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Can You Change Your Child’s IQ by Serving Certain Meals – How to Raise your IQ by Eating Gifted Children

Wondering “How to raise your IQ by eating gifted children” – We all know gifted children are well gifted, and we want to do everything in their power to give them the best possible chances at an even more advanced lifestyle! We always want the best for our children and will often do whatever it takes to achieve it. Children are our future, no matter how we cut it, and it’s important to make sure that they are fully equipped to handle whatever the world throws at them. As parents, we have faced many, many challenges and exposure that our children are yet to. It can make us fear the worst and also want to cradle them for a bit longer. 

Of course, we can’t shelter them forever, and the inevitable will come when they will face the world on their own. It’s important our children learn what is to come and have solo experiences that will shape and mold them into young adults. We as parents have all the abilities to help them in this journey, even if we may feel like we can’t offer them everything we’d like to. There are still vital lessons and actions we can take to provide them with the proper tools to navigate through any storms and find their way back on their feet. Looking after children’s health can mean several things. Of course, having a good routine and education is extremely important, as well as encouraging physical activities, but there are different ways we can help our kids, such as diet, more specifically, feeding them brain-empowering meals and foods. There has been a lot of controversy on whether or not diet has anything to do with smarts which is exactly what we’re here to discuss! 

The Relationship Between Food and Brain Function

How to raise your iq by eating gifted children | Healthier Me TodayWondering “How to raise your IQ by eating gifted children” Speaking about food and IQ levels are not a straight line, and many other factors are involved. It isn’t as simple as giving your child a specific food, and they’ll become the next Einstein, but food and brain productivity do correlate. Just as food affects weight and energy levels, it also affects tons of other vital parts of the body.

Food is extremely crucial for the development of neurons in the brain. A good diet can produce healthy and fully functioning neurons, whereas an unhealthy diet full of sugars and fats can cause inflammation which will negatively affect existing and developing neurons. Having a poor production of neurons can lead to brain disorders such as depression and also affects the way that the brain works. 

The saying, “you are what you eat,” is very factual as when you consume healthy foods, you can think, problem solve and learn much better. Eating a diet mainly consisting of junk food or unhealthy meals will leave you feeling down and unfocused, and you’ll have little energy. Neurons are the dominant cells in your brain, which means how you treat them is how you will be treated. It’s extremely important to supply them with what they need, which is omega-3, vitamin-rich, nutritious foods.

What is The Relationship Between the Two?

How to raise your iq by eating gifted children | Healthier Me TodayHow to raise your iq by eating gifted children: Unfortunately, it’s not a miracle, a cure-all assumption, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but with this being said, there is a lot of truth to it. From birth, children need a steady supply of healthy fats and nutrients, which are found in the milk they are given. As they begin to eat solids, they need new ways to make up their nutrient intake, of course, comes from the food they eat. In their first few years of life, their brain does immense amounts of development, and they must be exposed to healthy meals and foods that support this stage. Raising children is and will never be an easy task, and it can be very tempting to give them easy and quick foods, but giving them a diet consisting mainly of these empty calories and nutrient-deficit meals can have bad effects on their overall development. 

Neurons have loads of important functions, such as sending messages to the rest of your body and organs. Some of the cells that the neurons communicate with are immune cells which are also located in the brain, they are called Microglia, and they help keep the brain healthy and prevent infections. These messages aren’t only focused on basic movements and functions but also help provide the capability of performing cognitive tasks such as learning, thinking, organizing, concentrating, memorizing, imagining, and remembering. Having an unhealthy diet will have harmful repercussions on the functioning of neurons which ultimately will have consequences on the ability to perform cognitive tasks.

What Foods to Feed Your Child and What Foods to Avoid

How to raise your iq by eating gifted children | Healthier Me TodayWondering “How to raise your IQ by eating gifted children” Protecting your child from every kind of bad food out there is tough and virtually impossible. Sooner or later, they will snack on chips and indulge in pizza and pasta. In a way, it can be debilitating to keep them from experiencing fatty or sugary foods at all. It’s all about moderation, making sure that their diet is primarily filled with great sources of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will outweigh the occasional treat.

How to raise your iq by eating gifted children: If you are looking to help your child’s brain development and give them an advantage in the cognitive field, then some foods help boost their neurons and provide them with all the nutrients and benefits their brains and body will need. This will help them learn better, understand easier and help them excel in educational activities. Here are some great food options you can feed your child to help them improve their brain power and support developing neurons;Healthier Me Today

  • Eggs – eggs are packed with nutrients and protein, which will ⁹help your child concentrate better. However, ensure you don’t overload them with too many eggs, as they can cause cholesterol.
  • Greek yogurt – full-fat Greek yogurt is much healthier than other kinds and has lots of nutrients to help their neurons to send messages.
  • Leafy greens Spinach and Kale are superfoods and are packed with folate, antioxidants, and nutrients. These vegetables have even been linked to lowering the risk of dementia.
  • Fish – Sardines, salmon, and tuna are loaded with omega-3, which is what helps protect the brain from the decline of memory loss and mental skills. Omega-3 also helps children concentrate and focus.
  • Nuts and seeds – These will boost moods and support the nervous system. They are full of nutrients, healthy fats, and protein, which all help keep the brain healthy.
  • Oatmeal – this is a great alternative to sugary cereals and a good way to start the morning. Children who regularly ate oatmeal for breakfast proved to do better at memory-related cognitive tests than the ones who ate sugar-filled cereals. It’s an excellent source of fiber and protein, which helps to keep the brain and heart arteries clear.
  • Plums and apples – are perfect for sweet cravings and have plenty of antioxidants that help with mental skills.

How to raise your iq by eating gifted children: There are a lot of foods that increase brain health and functionality. However, there are just as many that have negative effects and can cause a decline in mental health and skills. Here are some foods that should either be avoided or eaten in very small quantities and not daily; How to raise your iq by eating gifted children | Healthier Me Today

  • Sugary drinks – not only do sodas and sugary drinks increase the chances of type 2 diabetes they can also lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as it negatively affects neurons in the brain.
  • Refined carbs – high-GI and high-GL levels in foods such as white flour and other highly processed grains can cause brain impairment.
  • Trans fat – foods that are high in saturated fats can have deteriorating effects on the brain. 

Brain Food: How to raise your IQ by eating gifted children

Eating foods rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and healthy fat can help improve brain development and function, which helps perform cognitive tasks at an excellent level. 

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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