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The 5 Best Good Girl Probiotics

Good girl probiotics, what it means and where to find them! Probiotics are a great way for anyone to stay healthy. The bacteria in our gut can need some help sometimes, and without healthy bacteria, we can experience many unpleasantries. Good girl robiotics can be used for both men and women, but studies show that women are much more susceptible to gastrointestinal issues than men. Probiotics aren’t only beneficial for gut health but also for vaginal health. Different kinds of bacteria are found in this area, and any imbalance can lead to infections and uncomfortable feelings. UTI’s are a common and painful issue! Beneficial bacteria can help prevent these issues from occurring. Good girl robiotics are important for digestive tract function and can also help the avoidance of any bad microorganisms passing from the gut wall and going into the bloodstream.

Overall, probiotics can have many great benefits on the body, as having good gut health can improve other factors in the body. It can affect your mood, fertility, genital health, and immunity. Having a healthy gut microbiome can have positive effects on mental health. It can cause fewer negative feelings during menopause, monthly cycle, and pregnancy, which can be troublesome times in a woman’s life. 

What Are the Benefits of Good Girl Probiotics for Women?

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Consuming probiotics either in supplement form or through foods can be very beneficial for your overall health, and it is often an aspect of health that is overlooked but ultimately has a massive impact on your overall well-being. Especially for women, as it is more likely that they will experience gut distress and don’t only have natural bacteria in their gut. Keeping the bacteria healthy in both vaginal and gut forms will help ease and lessen many potential risks of developing health conditions. Let’s take a look at all the great health benefits that good girl probiotics have to offer;

  • The gut is connected to many other parts of the body, including the brain. We may not realize how these systems work or that many other parts of our body are linked to other organs. Probiotics aren’t intended just for gut health, even though that is what their main target is. They help the health of many other organs and keep them in good working condition.
  • The most obvious benefit they have is gut health. They help with GI issues and can be extremely beneficial for other gastrointestinal problems. Having a healthy gastrointestinal tract can help with digestion and prevent bloating.
  • Probiotics help lessen the occurrence of UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection). This is a common condition many women face, and studies have found that women who take probiotics experience fewer UTIs and other urinary tract-related infections. Taking probiotics while having an infection can help reduce the symptoms as well as help clear it up much quicker.
  • Good girl probiotics | Healthier Me TodayThey are a great immune booster. Good girl probiotics have been shown to be a great immunity booster. If you get sick often, then starting to take probiotics could be the answer you are looking for. They help enrich the good bacteria in your body, which helps build your immunity against viruses and bad bacteria. 
  • Probiotics can be a traveler’s best friend as it helps prevent constipation and diarrhea.
  • Among many other benefits, probiotics can also help with fertility. If you have thought about wanting to start growing your family and trying to conceive, then taking certain probiotics can make the process easier. Talk to your doctor about which ones would be the best for your situation and increase your odds.
  • Probiotics help to keep the vaginal microbiome balanced in a woman’s body. This results in the unlikelihood of urogenital infections, bacterial vaginosis, and yeast infections.
  • Not only do probiotics help with internal health they can also have external benefits such as helping clear up skin and acne. It helps ease other skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

What are the Best Good Girl Probiotics For Women and Girls to Take? 

Good girl probiotics | Healthier Me TodayGood girl probiotics are great for both younger and older women as they provide many wonderful benefits, especially for females who tend to suffer more from bacterial imbalance and are more likely to suffer from infections and conditions due to this. There are three common strains of good girl probiotics, each with different and important functions. Let’s take a look at these strains and what they can do for the female body;

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

This is a bacteria that is naturally found in the vagina and intestines, and imbalances can lead to yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. It can also cause an oral yeast infection, which is very painful and uncomfortable. Taking Lactobacillus Acidophilus good girl probiotics can help prevent these conditions and also help treat them by lessening the symptoms as well as creating balance once again. 


This probiotic is used to treat and prevent those who are susceptible and suffering from an ileal pouch, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome. It’s great for women as they are more prone to these gastrointestinal issues, and Bifidobacteria also aids greatly with overall vaginal health.

lactobacillus Rhamnosus

This strain of probiotics is extremely useful in restoring the natural flora in the vagina and helps keep the bad bacteria that cause infections and negative effects at bay. It stops any unwanted build of yeast and bacteria that often cause irritability. This also helps for digestion, UTIs, lactose intolerance, and eczema. 

Lactobacillus Reuteri

This is one of the best strains of probiotics for women and can even be given to infants in certain forms and medication. It’s a great and naturally found lactic acid probiotic which can be beneficial for pregnant women as well as younger women. It is also used to help regulate and restore the natural flora in postmenopausal women. 

Bifidobacterium Longum

This is a wonderful probiotic with many different benefits for the body. It helps to break down sugars found in most foods and includes lactose. It can ease inflammation caused by some bowel issues and conditions. Some other great benefits of Bifidobacterium longum are preventing high cholesterol levels, preventing certain allergies, and preventing constipation.

The Best and Affordable Good Girl Probiotics for Girls and Women

Finding the right good girl probiotics can be a bit tricky, especially if you are only finding out about them now. Taking too many good girl probiotics can have the opposite effect, especially if you don’t need them. If you want to keep your gut, bacteria, and yeast levels balanced or if you suffer from related issues and need some relief and restoration, then it’s worth taking a look at these goof girl probiotics specifically for women’s health!

Reuterina Femme

Good girl probiotics | Healthier Me Today | Healthier Me Today

This probiotic is gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, vegan, and 100% natural. Making it an all-around favorite in many women’s opinion. It helps with immunity, digestion, and vaginal health and supports regularity. It’s created by professionals and third-party tested, making it a very trustworthy supplement.

Women’s Probiotic

Good girl probiotics | Healthier Me Today | Healthier Me Today


Formulated with 50 billion CFUs (colony forming units), it is no wonder this probiotic is extremely effective in protecting feminine, unary, digestive, and immune system health. 

Once Daily Women’s

Good girl probiotics | Healthier Me Today | Healthier Me Today

With 16 different strains of probiotics as well as 50 billion live probiotic cultures, you are sure to get all you need for vaginal and gut health with just one of these tablets a day.

Women’s Raw Probiotic

Good girl probiotics | Healthier Me Today | Healthier Me Today

This probiotic helps support intestinal flora, eases bloating, helps with abdominal pain and discomfort as well as combats any bad bacteria.

RenewLife Women’s Probiotic

Good girl probiotics | Healthier Me Today | Healthier Me Today

This 4-in-1 probiotic supplement covers all bases, including immune support and feminine health, aids in digestive health, and supports the urinary tract.

Made with natural, clean, and safe ingredients, this probiotic is a great way for young and older women to get all the healthy yeast and bacteria they need while keeping everything in check.

Pro Probiotics – Good Girl Probiotics

Good girl Probiotics have many great benefits, especially for girls and women, and can keep existing bacteria healthy while also supplying support to unbalanced levels of yeast and good bacteria. 

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