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Depression Room – The Four Corners Of My Mind

Depression Room - Healthier Me TodayDepression Room – The Four Corners Of My Mind!

Many people don’t understand depression, mainly because it is too hard to imagine, but also, it could be that they don’t want to understand it, but let me explain it to you, this is what it’s like inside of a depressed person’s mind.

When you are depressed, there is a heavy feeling in your chest, it’s exactly the same feeling you feel when a loved one has passed away, but no one has passed away, only you have, and that feeling is always there. It just refuses to go away.

When you stare into a mirror and see your reflection, you just see yourself as a ghost, you’re living, but it doesn’t feel like it. You feel and look dead inside. You try endlessly to see some type of life in your eyes, but you only see dead eyes. There’s no light and no hope in them, and you start to ask yourself, how can you live for another day, week, or month? 

Then you just stop thinking about that and start asking yourself if you will even be able to survive the day you woke up to. You just feel defeated every single day.

The Horrid Depression Room – How it Feels!

Depression Room - Healthier Me Today

It’s almost as if all the storms that could exist are happening right inside of your mind, and you can’t think straight, it’s just dark and stormy in there, you know you can’t survive it, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

Even if nothing has happened, everything just seems so wrong. Suddenly you just think no one is loving or caring anymore. Everyone and everything just irritates you so much you can’t stand it. You don’t want to work because it feels as if you can’t. It feels like you aren’t giving it your all, but you are, yet that voice inside your head keeps telling you a thousand different things to torture you.

Everything you do takes so much more effort. What you thought was difficult to do feels too overwhelming. What makes you sad is so unbearable. What feels like a bit of joy feels so pleasureless. It all just feels like you’re drowning in an ocean of pain, and you’re sinking deeper and deeper, and you can’t swim back up, almost as if you have so much weight tied to your feet it’s pulling you down into the darkness.

What Does Depression Feel Like? – Inside the Depression Room

Depression Room - Healthier Me Today

Depression can be hard to explain or express how it feels to someone who has not experienced it. There is one misunderstanding people make about depression: to compare it to feeling sad or down in the dumps.

Yes, people with depression feel sadness, but it feels more intense than normal sadness.

Depression feels like intense pain that can’t be identified in any particular part of the body. It is more painful than any type of physical pain you can ever experience, and no one can see it. 

It’s like you’re trapped in a totally different universe. People seem so far away that you can reach or call for help, and it’s the feeling of screaming, and no one can hear you. You start to feel like no one cares about you and no one wants to help you. What does depression feels like and how does it feel to be stuck in a depression room?

  • Depression Room - Healthier Me TodayThere is no pleasure or joy in life: No matter what you do or try to do, you just don’t feel pleasure in doing things, and the things you don’t bring you joy.
  • Concentration and focus become harder: When you make decisions, sit in class and read or watch television, it seems overwhelming because you can’t focus or think clearly. 
  • Everything in life seems hopeless: There is just no way to feel better. Depression may make a person feel like there is o way to ever feel good again.
  • Self-Esteem is absent half of the time: People with depression feel like they are worthless and are a failure at everything. They dwell on everything and cannot see any positive qualities in themselves.
  • Sleeping is a problem: Falling asleep and staying asleep is almost impossible for those in a depressive state! A person may wake up continuously and not be able to go back to sleep. Others sleep too much but still wake up tired, despite the extra hours of sleep.
  • Energy levels are almost non-existent: Some people feel like they can’t get out of bed. They feel that they are too exhausted to do their simple daily tasks.
  • Loss of appetite: People with depression feel like they don’t want to eat anything. When they force themselves to eat, they get nauseous and stop eating, and this causes them to lose a lot of weight which is unhealthy.
  • Food may be used as a comfort or coping mechanism: some people with depression don’t want to eat, others overeat and crave unhealthy foods to comfort them. This can lead to unhealthy weight gain.
  • Aches and pains: Some people experience headaches, nausea, body aches, and other pains with depression. 

Many people seem to believe that being depressed is a choice or that they need to have a positive attitude. Friends and family get frustrated and don’t understand why a person can’t snap out of their depressive state. They love to tell the person who is depressed that they have nothing to be depressed about.

What it Means!

Depression Room - Healthier Me Today

Depression is an actual mental illness. People who have depression cannot simply decide one morning when they wake up that they will stop being depressed. 

Unlike normal sadness or worry, depression feels like it’s eating you alive, and you feel hopeless.

If you know of anyone with depression, speak to them and comfort them as best as you can because this is exactly how someone with depression feels, and this is what goes on inside their mind. Depression isn’t just a phase. It is an illness. A lot of things can cause depression, so don’t be quick to judge and push your friends and family with depression to one side. Depression is the darkest illness to exist on this planet.

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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