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Here are the Best 6 Options for Data Entry Work From Home Careers

Data entry work from home – Learn more with Healthier Me Today! Many people find home-based employment appealing. 

Millions of Americans seek remote work as independent contractors, contract workers, and even full-time employees. 

Straightforward tasks make data entry positions stand out, and an entry-level position may call for a high school diploma, Internet connectivity, and rudimentary Excel knowledge.

How Do Data Entry Jobs Work?

data entry work from home - Healthier Me TodayData entry is the act of entering data. For various businesses, this general phrase has distinct connotations. 

But every data entry work from home professional does this:

  1. They get some raw data from a source like an online form or a stack of papers.
  2. They enter this data into a computer system or another format to enable processing.
  3. Almost anything can be submitted as data, including plain text, codes relevant to a given industry, order numbers, photos, and audio and video files.

The world’s least intellectually engaging job is data entry. Essential data entry skills are repetition, speed, and accuracy.

How Can I Do Data Entry Work From Home?

Most employment opportunities give you complete access to your data entry task whenever and wherever you have Internet access. 

Consequently, you might work from your living room, automobile, library, waiting area, or even while on vacation. You see what I mean.

You’ll need a few foundational skills, some software, and tools you presumably already own to start your data entry career:

1. Fast Typing

The most sophisticated ability you’ll need is the capacity for rapid typing. 

This is crucial if you’re thinking about transcribing audio or video because you’ll get paid for each audio minute, so the faster you type, the more you’ll make.

2. Accurate Typing

data entry work from home - Healthier Me TodayYou must be able to type accurately to enter data. Both transcribing and more commonplace data entry jobs require precise typing. 

Learning how to touch-type swiftly and precisely before you begin looking for an appointment saves you a lot of time in the long run if you don’t already know how.

3. Hardware

You can work wherever there is a strong cell connection with a laptop and your mobile hotspot.

However, you may also use your WiFi network at home, public WiFi at the library or a park, or even a restaurant or hotel. 

Consider a desktop PC with two monitors if you’d want to set up a home office. If you’re entering numerical data, purchase a keyboard with a number pad or a separate number pad. Scanners, for example, may be needed for some jobs.

4. Software

You shouldn’t have to purchase company-specific software alone because some assignments call for it! 

Other businesses use familiar applications like Google Docs, Quickbooks, Microsoft Word, and Excel. 

You should be able to use either a Mac or Windows operating system, barring any specific limitations from your company. 

However, a Chromebook can require additional measures if your business employs Microsoft programs.

Platforms For Finding Data Entry Work

data entry work from home - Healthier Me TodayNew remote data entry professionals frequently use freelancing websites to locate employment. You can find people who need data entry work from home employment using these services.

Like on social media, you may create a profile and sign up to receive job alerts by text or email when a position that fits your qualifications is posted. 

These websites provide far more than just remote data entry employment. They also feature jobs for:

  1. Transcribers 
  2. Administrative assistants
  3. Social media managers 
  4. Freelance writers
  5. Graphic designers
  6. Customer service representatives 
  7. Typing positions

1. Flexjobs

A job platform called Flexjobs offers all types of flexible employment, which commonly includes data entry work from home jobs.

Flexjobs’ employment leads are hand-selected and thoroughly investigated by humans to weed out fraud. 

This should ease your concerns in a field like data entry, but the service is not free. You must sign up for Flexjobs and pay a monthly membership fee.

A $15 or so subscription may seem pricey in the low-paying data entry sector, but it’s something to consider, especially if you’re also looking to apply for other flexible jobs. 

To demonstrate your software or typing talents to potential employers, Flexjobs now offers online skill tests.

2. Fiverr

data entry work from home - Healthier Me TodayYou would create a profile on Fiverr and “sell” your data entry abilities to clients who require them. More success will be yours if you have more experience and promote yourself well

Although the most effective “sellers” are those with various abilities, you may shop as a data input expert and see if you receive any business.

The more satisfied clients you can put on your profile and the more years of data entry experience you have, the more success you’ll have marketing your services. 

You would often be up against service providers from all around the world, including the United States.

3. Upwork

Another website where you could market your data entry abilities is Upwork. Only a tiny portion of the site’s weekly 60,000 new job posts are for data entry specialists. 

Nevertheless, you can find a contract job by using this service and creating a captivating profile. 

Most ads for remote data entry jobs ask for your assistance on a project-by-project basis. It’s less probable to find full- or even part-time employment.

4. Mechanical Turk (Amazon)

Amazon’s crowdsourcing platform is Mechanical Turk (or MTurk). This service connects remote employees with clients in need of quick jobs.

These jobs that demand a small amount of human skill are called “microtasks” on MTurk. Data entry is a component of several microtasks or is comparable to it. 

So it’s likely that you can find some jobs that fit your skill set. An individual might ask you to transcribe an audio tape of a meeting, for instance, similar to data input. 

Growing in popularity, MTurk is a site that many individuals find helpful. But use caution: Some jobs that may be done from home are time-consuming and poorly paid. 

Many pay considerably less than the minimum wage. If the employer isn’t delighted with the work, getting stiffed on a contract is even conceivable. 

A few jobs pay with Amazon gift cards. Unlike Flexjobs, MTurk does not review its job advertising for scammers.

5. Virtual Vocations

data entry work from home - Healthier Me TodayLike Flexjobs, Virtual Vocations allows you to join for free—but only temporarily. As a free member, you would receive a daily hand-curated list of work-at-home data entry job leads. 

You would need to upgrade to a paying membership to have full access. 

You may view all job posts, create a compelling profile to draw clients who need data entry work done and enroll in online classes to hone your abilities for a monthly membership.

6. Axion Data Services

As its name implies, Axion Data Services specializes in data input services. Even if the organization doesn’t frequently accept new applications, registering in its database is a good idea in case new opportunities are announced. 

However, this necessitates paying a small charge. Axion is not for novices; it demands two to three years of data entry experience and 50 words per minute (wpm) typing speed. 

A background check for criminal activity is also required. Axion acts as a data entry agent as soon as you join, putting you in touch with clients. 

You can anticipate working 20 to 25 hours per week with Axion, which compensates independent contractors on a piece-by-piece basis. It can be challenging to find a job because of the great pay.

Start Your Data Entry Career

data entry work from home - Healthier Me TodayThe absence of requirements and minimal setup costs are the primary draws of data entry. 

But as we’ve seen, most high-paying data entry work from home companies recruit sporadically and make you wait a while on their waiting list. 

The notion that one may start earning easy money immediately by working as a data entry clerk is untrue. 

You can decide whether to start working directly and accept low pay or wait a little while and get paid more.

A third option is to switch to another online employment. As we’ve seen, data entry and transcription are closely related; developing a specialty can help you secure a job in the future and increase your income. 

Other internet jobs are many and range from teaching English to website testing to online proofreading. In the end, the decision is yours. 

Data entry work from home may be excellent if you’re looking for a stress-free online career, but you must first ensure you understand what you’re getting into.

Best Options for Data Entry Work From Home Careers…

If you’re transcribing audio, you’ll often be compensated per audio minute for data entry work from home

This implies that your ability to type swiftly and accurately significantly impacts your capacity to earn money. 

You can accomplish more work if you work more quickly. A reviewer position or a department with a higher salary is more likely to be offered to you if you continuously do quality work.

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