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How To Be More Present In Your Relationship

A successful relationship is not cute couple photos, it’s not dating every day, it’s not making sure you never say the wrong thing. A successful relationship takes effort, compassion, love, and clear communication. We often mistake successful relationships for those Instagram couples that make it look so effortless.

When in fact, a relationship is a blend of two individuals understanding each other, having compatibility, and appreciating the little things in life, together. With this, we wanted to share effective ways to be more present in your relationship!

Are you present with your partner?

When your partner talks or tries to communicate with you, are you present or are you on your phone? Do you watch Netflix or Hulu, or do you take time to really pay attention and listen with an open heart?

In this, being present with your partner requires intimacy, it requires effort, and most importantly, your full-on attention. We are here to tell you that it can be quiet easy to be more present with your partner. Let’s talk about it!

  1. Do Not Have the TV On – Only Music

When it comes to being more present with your partner, it is important to minimize all distractions. In this, you can create a space of intimacy for both of you to really talk, spend time together, listen to each other’s worries or concerns, and most importantly, be present and in the moment. If you can’t do it over complete silence, put on some music!

  1. Have Someone Watch The Kids

If you want to spend more quality time and be more present with your partner, it is important to cultivate time together to spend it without the kids. So, if you have children, you may want to consider a babysitter, friend, or parent to take care of the little ones for the evening. In this, you can better spend time together that will not be interrupted.

  1. Turn Off The Cellphone

This may be one of the most important factors when it comes to being more present in your relationship. From the moment we wake up in the morning to the moment we fall asleep, we tend to look at our phones. We have created a habit of holding onto our phones as if they were part of our limbs.

In this, when it comes to creating presence in a relationship, turning off the phone or putting it in a closet, drawer, or away from you is crucial. Spend some quality time alone, for an hour or two without your cellphones, and there will be a feeling of peace that wil ensue due to not always being plugged in. This will also cultivate intimacy between you and your significant other.

  1. Practice Active Listening

This may be one of the most crucial aspects of creating presence with your partner. When you partner talks, do you actively listen or are you thinking about what you are going to do next? Active listening is vital to manifest a more present moment with your partner. Through active listening you can be there for your signifact other, talk about each other’s problems, concerns, and really cultivate a feeling of intimacy that allows the both of you to be more present. Talk less and listen more!

  1. Not In The House

Who said that to create presence in a relationship you had to do it in the house? No! In fact, you can go for walks together, go to a park, the beach, or even spend time working out or working on crafts together. As long as you both are together, talking, listening, and spending time together without outside distractions, you can cultivate a feeling of presence.

Are You Being Present With Your Partner?

Now that we live in a modern age where we are constantly being distracted with outside sources from news to social media, it is important to remember the most important things of all, the people we spend time with, and the well-being we cultivate in our lives. Being present with your partner can enhance your relationship, build intimacy, and help the both of you uncover new facets of each other that will keep the sparks flying!

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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