2010 after the birth of her son, which was in 2009. She lost a total of 80 pounds and went down from a size 16 to a size six within only a year. 

Yes, you can lose the same amount as Jennifer Hudson if you stick to her tips and create good habits as she has. She has taken a healthy approach to lose weight which rewarded her for keeping the weight off and staying healthy and strong. Her workout is excellent for anybody, whether super busy or looking for a less strenuous workout plan. 

Avoiding crash diets and junk food are key in achieving this goal, and surrounding yourself with options and not depriving yourself completely of your favorite ensures the sustainability of this lifestyle. 

How Can I Adapt This Method to My Weight Loss Journey?

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss - touching stomach | Healthier Me Today

The critical factor to Jennifer Hudson’s incredible weight loss journey is finding a great relationship with yourself and food, showing that food isn’t the enemy and you don’t have to follow a strict, daunting diet to lose weight. Instead, finding a diet that fits you and your lifestyle, which incorporates protein and energy-filling food, will help keep you not feeling snacks, leading to binging and falling off track. 

You can adapt this method to your weight loss journey by following the diet that she created using weight watchers as inspiration and by doing her Trilogy workout plan with cardio and strength training. Making healthier choices like cutting out over convenient means of transport has made us lazy. This means choosing the stairs instead of the elevator and not driving but instead walking to destinations close by.

Concentrating on what you put in your body and only using food as a way of fuel, and appreciating what you consume is something that you can adapt to. Sticking through with Jennifers lifestyle changes and making the same choices will help you to lose more or less the same amount of pounds that she has successfully done and has also kept off.

Success in a Size 6 Dress

Many celebrities try to lose weight, but their mistake is usually rushing the process. They choose to do only high cardio workouts that consume a portion of their everyday life and lean into fad diets. 

Jennifer Hudson has shown us that with the right mindset and small but significant changes, you can lose a large amount of weight just like her. She normalizes the human body as great things take time, and listening to your body instead of torturing it is the right way to lose weight healthily.

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