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The Best 10-Step Guide to a Perfect Cuban twist hair

Cuban twist hair – Learn more with Healthier Me Today! Natural hair can be beautifully styled with Cuban twist hair braids. They can take some time to install, but after that, they require very little maintenance and can last for 6 to 8 weeks. 

Start your Cuban twist hair with clean, damp hair and use your preferred curling cream or style gel to achieve the smoothest Cuban twist hair. You have many options to pick from, allowing you to customize your appearance. Check out a few of our favorite styles that we have gathered!

1. Single-Strand Coils

cuban twist hair - Healthier Me TodayAny length of hair looks great with this simple coiled style. Apply enough gel to a tiny piece of your hair, then cut off a little section of hair—no more extensive than 1 in. by 1 in. (2.5 cm. by 2.5 cm.)—of hair. Twist that piece of your hair, beginning at the root and working your way down to the ends. 

After that, divide and twist parts of the hair until you have finished it:

  1. If you have longer hair, section it off using a rat-tail comb, then clip all but the piece you are working on out of the way. If you wish, you can separate each coil with your fingers if you have shorter hair.
  2. You can twist either toward or away from your face depending on your preference. The hair will hold better if you coil it in the opposite direction from how it naturally curls.
  3. As you twist, spray your hair with water to keep it moist if it starts to dry out.

2. Two-Strand Twists

These twists are quick, simple, and fashionable. 3–4 large pieces of your hair should be divided, and all but one should be clipped out of the way. Hair gel or curling cream should be applied to a segment of hair that is 1-2 inches (2.5-5.1 cm) long. 

To reach the end of your hair, divide the portion in half and then cross the two pieces over one another repeatedly. Then, add more gel to the ends to assist the twist to stay in place. Twist pieces of your hair as you go until you have finished everything. 

Here’s some tips to perfect this look:

  1. For a slightly undone appearance, stop twisting approximately 1-2 in (2.5-5.1 cm) before you reach the ends.
  2. Try bringing your twists up in a ponytail just at the top for a lovely variation on this look.
  3. Take down your twists once they have dried overnight for bouncy, well-defined curls, or wear them as-is.

3. Three-Strand Twist-Outs

cuban twist hair - Healthier Me TodayTry this as a fun substitute for the usual braid. To begin, pick up a section of hair that is 2.5–5.1 cm (1.2–1.5 in) thick. 

That should be divided into three equal portions, but the areas should not be crossed like you would for a typical braid. 

Instead, please make one of the outside pieces into the opposite outer piece by crossing it entirely over the other two. 

Take that piece and cross it to the outside again by returning to the side you started on. Continue doing it down the hair strand.

Apply a little gel to the ends of your smaller braids to help them hold. Secure a smaller rubber band around a larger braid to prevent unraveling.

4. Flat Twists

Use these adaptable twists to get creative. A lengthy part of the hair should be divided up in the direction of the twist. 

Divide the little piece at the top of the section in half, then cross the halves across one another. But before you cross them again, grab a strand from the area and weave it into the twist, much like you would with cornrows or a French braid. 

Do a two-strand twist to the ends after adding hair each time you twist until you have added all of that section’s hair.

Learn to make unique patterns by:

  1. To make a unique pattern, you can section your hair in swoops, cornrows, or even from side to side (like from your part down to your ear)!
  2. Separate your hair in the middle and create two thick twists for a Dutch braid-inspired look.

5. Senegalese Twists

cuban twist hair - Healthier Me TodayMake Senegalese twists on your extensions to show them off. A hair portion that is 1 in x 1 in (2.5 cm x 2.5 cm) or more minor should be divided. 

Divide that in half evenly, then twist each portion of your natural hair to make the end twist appear nice and smooth. After that, fold a part of your extensions in half. 

When coiling the natural hair and extension together, place the U-shaped fold at your scalp with one end of the extension draped over each segment of your natural hair. 

Once you’ve finished, give the ends of your hair a standard two-strand twist:

  1. Completely twist all of your hair in this manner, then seal the ends by briefly submerging the very tips of each braid in hot water.
  2. Your twists will have more volume and drama with this protective style.

6. Nubian Twists

Nubian twists can be made by using tightly curled extensions. Place the U-shaped fold over a tiny part of your natural hair by folding a small section of a Nubian hair extension in half. Three portions will result from this. 

Divide your natural hair and the extension into two separate areas after braiding them together approximately three times to secure the attachment. 

A two-strand twist should be continued to the ends of your hair:

  1. Nubian twists resemble Senegalese twists, but they are typically tighter and shorter because the hair is curlier overall.
  2. To make the twists appear more natural, use your fingers to first separate the curl on the extension.
  3. The identical braid-in technique is used for other twists, including the Havana and Marley twists; the starting extensions are merely different.

7. Rope Braid

cuban twist hair - Healthier Me TodayWith a straightforward rope braid, make one significant twist. It only gets much more detailed than a rope braid if you’re in a rush. 

Twist each of the two halves of your hair as tightly as possible before the hair begins to coil over itself. As long as you twist equally on both sides, whether to the left or the right, it doesn’t matter. 

In the opposite direction from the direction you turned them, cross the two twists over one another, and fasten the ends using a ponytail holder. If you started twisting to the left, you would crisscross the strands from right to left.

8. Triangle Twists

Play with the arrangement of your elements to provide visual interest. Utilize a rat-tail comb to gently divide each segment into a neat horizontal row for a fun spin on a two- or three-strand twist. 

Make alternate angled cuts to form a triangle as you divide the hair into sections. The hair should now be twisted as usual. 

The angles in your hairstyle will give it a sophisticated geometric appearance once you’ve completed curling all the parts. Having someone else style your hair could be more straightforward because this requires a lot of precision.

9. Cuban twist hair Styles

Use an updo to liven up your look by wearing your twists. Even though twists look fantastic on their own, you don’t have to wear them the same way every day. 

Try out several looks, such as bunning them on top of your head, tying them into a low ponytail, or arranging them in a half-up.

Try braiding your twists for a look that is even more complicated! Even a simple three-strand braid will gain additional dimension and interest from the texture of the Cuban twist hair style.

10. Embellishments

cuban twist hair - Healthier Me TodayAdd attractive clasps or colorful extensions to your twists. To personalize your twists, try experimenting! 

Consider adding a striking color such as bright red or deep purple on one or two of your twists, for example, if you’re using extensions. The splash of paint will give your outfit more depth.

Wrap your twists in gold clasps for an exquisite appearance—the jewelry will do wonders for your look!

Guide to a Perfect Cuban Twist hair…

Depending on how long you’ve had Cuban twist hair, wash days can be a little longer, and you’ll need to retwist your hair every three to six weeks. 

Most individuals usually go to their loctician or a regular hairstylist to have professionals perform their magic on locs that need to be retwisted.

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