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How Can I Help Ukraine?

On the 24th of February 2022, we watched in horror as Russia launched an entire scale military war on Ukraine. The two countries have experienced conflict since 2014. This invasion is on an epic scale that has not been seen in Europe or surrounding countries since World War II. I am sure we were all gripped in fear as the term World War III was splashed across the news and media outlets. 

The Human Spirit – Help Ukraine

It is challenging to see and hear the graphic content on every media stream about the destruction occurring in Ukraine and not feel heartbroken. The children are crying, homes destroyed and the displaced, confused people cowering in shelters and train stations. The devastation is astronomical, and we as human beings feel the need to help or reach out in any way possible. Although you may be tens of thousands of miles away!

Here are a few ways we can try and ease the suffering for the Ukrainian people:

Financial Donations to Help Ukraine

How Can I Help Ukraine | Healthier Me TodayMany charities and organisations will step forward to offer help and relief in times like these. Unfortunately, because of the outpouring of donations being received internationally, there are always a few scammers who will try to cash in on the tragedy. Make sure you donate safely and that your money is being used effectively. We suggest the following if you are thinking about contributing financially:

  • Each charity should have the option to search the charity’s registration number and name.
  • The Charity Commission regulates charities with an income of over £5000 and therefore must be registered.
  • Do not give any personal or financial information before checking registration. 
  • If you feel uneasy, you can always contact the charity for more information.
  • The UK Government will match your donations if you donate through the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal. 
  • The UK Government has already donated 20 million pounds to this relief fund. 

How Can I Help Ukraine | Healthier Me TodayDonation of Essential Supplies to Help Ukraine

  • Cash donated to registered charities is one the best ways to help rather than donating goods. Money can reach aid organisations or individuals much quicker and therefore used to buy what is needed most. 
  • Across the UK and USA, some organisations request and collect essential supplies such as food, clothes, blankets and hygiene products. 
  • Each organisation or charity will have a list of goods needed, and sending unsolicited goods will only delay supply chains from getting through urgent life-saving help and essentials. 
  • The more experienced charities are usually placed on the ground amid the disasters. 

How Can I Help Ukraine | Healthier Me TodaySponsoring to Help Ukraine

  • The UK government has launched a new sponsorship scheme.
  • This scheme will ensure that there will be routes to safety for Ukrainians who have lost their homes and been forced to flee. 
  • Ukrainians that do not have any ties to the UK will be matched to people, charity organisations, participating businesses and community groups. 
  • If you feel you would like to donate or sponsor a refugee this way, all details and how you can assist will be available by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities. 

Social Media and Cyber Crime

How Can I Help Ukraine | Healthier Me TodayAlways be very careful when posting on social media, as there is so much misinformation circulating online regarding the war.

  • Before sharing anything, ensure that it comes from a reliable source.
  • If something does not look or sound right, don’t share as it could be false information.
  • Look out for content shared by the UK and Ukrainian Governments, as this should be accurate information and updates.
  • Before you share any media on your accounts regarding the war, you can look on the SHARE checklist to help decide if the information is accurate.
  • There are currently no direct cyber threats to the UK about the war. The National Cyber Security Centre has verified this.
  • If you need to keep your family and business more secure online, you can visit the Cyber Aware website for tips and tools.

Doing Your Part

In conclusion, we recommend that your donations be given directly to the more recognisable and reliable aid organisations already in Ukraine and their neighbouring countries. UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, the International Rescue Committee and the International Red Cross Committee are all currently working on the ground giving aid to the ever-growing amount of fleeing citizens.

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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