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How To Build a Secure Relationship

How to build a secure relationship, and how you can start today with Healthier Me Today! Being in a secure and trusting relationship can be a wonderful experience, but it does take hard work to make sure that it lasts the trials of time. There will be many ups and downs, and keeping someone by your side through life can be a beautiful thing. Having someone to share your worries and woes with and to help you through the tough times is unmatchable, but also to soak in the great moments. Relationships don’t come easy, and two people may not always see eye to eye, but this is where understanding and compromise come in. It can be easy to lose yourself and change when you’re with someone, but this shouldn’t happen in a healthy and nurturing relationship. 

It can be hard for you to see the signs and even realize the negative effects until only later on, but knowing what you want and how you would like to be loved can help you identify the relationship you do want. There are vital aspects that build the foundations of strong relationships, and learning what these are can help you achieve security with your partner. Security is a very crucial part of any relationship as it has a ripple effect on many other qualities.

How to Build a Secure Relationship – Build Security

How To Build a Secure Relationship | Healthier Me TodayFeeling secure, confident, and comfortable in your relationship is important, and oftentimes we as people let personal struggles and insecurities affect our bond with our partner. It can cause friction from both sides and can often lead to unhealthy habits and coping mechanisms. That is why it’s vital to take the necessary steps to build a healthy line of communication and intimacy with your spouse. Security and be obtained through different methods and putting effort into these factors. 

Cut Out Overanalyzing 

This will be the first step to answering the “How to build a secure relationship” question! It’s only human for us to constantly try to read situations, but often we can misread them, and it turns out for the worst. This can push you and your partner away from each other, and focusing on the negative in any situation is a bad thing for a relationship. Make sure that you don’t jump to conclusions with only small amounts of evidence and communicate with your partner. Turn things towards a more positive way of sorting out or reading any situation. When we feel our partner is not opening up or there may be something wrong, before thinking of the worst-case scenario, try a calmer and reassuring approach. More times than none, we may have things completely wrong and we may lean into something that isn’t even there. 

Don’t Let Problems Brew! 

How To Build a Secure Relationship | Healthier Me TodayWhen there are issues and problems in your relationship or related, then bring them up with your partner. If something is negatively affecting the bond between you two, then it’s worth sorting out. We may want to avoid conflict, especially if it’s been a rescuing problem, but finding a solution can put you and your partner on the same page and become more united. There will be hiccups in any relationship but what counts most is the method behind solving the problems. 

Accept Less Than Perfection 

Everyone is unique and has a set of strengths and weaknesses. No one is the same, and because of this, we need to understand that we can’t expect certain reactions and responses from our partners. They will have their way of handling and processing, and you should accept this as wanting them to do specific things and say the things you expect to hear will be setting yourself up for disappointment, and this is not fair to your spouse or yourself. Having unrealistic expectations of your spouse will lead to problems such as arguments, feelings of insecurity, and misunderstanding. Explain to your partner what you’d like in the relationship and come to an understanding where both parties have realistic expectations of one another.

Don’t Compare Your Relationship to Those on Social Media 

Social media often portrays perfectly happy couples. However, behind-the-scenes and realism are not always documented. If you find yourself longing to have what others do and you wonder why your relationship is not like theirs, remember that social media isn’t always real, and people choose what they want to share. Every relationship has its flaws, and everyone has a lot more going on than what is shown. Don’t compare or expect your relationship to be like that, and cut away from these unrealistic relationship goals. 

Stop the Comparisons 

How To Build a Secure Relationship | Healthier Me TodayAs mentioned before, you should not compare your relationship to others, but this goes for the couples around you too. Your relationship will never be like someone else’s, and that is what makes it so special. You and your partner are unique and different in your views and ways of doing things, each with experiences and flaws. Focus on strengthening your relationship and appreciating what you have with your partner because no one else has it. Embrace your differences and don’t compare what you have, as this is setting yourself up for negative thoughts and can result in pushing you and your spouse apart. Be happy that you have something that no one in the world does.

Provide Trust When Deserved

Trust is a crucial part of developing a secure relationship. Trust is earned and goes both ways, so when your partner is trying to earn your trust, they give it to them. Many people have problems with trust and loyalty in relationships, and it can be a struggle to take this step, but it will result in a healthy bond and relationship between you and your spouse. Holding back your trust can eventually cause many problems in the relationship, such as assumptions, insecurities, and feelings of not being safe with your partner or in your relationship. 

Focus on the Positives Instead of Negatives

It’s easy to let ourselves fall into patterns of negativity. We often struggle to admit our faults and pass the blame. Pointing fingers often happens in relationships, and each person believes they’re right. This can poison potentially great relationships. Getting out of your way and focusing on the positive can prove tough for many people, but ultimately it will be the saving grace of building security in your relationship. Finding positive and healthy solutions together instead of becoming fixated on the negative will help you and your partner create a much stronger bond. 

Avert Bad Advice and Accept the Relevant

How To Build a Secure Relationship | Healthier Me TodayIt’s no secret that others love to give unsolicited advice wherever they can. Be careful who you take relationship advice from, and make sure to look at their history of relationships. If they have a bad track record, then it’s best not to try to apply their advice to your relationship. Focus rather on the advice given by those who are in a good relationship or have relevant advice to your current situation. You wouldn’t take driving lessons from someone who hasn’t gotten their license. 

Leave Ex Stress Behind You

A common mistake that is made in relationships is that partners are compared to exes, and fear of past relationships is brought into new ones. To build a secure relationship, you need to understand that they are not any of your exes. You are starting a new journey with a different person, and hanging onto past baggage can way down the potential of creating a healthy relationship with your partner. Remember that you will have different and new experiences with your spouse and that you shouldn’t compare or expect them to be like your ex because they are not. 

How to build a secure relationship – Successfully Secure

How to build a secure relationship – you need to keep an open mind and communicate with your partner. Putting effort into focusing on the positive and not letting other factors affect your relationship will help you build a healthy and secure bond with your spouse. 

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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