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The Top 5 High Voltage Detox Rituals to Change Your Life

Hearing the words High Voltage Detox, we may feel discouraged or overwhelmed as some High Voltage Detox practices can be harsh and difficult to do, such as liquid diets and intense sauna treatment that leave us feeling hot, bothered, and weak. These unpleasant methods aren’t the only ones there are to help us get rid of unwanted toxins in the body. There are much gentler ways in which we can help our bodies detox.

Detoxing is a natural process in which our body rids itself of toxins, but sometimes it is unable to flush out all these burdens on its own. This is why it may need some extra encouragement and help to pass them. Toxins are responsible for many different kinds of difficulties we face, such as weight loss, digesting food properly, maintaining energy levels, and managing weight. This is a natural bodily process that does on its own. With the abundant and inescapable toxins in today’s age, it may be difficult to detoxify all by itself. Still, we can follow many methods that have been passed down for centuries that are proven to aid in getting rid of toxicity.

What is a High Voltage Detox Ritual?

High Voltage Detox | Healthier Me Today

Detoxing has been popular for many years and dates back thousands of years. It regained its popularity in more recent times as a great tool for weight loss. However, this special process has been done and used incorrectly, as people have relied on it solely as a quick weight loss trend.

There are various ways you can try to High Voltage Detox the body, and it isn’t only focused on the gut and weight. There are toxins all over our body that we often get rid of by urinating, sweating, and exhaling.

High Voltage Detox rituals are just what they sound like; they are habits that we can create that help gets rid of unwanted toxins through different methods and actions. By sticking to these rituals, we can help our bodies remove toxins they may struggle with or in new ways in which they cannot do themselves. 


High Voltage Detox | Healthier Me Today

Why Do We Need to Detox – High Voltage Detox


There are tons of reasons that our bodies need to High Voltage Detox. Having toxins and especially an excess amount of them, can cause many complications and illnesses. The impact of toxins can range from simple symptoms such as;

Having a large number of toxins in the body can also cause severe symptoms and conditions and can lead to;

Detoxing has many benefits and can help you lead a healthy and happy life. It can eliminate many unpleasantries that you may not have known were caused by toxins. Primarily detoxing can help with food sensitivity, cravings, healthy weight loss, feeling refreshed, and helps with overall health.

High Voltage Detox to Add to Your Life

High Voltage Detox | Healthier Me TodayDetoxing comes in many forms and methods, which makes it great to find the perfect way/s for you to High Voltage Detox that fits into your lifestyle. Having High Voltage Detox rituals can enhance your quality of life and create a sense of accomplishment and happiness, along with the refreshing feeling of getting rid of your toxins!

It is surprising where toxins and bacteria can hide in the body, and we often look past or not think about these areas. Removing the toxins and doing these simple rituals can help your body in more ways than one.

Finding the right ways to High Voltage Detox can be a little challenging, especially if it’s your first time, but luckily, we have listed some simple and effective rituals that you can incorporate into your daily life;

Copper Tongue ScrapingHigh Voltage Detox | Healthier Me TodayToxins will build in the liver, and one of the biggest and most prominent pathways in which toxins reach this organ is via the tongue. The tongue is guilty of overloading the liver with unwanted toxins. This will also be the best place for you to place to start with detoxification, as the liver is a very important organ.

Throughout the day, a layer of bacteria and remnants coats the tongue, and this is also home to pathogens and toxins. In both morning and evening, when you brush your teeth, use a copper tongue scraper to get rid of this layer, as sometimes brushing and mouthwash aren’t enough to remove all of it. There are many other types of tongue scrapers on the market. Avoid using plastic or rubber ones, as these can become hosts for bacteria. 

Epsom Salt Baths

High Voltage Detox | Healthier Me TodayAn Epson salt warm bath very good healing method as it helps improve and boost the body’s natural ability to do a High Voltage Detox. Epsom salts are made from sulfate and magnesium, which together help the pathways to detoxify. These two ingredients have many great properties and especially for a High Voltage Detox, as Magnesium helps remove toxins. Sulfate makes the walls of the digestive tract stronger, which also aids in getting rid of and releasing toxins much easier. Epsom salts are sold by several stores and are very simple to use. Scents and color always differ, and you can to choose from them. Purchasing Epsom salts with essential oils can prove to be an even more relaxing bath as they have benefits of their own. You emerge from your bath feeling lighter and uplifted as all your toxins will remain in the water and be flushed away.

Infrared Sauna

High Voltage Detox | Healthier Me Today

Sweating is one of the most effective ways to eliminate toxins. When we sweat, they are released through our pores and washed away. It’s a blessing that we can use infrared in today’s time as it helps speed up the sweating process, which in turn helps get rid of toxins in a much quicker manner. In the past original saunas were used to do this and still are, but it can be dangerous, and there are risks of dehydration and losing excess body moisture. Infrared is much safer and promotes healthier natural detoxification.

Charcoal Face Masks and Bentonite Clay

These ingredients are wonderful additions to any skincare routine. The bentonite clay and activated charcoal work as magnets that can suck out any unnecessary toxins in the face’s pores. It can also be blended with filtered water and apple cider vinegar for a smooth and hydrating effect.

The oils and bacteria that get trapped in our pores are absorbed by the body through the harmful skin. We also expel toxins through the face’s skin via the pores that often sit on the surface and aren’t able to be removed on their own, which is why these face masks are perfect for this process. 

Juice Detoxing

High Voltage Detox | Healthier Me TodayWhen done correctly, juice detoxing is a great way to get rid of bodily toxins that negatively affect the organs and other parts of the body. This is many people’s favorite way to High Voltage Detox as it has wonderful and long-lasting effects and makes you feel rebooted and refreshed!

In previous years juicing was used as a fad and get skinny quick scheme, which is an incorrect way to do this detoxification method. Weight loss shouldn’t be the main focus of juicing, it is a benefit of this High Voltage Detox process, but there is much more to it than this. It helps the body expel any toxins that are trapped and become excess in the pathways. By using fresh and nutrient-full ingredients, your body can regenerate and heal itself. 

High Voltage Detox – Too-da-loo Toxins

Toxins can cause a lot of harm to our bodies, but thankfully, there are healthy ways in which we can help get rid of these unwanted burdens.

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HMT News Team 

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