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The Top 4 Digital Health Trends

HMT News TeamHMT News Team  July 26, 2022

Digital Health Trends and What You Should Know about them! There have been massive strides in the technology used to aid in Healthcare, and with the covid pandemic, it went even further to help those in need. Doctors have tried their best to further their knowledge of health and the different ways in which technology can help their patients. It hasn’t always been easy getting these different types of mechanics and tools created, distributed, and used worldwide as there are many legal and financial problems involving governments and different funds, but this goes hand in hand with the equity of equal healthcare. There are many different ways in which technology has been extremely helpful. Some are simple and are used globally, and others are very innovative and need the green light from higher-ups.

This has, however, not stopped those involved from constantly changing and creating ways to make the world of Healthcare better than ever. Numerous people believe in the old ways of providing Healthcare, and others are all for the newest inventions and leaps. Neither of these opinions is wrong. However, it has been proven that the new methods and tools used in new-age Healthcare have saved more lives than ever and can assist Healthcare workers in many wonderful and accurate ways. Helping them detect and get a better understanding of the risks their patients are facing. 

The Top Digital Health Trends to Keep an Eye on

The Top 4 Digital Health Trends | Healthier Me TodayWith there being so many different kinds of digital health trends, it can be hard to keep track and know which are currently being used the most and are the most globally effective. Every day there are new stories and news about the latest or soon-to-be breakthroughs in the Healthcare field involving technology but let’s look at the most commonly used and successful digital health trends to date;

1. Telehealth 

This digital health trends boomed when covid-19 hit the world in a storm. People were in a panic and unable to visit their local Healthcare providers. Doctors and Healthcare workers had to think quickly, so the world was introduced to telehealth. What is it? It is the ability to access medical care via any electronic device such as your phone, laptop, computer, tablet, etc. It has tons of benefits even after the pandemic has subsided, and the vaccine has made it easier to visit your local medical centers; however, there still are those who, despite covid, are unable or struggle to get to these facilities due to either transport or not having a local doctor available. They are now able to query and receive online help from professionals. There are other wonderful benefits of telehealth that include;

  • Reduced amount of contact – this can help stop the overflowing or crowding of medical facilities and doctors’ offices, which in turn can limit the chance of viruses and illnesses spreading through contact and proximity.
  • Care for urgent conditions – this helps people who are ill and need assistance but not personal checkups or tests. They can receive help and book appointments remotely to help lessen the possibility of not being seen or put aside.
  • Continuation of care – if you have visited your healthcare provider and are deemed sick or ill, telehealth can make it much easier to contact and have regular care online by your doctor and monitoring instead of visitation, which isn’t always necessary. 

This form of Healthcare is here to stay, and thankfully so, as it provides tons of benefits and is constantly evolving to make sure that patients receive the best online care. Patients are now able to have important communication with their doctors, receive their medicine, and schedule checkups and appointments, all from the comfort of their homes or on the go. Many practices are looking into and obtaining this form of care as it is a win-win situation for everyone involved and can be the future of Healthcare globally as you will be able to be put in virtual contact with specialized doctors from around the world as well as able to visually show any concerns such as lumps, rashes or other obstructions all through videos, photos, and video calls without having to fly out or be there physically. 

2. Medicine and IoT

The Top 4 Digital Health Trends | Healthier Me TodayThis is a very innovative and useful digital health trends that is less of a trend and more of a life-saving idea. IoT stands for Internet of Things and is used to group incredible wearable devices. These include AI machines that help to distribute their findings and information online through apps and data that doctors can use to monitor your conditions. This a field in Healthcare that is growing constantly and quickly, which can help patients and healthcare providers in many different ways, such as;

  • Monitoring patients remotely – this can reduce the number and frequency of in-person checkups and visits as the data from the wearable device can be accessed remotely so your doctor can check your condition in real-time. 
  • It’s super convenient – patients can go about their lives with very little disruptions as things such as ‘smart insulin pens’ and devices that monitor glucose levels can be linked to apps which can make a living with illnesses and conditions much easier to keep tabs on.
  • Fewer costs for patients – as IoT improves and the technology behind it, it will become much more affordable for patients, which can help with the struggle in health equity.
  • Fewer costs for hospitals – hospitals have a lot of heavy and elaborate machineries such as X-ray, MRI, and CAT scan equipment and machines. These can be very costly to maintain but thankfully, with the rise in IoTs, monitoring and predicting patients’ health can be much more affordable now. 

3. Employee Wellness Device Apps

The Top 4 Digital Health Trends | Healthier Me TodayCovid-19 affected many people’s mental health, and with that being said, there was a rising increase in the downloads of mental health and meditation apps. Employers and businesses have become much more aware of the risk of mental health problems among employees. They have taken steps to ensure that their employee’s mental health is cared for, such as team building exercises, workplace yoga, and, more recently, wellness applications. They have encouraged and brought light to these helpful apps which can benefit, such as;

  • Increase in job satisfaction – employees who have been shown or provided these wellness apps by their employers have had a much better time at work, and it has been proven that businesses that provide these apps are more likely to have employees stay in their job.
  • Cost reduction – with the increase of these apps being used and provided, it has been shown to lower production costs as employees take fewer sick days and also lowers the costs for the patients and providers in mental healthcare.
  • Personal Healthcare – these apps allow users to build personal profiles and track their progress and wellness accurately, such as blood sugar, mental state, and more. This data on the app can also be used by healthcare providers for a better understanding of their patient’s conditions. 

4. Virtual Reality in Healthcare 

The Top 4 Digital Health Trends | Healthier Me TodayVirtual reality, for many years, was aimed at games and experiencing different situations and environments. However, it has recently sparked interest in the Healthcare world as it can have many amazing benefits in further training and medical experiments. For example, it has been used to treat several phobias and anxiety-related illnesses. It provides real-time data and information about a patient’s state when exposed to these simulations. It can also help treat these conditions and help people get over their fears resulting in a better state of mind and mental health. It also helps surgeons simulate surgeries which will be the best outcome for tricky procedures, as well as training new doctors and surgeons in a hands-on situation. 

Newer Age Medicine 

With technology rapidly advancing, it is helping the improvement of healthcare, and with all the new available benefits it brings, it can save money, time, and many lives. 

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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