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The Power of Chia Seeds: Health Benefits, Nutrition, and Creative Uses

Health benefits of Chia seeds, Chia seeds contain an abundance of health benefits for much more than you could imagine. Besides becoming a trend seemingly overnight, this ancient seed’s rich history and attributes should rightfully be explored and shared! 

health benefits of chia seeds

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Chia Seeds Nutritional Value

The best way to understand why these super seeds are so incredible is to know what lies inside. So, let us look at what exactly goes into our bodies when we eat Chia seeds.

1 teaspoon of chia seeds nutrition

Nutrients Per 1 Ounce (28.35 grams) Serving:
  1. Sugar – 0 grams
  2. Carbohydrates – 12 grams
  3. Protein – 4.7 grams
  4. Calories – 138 grams
  5. Fiber – 9.8 grams
  6. Fat – 8.7 grams
  • Calories in 1 tbsp chia seeds = 70 grams
  • 1 teaspoon chia seeds nutrition = 18 grams
  • Protein in chia seeds 1 tbsp = 17 grams

Vitamins and Minerals – Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds aren’t very high in vitamins. However they make it up for it by being full of essential minerals that our bodies use to ensure that many components function at their best. 

Here are 7 star minerals found in Chia seeds:
  1. Magnesium
  2. Selenium
  3. Manganese
  4. Calcium 
  5. Iron
  6. Copper
  7. Phosphorus

Chia Seeds Benefits

Chia seeds possess tons of benefits for our health, such as:
Improved Heart Health

Chia contains quercetin (an antioxidant), that helps lower the risks of heart conditions and diseases. And their high fiber helps to regulate blood pressure levels.  

Combats Inflammation

Caffeic acid (an antioxidant) present in Chia seeds combat inflammation which can also help with inflammatory markers and ease inflammatory diseases.

Regulating Blood Sugar Levels with Chia

Fiber in chia seeds has been shown to reduce insulin resistance and lessen the risk of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. These seeds are a great source of fiber so adding them as part of you diet can help those already with these conditions or to prevent them.

Chia Seeds in Water

When soaked in water, chia seeds become a gelatinous goop of goodness. The nutrients are most prominent in the jelly-like coating surrounding the tiny black seeds, which also helps our bodies digest food more efficiently. 

Benefits of Chia Seed Water
  1. Improved heart health
  2. Enhanced brain functionality
  3. Blood sugar level management
  4. Boosted endurance and energy
  5. Weight management
  6. Aids in digestion
  7. Supports better bone health
  8. Assists in skin health
  9. Reduce inflammation

How to Prepare Chia Seed Water

Chia seed water can be prepared in many ways, depending on preference. The most crucial part is ensuring the chia seeds have soaked. Which ensures that all their goodness is released!

chia seeds in water

Here are a few fun ways to spruce up your chia water (16 oz filtered water and 1 tbsp of chia seeds):
  1. Three slices of lemon and one sprig of fresh mint leaves. 
  2. Three slices of orange and two large strawberries.
  3. Five slices of cucumber and one sprig of fresh basil.
  4. 2 tbsp of slightly squished blueberries and four slices of lime

Chia Seed Pudding Benefits

This scrumptious pudding can be a good swap out for usual cereals and desserts. It has an interesting and fun texture and not to mention tastes delicious. You can also add whatever fruit or topics you would like.

chia seed pudding benefits

  1. Increased intake of Omega-3
  2. Better weight management 
  3. Intake of healthy fats
  4. Heart health 
  5. Increased minerals intake 

Easy 3-Step Chia Seed Pudding

4 tbsp chia seeds
1 cup of milk (of your choosing)
Maple syrup/honey (optional)
Vanilla extract (optional)
Step 1:

Mix your milk of choice and chia seeds in a mason jar or bowl. Set aside for 5 minutes, and then mix to break apart any clumping. 

Step 2: 

Add the maple syrup/honey and vanilla extract or essence and thoroughly mix into the chia seed mixture.

Step 3

Cover and leave it aside for 2 hours or overnight. This is to make sure that they release the jelly-like consistency coating which is filled with nutrients.

Skin Health Benefits of Chia Seeds 

Chia seeds benefits for skin is abundant. They are useful for many reasons and not only do they make you feel good inside but they can help you look good on the outside too! Chia seeds can be used on the skin to aid in a variety issues. People who suffer from skin conditions such as acne can reap the soothing and healing properties. 

If you have problems with dry skin then it is a great natural face scrub that can get rid of dirt and dead skin. These seeds have also been associated with plumping the skin and giving it a glowy outcome. Chia can also help to reverse the effects of aging skin by getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

Incorporating Chia Seeds 

Adding chia seeds into your everyday life is super simple! These versatile tiny seeds can be easily added to many dishes. 

Not only can you create meals from chia seeds, but you can also sprinkle them into foods such as:
  1. Salads
  2. Soups 
  3. Cereals
  4. Yogurt
  5. Water
  6. Smoothies

Why Choose Organic Chia Seeds?

Choosing to go organic over conventionally grown has significant benefits such as:
  1. Higher in nutrients
  2. Better for the environment
  3. Trusted purity
  4. Non-GMO (genetically modified organism)
  5. Superior quality and flavor


These super seeds have come in clutch for centuries. And thankfully our ancestors were kind enough to pass down their discoveries. From aiding in digestion, to being a delicious snack to also being a superhero for skin conditions. It is no surprise that to this very day, chia seeds are a health staple! So why not find your favorite chia seed recipe?

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