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How Many Jobs are Available in Basic Industries That Need Live Chat? Here are The Best 6 Answers!

HMT News TeamHMT News Team  July 18, 2023

How many jobs are available in basic industries – Learn more with Healthier Me Today! How many jobs are available? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) estimates that there will be 24,504,000 jobs available in basic industries by 2022. 

Furthermore, this number will increase by 2.7% over the following eight years.

Why Basic Industries May Need Live Chat

how many jobs are available in basic industries - Healthier Me TodaySince so many industries make up the vast field of primary sectors, all of which produce goods that are used as raw materials to create finished goods or commodities, there are a tremendous number of jobs available in this sector.

Let’s examine the primary industries, their types, and the jobs that are accessible in the primary sectors in more detail now that we know the precise facts on the number of jobs available in these sectors.

What are Basic Industries?

The search for, development of, extraction from, processing, along with distribution of raw materials for other manufacturing industries are all considered primary industries and how many jobs are available in basic industries. 

Since the production cycle starts here, basic industries are the cornerstone of a robust economy.

6 Types of Basic Industries and Jobs Available

The following are the Basic Industries’ most popular categories:

1. Agricultural Industry

Agriculture is the principal source of all raw resources and a significant industry in practically every country globally. 

Crops, vegetables, meat, dairy products, and other natural materials are produced and harvested on farmlands and transported to the economy’s non-agricultural industries. 

Additionally, commercial agriculture is done more for export than for domestic consumption.

how many jobs are available in basic industries - Healthier Me TodayHere are 7 jobs available in Agriculture Industry:

  1. Farmer
  2. Agronomist
  3. Animal Scientist
  4. Agricultural Economist
  5. Horticulturist
  6. Farm manager
  7. Soil Scientist

2. Forestry Industry

Another important sector of a nation’s economy is forestry. In addition to having inherent worth in and of themselves, forests also assist in regulating the environment and the cycle of the climate. 

However, since numerous raw resources, such as timber, medicinal plants, fuelwood, etc., are acquired from forests, their function as an entire industry is equally important. 

Planting and managing forests and harvesting and distributing raw materials are the two main activities in the forestry industry.

6 jobs available in Forestry Industry:

  1. Forest Managers or Silviculturists
  2. Project manager
  3. Logger
  4. Environmental Safety Officer
  5. Equipment operators (handheld and heavy)
  6. Truck drivers

3. Oil and Gas Industry

how many jobs are available in basic industries - Healthier Me TodaySince it served as the cornerstone of the industrialization that began in the 19th century and gave rise to the sophisticated economy we now live in, the oil and gas industry doesn’t need an introduction. 

Nearly all other industrial businesses depend on petroleum products, natural gasses, and other raw materials the oil and gas industry uses. 

Because the oil and gas industry operates on three levels—upstream, midstream, and downstream—jobs are available at numerous businesses in each group. 

Locating, extracting, or producing oil or gas is the responsibility of companies at the upstream level. Transporting and storing are the responsibilities of businesses at the midstream level. 

Oils and gasses must be refined by companies at the downstream level to be transformed into usable raw materials like petrol, gasoline, diesel, etc.

7 jobs in the Oil and Gas Industry:

  1. Rig Operator
  2. Pipeline Technicians
  3. Mechanic
  4. Drilling Engineer
  5. Geologist
  6. Mining Engineer
  7. Miners

4. Paper and Pulp Industry

Although the paper and pulp industry purchases raw materials from the forestry sector in various types of paper, paperboards, pulp, etc., these products are used in several other sectors, including publication, packaging, cleaning, tissues, etc.

6 jobs in the Paper and Pulp Industry:

  1. Machine Operators
  2. Administrative and Accounting Jobs
  3. Chemists
  4. Chemical and Mechanical Engineers
  5. Electrical Engineers
  6. Laboratory Technicians

5. Steel Industry

how many jobs are available in basic industries - Healthier Me TodaySteel is a vital primary industry since it forms the backbone of a nation’s infrastructure and economy. 

Making steel, an alloy of steel and carbon, is a highly specialized process that calls for both knowledge and labor.

8 jobs Available in the Steel Industry:

  1. Metal Engineers
  2. Metal Fabricator
  3. Steel Worker
  4. Machine Operators
  5. Computer Specialists
  6. Environmental Engineers
  7. Production Line workers and supervisors
  8. Machine and Vehicle Operators

6. Chemical Industry

The primary focus of the chemical industry is transforming raw materials into gasses or chemicals utilized in other sectors of the economy. 

The chemicals range from ordinary products like soap, detergent, and bleaching powder to specialized compounds like dyes, paints, and insecticides.

6 jobs Available in the Chemical Industry:

  1. Chemical engineer
  2. Laboratory technician
  3. Chemical Plant Operator
  4. Environmental Engineer
  5. Hazardous waste material Handler
  6. Analytical Chemist

4 High-Paying Jobs in the Basic Industries

how many jobs are available in basic industries - Healthier Me TodayHere are a few examples of how many jobs are available in basic industries high-paying jobs in the Basic Industries:

1. Scientists working with materials ($83,00)

Material scientists are familiar with synthetic and natural materials’ physical and chemical properties. 

In their laboratories, materials scientists research, evaluate, and develop new materials that can be used as raw materials.

2. Geoscientist ($92,000/year)

Highly qualified individuals that analyze the geography of a location to find, examine, or evaluate it. 

Geoscientists are in high demand and are paid well since raw materials from the ground are required for all primary industries.

3. Food technologists ($62,000/year)

Food technologists convert agricultural industry raw materials into nutritious and secure food through laboratory testing, development, and research.

4. Civil engineers ($78,000/year)

Civil engineers are in high demand across all fundamental sectors since they are needed at all levels of the industry to build infrastructure.

Top 4 Entry-Level Jobs in the Basic Industries

how many jobs are available in basic industries - Healthier Me TodayEven if you need more education and experience, finding work in the primary sectors is simply how many jobs are available in basic industries. 

Here are 4 entry-level positions that pay well and call for you to pick up a new skill.

1. Loggers ($68,000/year) 

Loggers are in charge of cutting down trees, logging them, skidding them, putting them onto trucks, and transporting them. 

A substantial body will be helpful for this task, but modern machinery and tools have made logging much more ergonomic than in the past.

2. Miner ($44,000/year)

A miner digs and cuts caves inside and outside of mines. One of the reasons it is straightforward for someone to become a miner if they are interested in and prepared for the work is that mining may be a difficult and dangerous profession.

3. Metal fabricators ($32,000/year)

Metal fabricators use a saw to cut metal into the necessary forms. You could become a metal fabricator if you have a steady hand, good vision, and some experience with the tools and metals.

4. Farm Workers ($25,000/year)

Farm workers are one of the easiest to obtain of all the positions in the primary industries. Large-scale farms require ongoing labor because they are distant from towns and villages.

How Many Jobs are Available in Basic Industries…

How many jobs are available in basic industries? The prospect for employment is limitless because three-fourths of the workforce in the country is employed. 

All sorts of labor are required for each category of entire industries to operate effectively. 

Therefore, how many jobs are available in basic industries should not be relevant; instead, what employment in the primary industries is best for you. 

You can now work toward the job that best suits you since we have defined several key job titles for each sector.

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HMT News Team 

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