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The 10 Ultimate Small Home Tips From Home Center Lite

HMT News TeamHMT News Team  June 13, 2023

Home Center Lite – Learn more with Healthier Me Today! Developing small living room ideas for your house shouldn’t be viewed as a challenge but as a chance to exercise your imagination. 

In contrast to more enormous living room ideas, a small living room offers the opportunity to design a daring and comfortable area with Home Center Lite. 

How to Decorate a Small Area

home center lite - Healthier Me TodayHowever, turning a small living room into a space that serves the entire family’s needs requires a certain degree of ability. 

When decorating a tiny area, you must spend time getting the fundamental elements of the space perfect, such as how to arrange furniture in a small living room. Once you get those elements right, the rest should come naturally.

It pays to carefully plan where your furniture will go in a compact living room with Home Center Lite. The appropriate layout may make a space appear larger than it is, even though the limited space may restrict your options, according to Adam Brown, Director of The Painted Furniture Company.

Avoid the simple approach of packing everything against the walls and living room around essential furniture items instead. This will make your area appear larger by letting the eye view more floor space with Home Center Lite.

Small Living Room Ideas

To help you realize the possibilities your little family room may hold, we’ve compiled the best small living room ideas from real Home Center Lite we’ve featured in Ideal Home magazine and from design professionals. 

Our team of knowledgeable interior writers understands how crucial it is to maximize a tiny area. Therefore, we only included the most remarkable and ingenious design techniques that would give the impression of the room while still allowing you to express your style.

1. Go Big With A Rug

home center lite - Healthier Me TodayThe worst design error you can make when decorating a tiny living room is choosing a too-small rug. It won’t do anything but make the room appear smaller if it floats like an island between your furnishings. Take advantage of this chance to make a huge impression.

However, the rug you select must be in proportion to your furniture and the available area. As a general rule, ensure your carpet is larger than the most significant piece of furniture. 

Therese Germain, vice president of product at Ruggable, our go-to machine washable rug, explains that the longest side of the carpet should always be longer by at least 6 inches than the most significant piece of furniture, such as a sofa. 

A 150×215 cm rug will fit in a modest living room underneath a coffee table or in front of a fireplace with two comfortable seats almost entirely on the floor with Home Center Lite.

2. Go Bold With Your Paint Choice

According to Patrick O’Donnell, international brand ambassador at Farrow and Ball, “the first instinct for a small living room is to keep it light, bright and de-cluttered (the word du jour right now). 

And while this is a perfectly acceptable decorating thing to do, especially if the room is flooded with natural light, going bolder can also be an excellent option. 

Patrick advises experimenting with a mid-tone green color like French Gray or Lichen for an inviting oasis. Alternatively, consider going for a dark, striking color like Down Pipe. Patrick continues, “Our go-to gray color that never feels overly chilly—it’ll just envelop you in a softly dramatic way!” 

3. Embrace The Colour Drenching Trend

A soft neutral color like Joa’s White or Stirabout will look lovely in all lighting situations and serve as an excellent backdrop to introduce your style through furnishings, artwork, and accessories, advises Patrick of Farrow and Ball.

As Patrick advises, embracing the trend of color-drenched paint works by diverting attention away from the room’s margins, typically highlighted in a different color. Don’t feel you have to stick to gentle neutrals; a compact living room can also look fantastic in dramatic dark grey and navy.

4. Define Space With Paint

home center lite - Healthier Me TodayEven modest living room ideas can profit from the power of color zoning an area, much like in a larger space. Use different paint colors to divide the space if you use it for both dining and relaxing in front of the TV. 

According to Paula Taylor, Head Stylist at Graham & Brown, “Using contrasting paint colors to create division in a room is an effective way to manage smaller spaces.” 

It is unnecessary to utilize furniture or other physical barriers to create separate places if you divide the wall with contrasting paint colors, such as a deep blue and a bright yellow. Alternately, zone areas with various tones of the same color for a softer appearance.

5. Switch Out The Sofa For A Lounger

Without a sofa, can a room still be considered a living room? Yes, that is the answer in response! 

If you’re dealing with small living room ideas, consider a lounger, day bed, or snuggle seat instead of small living room couch ideas, even though picking the most excellent sofa might be the conventional furniture decision.

“A sofa is not necessary in every living room, but frequently we feel the need to fill a space.” Consider who will use the area, when they will use it, and how the space will be used while selecting seating. According to TR Studio’s creator Tom Rutt, a small chaise or traditional mid-century lounger might be ideal. 

6. Open Up The Space With Shutters

It pays to be resourceful with your window treatments and think outside the box when designing a small living space. Shows or shutters can be a better choice to open up the room. “Modernizing your living room’s accessories can have a significant effect

Although curtains give a touch of luxury to your resting environment, Lisa Cooper, Head of Product at Thomas Sanderson, suggests replacing them with shades or shutters if your living room is small. 

Blinds and shutters provide the illusion that a room is higher by allowing more space on either side of the window.

7. Experiment With A Coloured Ceiling

home center lite - Healthier Me TodayHome Center Lite advises that paint may help you create the appearance of height in small spaces, advises Tash Bradley, director of interior design at Lick and a color psychologist. 


Using a light blue or green paint color, like Lick’s Green 13 or Blue 02, on the ceiling will make the space appear taller. Or, to provide the impression of space, paint the walls, shelter, and skirting all the same color. This will prevent your attention from being drawn to the room’s corners. 

8. Pick Pink

As an alternative to neutral living room ideas, pink ones are ideal for tiny living rooms. The key is to keep the shade light and powdery. Pink is a beautiful soft alternative to a neutral and will assist in reflecting light throughout a small area, advises experts. 

“Lick’s Pink 01 and Pink 04 are great for small spaces because they make the room feel warm and inviting but also help to reflect the light,” says experts. To give the room personality and intrigue, combine the pink with a vibrantly colored sofa.

9. Focus On One Feature Wall

Even though it can be challenging, focusing on only a few essential living room wall decor ideas when decorating a tiny living room is crucial. 

Lucy Henderson, Head Designer at My Bespoke Room, says, “In a small space, it can quickly feel claustrophobic if there’s too much asking for attention as your eye doesn’t know where to rest.” 

Any room must have a distinct focal point to capture the eye, but attempt to scale it back in a tiny space. Whether it’s a gallery wall or wallpaper, choose one wall as the main focal point. 

10. Choose Furniture With Legs

home center lite - Healthier Me TodayKelly Collins of Swyft Home and Home Center Lite advises raised off-the-ground furniture. She recommends choosing a couch or armchair with extended legs to help open up the area and make even the smallest living rooms feel airy

The room appears larger when more of the floor is seen. Since many of the best sofas and armchairs have gorgeous turned wooden legs, this approach works beautifully in any living space. From sideboards and cabinets to sofas, many attractive mid-century furniture is placed on legs to preserve floor visibility.

Ultimate Small Home Tips From Home Center Lite…

There are several devious techniques to give the appearance that a smaller place is larger and more expansive. 

Choosing an off-white paint color, like Farrow & Ball Strong White, may appear dull to some, but it will boost light refraction and make the room feel spacious and light, argues TR Studio founder Tom Rutt. 

But it doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate color into your small living room designs. Mirrors and clever furniture placement can make your small living room appear more prominent if you experiment with dark wall colors. 

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