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Green Tea Kit Kat; The #1 Healthy Snack Option – 10 Fun Facts

HMT News TeamHMT News Team  March 13, 2023

The famous green tea kit kat – this is what you need to know! Kit Kat is not only a world-famous chocolate bar anymore. It has evolved into its own brand, boasting various products from the famous 4-finger chocolate bar to ice cream and memorable holiday treats like Santa or bunny-shaped chocolates. The Kit Kat was first made in the United Kingdom, is now produced by Nestlè, and comes in many different flavors worldwide. 

Fun Kit Kat Facts

The Green Tea Kit Kat - Should You Try it? Healthier Me Today

  • The name originally comes from a political club formed in the 17th century called the Kit Cats club. The name was adapted many years later and used to include “chocolate crisp” in its title.
  • It first came out as a box of chocolates.
  • The bar was intended to add to packed lunches, which is excellent because they are still trendy for this use.
  • Another intended use was to enjoy it with a cup of tea. The snap sound it makes when breaking a finger inspired the “have a break, have a Kit Kat” slogan with the company’s long-running theme of tea break in 1958.
  • The wrapper was blue for five years during the Second World War due to a milk shortage, causing the company to be unable to produce milk chocolate.
  • Kit Kats look different worldwide, with the amount and size of the fingers varying, as well as the packaging and flavors. They range from a tiny half-finger size to a massive 12-finger share bar.
  • The chunky bar was first created in 1999 as an alternative to the fingers.
  • People have become creative with Kit Kats, so they are not for eating straight out of the packet but also used to garnish ice-creams and are even served in some Pizza Hut restaurants with a finger wrapped in pizza dough. 
  • There is a baked Kit Kat developed in Japan. The recipe is even available online!

What Is Green Tea Or Matcha?

Green tea comes from different plants, with Matcha being the most popular for its benefits to the skin, nutrients, and detoxifying qualities. Matcha became wildly popular a few years ago, with many products taking on the green tea flavor and even entire artisan coffee shops and tea houses centered around serving matcha products as people started seeking healthier alternatives to their daily indulgence.

It is precisely in such high demand for all its possible health benefits and is said to promote relaxation and even improve concentration over a more extended period. Green tea is typically associated with healthy food habits, so it is surprising to see it used as a chocolate flavor. 

What Does It Taste Like?

The Green Tea Kit Kat - Should You Try it?Kit Kat is fearless in playing with flavors. They come in various flavors, with Japan being known for having over 200 Kit Kat flavors, some unexpected! The most popular ones are regular milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. Over the years, Kit Kat has experimented with funky flavors like coffee, cereal, pistachio, peanut butter, fudge, strawberry, caramel, blood orange, mint, and even pumpkin pie! With all of these being a hit with at least some people, it is no wonder that Kit Kat decided to jump onto the matcha craze and bring us the Green Tea Kit Kat. 

So you must be wondering what a green tea Kit Kat tastes like. Imagine the original Kit Kat wafer coated in white chocolate and an intense Japanese green tea powder blend from Uji, Kyoto. It has the known Kit Kat crunch with a sweet taste, quickly followed by the bitter, refreshing matcha taste. There is also a dark matcha variety with a more intense, bitter matcha taste for those who genuinely love the green tea flavor.

What Does the Packaging Look Like?

This Kit Kat is packaged in a bright green wrapper with an image of green tea, the red Kit kat logo, and some Japanese writing. The dark matcha Kit Kat has the same layout, with the green color of the wrapper being darker, like a forest green. They both also feature the half-broken Kit Kat finger seen on each Kit Kat wrapper.

Where Can You Find This Spectacular Innovation?

The green tea Kit Kat is a popular Japanese variant widely available throughout Japan. The regular version can be found all over Japan, while another variant is only available at airports. Some online stores in other countries import and ship them to wherever they were ordered from. However, as expected, it is usually much cheaper than the regular milk chocolate variety found at your local supermarket. Kit Kat Japan also produces a gift series, only found in the Kansai region, where they collaborated with a local matcha producer.

Make Your Own Copycat Kit Kat

If you are keen to taste the green tea kit kat but don’t find yourself in Japan or are unsure about ordering online and paying import costs, you can make your own at home! ‘

This lovely recipe features only four easy, store-bought ingredients for your convenience, with the bonus of controlling the number of ingredients you add. If you are only after a very light matcha taste, you can adjust the amounts according to your preference.

What You’ll Need And How To Make Your Own!!!

The Green Tea Kit Kat - Should You Try it?

  • White chocolate chips, or you can use chopped white chocolate. 
  • Coconut or another neutral flavored oil.
  • A high-quality matcha powder. Better quality gives a better taste and color.
  • Vanilla-flavored wafer biscuits.
  1. Cut the vanilla wafer biscuits lengthwise to make 4 “fingers.”
  2. Heat the chocolate to melt using a microwave-safe bowl. Only heat for 20-30 seconds to avoid burning the chocolate. 
  3. Add the matcha powder and the oil to the melted chocolate.
  4. Dip the wafers into the mix or use a spatula to spread the chocolate to cover the wafers.
  5. Place into the freezer for the homemade Kit Kats to set.

Why You’ll Want To Try This Snack

You won’t often find these interesting flavors just anywhere. It is a unique flavor, indeed more interesting than the usual varieties we’re used to. 

They feel light and refreshing, whereas most chocolate bars feel indulgent and heavy. 

We all have that family member who loves trying new things. This makes an excellent gift for them!

You don’t often find healthier alternatives to your beloved favorite chocolate bars.


This is not a healthy chocolate bar to snack on. However, it is slightly more nutritious than its alternatives due to the added antioxidants and all the other possible health benefits associated with green tea and matcha powder. It also contains fewer fats, sugar, and calories than the regular variants.

It can be enjoyed for its original intended uses as a refreshing lunch box treat or with your favorite hot beverage. If you enjoy the classic mix of bitter and sweet tastes, this may be the chocolate bar for you! Whether you find yourself touring Japan and wanting a tasty experience, or you’re out to treat yourself to an interesting new Kit Kat, you’ll love the unique, refreshing Green tea Kit Kat.   

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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