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Exclusive Valentine’s Day Surprises – 20 Special Ideas

Exclusive Valentine’s Day Surprises: Valentine’s Day is around the corner. You might be getting a bit of anxiety about what to get your partner. It’s a day to make your loved ones feel special and how much they mean to you.

It’s easy to opt for classic gifts. The bouquet of roses, heart-shaped chocolates, and a stuffed teddy bear. Although they may find it sweet, it isn’t original. It’s not personal. People want to know that you put effort and thought into it. 

Getting your partner something they’ve wanted or mentioned can really show initiative. This will make them feel heard and feel appreciated. So keep a close eye and ear out on what your partner finds interesting or talks about!

Why Should You Try to Make it Exclusive?

Exclusive Valentine’s Day Surprises - chocolates and raspberries | Healthier Me Today

Nobody can deny that feeling special isn’t one of the greatest things you can experience, especially when it comes from someone you dearly love. But, it means so much more when they take it one step further. 

As cute as the conventional Valentine’s Day gifts can be, they don’t compare to something being picked out or made personally for you. Instead, it shows the depth of the relationship and ensures that there is a good connection. 

Not being heard or paid attention to can hurt. If you’ve been dropping hints and your partner doesn’t pick up on them, it may make you feel bad. No one wants to plan their surprise. It means more when you don’t have to ask for it.

Not to say that it has to be that trip to Hawaii you’ve been jokingly mentioning, just something meaningful. If you two have been in a long-term relationship, it can show that they still have interest and know you well.

Should the Length of the Relationship Affect the Surprise?Exclusive Valentine’s Day Surprises - elder man and woman | Healthier Me Today

This isn’t to say. However, there can be a bit of backfire, especially when misjudging what kind of gift to get if you aren’t sure where the relationship is. 

Making a grand gesture like a trip or getting a tattoo of their name can all be in vain if they don’t feel the same. Another thing is if they buy you something big or thoughtful, you only get them a comical stuffed animal. It’s hard in new relationships to know where you stand or at what pace it’s going at. Talk to your partner beforehand to better understand where your relationship is and their future aspirations for it. 

The longer you have known someone and been together, the more you know about them. Long-term relationships have a sense of security and obligation. Valentine’s Day is a chance to celebrate that. It’s better to go a little outside the box and get your partner something more tailored to them. To put it simply, the longer you’ve been together, the better it is to get something sentimental. If you are starting a new relationship and it is your first or second Valentine’s together, choose to get them something universally liked, or if you are well acquainted, get them something small you know they’ll like. Such as a reference to their favorite movie or taking them to their favorite restaurant. 

20 Exclusive Surprise Ideas:

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Regardless of how long you’ve known your partner, figuring out the perfect gift can still be tricky. You want them to feel special and show them how much you love them. Here are some ideas for exclusive surprises you can spoil your partner with:

  1. An engraved piece of fine jewelry 
  2. Tickets to their favorite show or concert 
  3. Get a hat and write down a few of their favorite activities. Then, let them pick however many you choose on the day—for example, three activities.
  4. Get them a large gift bag filled with all of their favorite treats.
  5. Put on their favorite music and have a dance party with their favorite wine or champagne.
  6. Take them for that tattoo they’ve been wanting.
  7. If they are creative, have an art day.
  8. Let them have a day of complete rest. Everyday life can be stressful, and having a day off with no responsibilities can be refreshing.
  9. Have a game night. Have all their favorite games to play and some snacks.
  10. Try out that new thing they’ve wanted to do in the bedroom.
  11. Have an intimate moment only focusing on her pleasure.
  12. Let them relive their childhood. Go to the things they loved as a child.
  13. Get them something specially tailored to their job. For example, if they are a makeup artist, buy the tools to make their work easier.
  14. Have a pamper day. Spoil them with massages, face masks, and aromatherapy.
  15. Take them to get any cosmetics they’ve wanted, such as a haircut or beard trim by a well-known barber or their nails and eyelashes done by a qualified professional.
  16. Go on a little getaway for the day or an overnight stay.
  17. Anything to make their everyday life easier. Such as organizers and handy tools.
  18. Get a jar and fill it with little pieces of paper. On a few of them, write down the reasons you love them, then on other pieces, memories you two have together, and then on the last bunch, write down your hopes for the future you have with them.
  19. Get portraits done or creative art pieces symbolizing your love. Have them framed and put them on display in your home.
  20. Take them on an adventure. If they like to be more active, try something to get the adrenaline pumping. Zip lining, scuba diving, or go hiking by a place they’ve wanted to.

Made With Love 

It is easy to get swept up with the everyday stresses and routine. But that’s why Valentine’s Day is a time to take a step back and bring happiness and affection to your relationship. It’s a chance to treat your partner and for you to get treated as well. It is a day that reminds us to make the person we love feel special. To show them how much they mean to you and that you admire them.

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