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Celine Dion Health – Is she Past Her Sell by Date?

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Just her name alone instantly conjures up thoughts of fame, bright lights, success, and images of an iconic Diva, with a capital D. Celine Dion is perceived as someone who has been living the ultimate dream life. A larger than life Super -Star with an enormous, loyal global fan following. Indeed, she did seem to be living a charmed life, filled with love, family, luxury, and success – until that awful 14 January 2016 when her world crumbled. The last few years have been highly challenging for Celine Dion. Has everything spiraled too far out of control? Can she still make a comeback, finding love and laughter again, seeing her name back up in the lights, or has it sadly all been too much?

‘A new day has come’ was released by Celine Dion in 2002 

 From a small town in Canada to International fame

Celine Dion Health | Healthier Me Today

Looking at Celine Dion’s wealthy, comfortable lifestyle in 2022, it is hard to believe that she slept in a drawer as a baby because her parents couldn’t afford a new crib for her, but with thirteen(13) siblings, one can understand why. Christened Celine Marie Claudette Dion was born on 30 March 1968 to a French-speaking Quebec Canadian family.

As Celine was the youngest child, she had to be content with handing me down clothes, which only added to the teasing and bullying she endured at school for being tall, skinny, and having different teeth from the other kids. Unsurprisingly, she became intently focused on her music as a means of escape. When her brother Michael submitted a demo tape to Rene Angelil in 1980, Celine began to dream of a different life filled with music and travel. She was 12 and Rene 38, but that’s a different story. 

Celine’s teenage years were healthy and happy, she began performing and recording French songs, and in 1982 she won the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival. After she won the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest held in Ireland, Celine Dion became internationally known. Her new day had come, and her new life had begun.

‘When I fall in love’ cover version recorded by Celine Dion 12 July 1993 

Finding love but losing her voice

Has Celine Dion’s Health Affected Her Music?

Celine Dion Health | Healthier Me Today
(Photo by Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images)


Following her win in Ireland, Celine Dion’s life began to change radically. She was now 19 years old, turning 20. It was time to reveal to her family the love between herself and her long-time manager Rene Angelil. However, this knowledge would be kept only for five years amongst the family and close friends.

During this time, she disappeared from the public eye for a few months, a risk her manager felt worth taking as he believed in her, and he did not doubt that her fans wouldn’t forget her. He knew she was destined to be a star. He had previously mortgaged his house to finance her first album.

Celine used this time to improve her English at the renowned Ecole Berlitz. She also had vocal training plus lessons in dance and movement ( she is passionate about dance to this day)

It was decided that a complete hair and wardrobe make-over was necessary, including dental surgery to correct her teeth, which delighted Celine after all the bullying she had endured because of them. It was 1989, and Celine Dion was young, in love, and embarking on her Incognito Tour when disaster struck. During one of the concerts, she badly injured her voice. The consulting specialist issued a scary request: Not to use her vocal cords at all for three weeks (not even to whisper) or have immediate surgery. Celine and Rene opted against surgery, and after a long three weeks, Celine could start vocal lessons and voice training. This was very disappointing for them both as concerts had to be canceled, there was time lost, plus Celine had to start over and relearn how to use her vocal cords. Was this the beginning of health issues that would bother Celine Dion throughout the years to come?

‘Falling into You’ released by Celine Dion 11 March 1996

Romance, Marriage and No 1 Hits

The 1990s were exciting and fulfilling years for Celine Dion. She was falling deeper in love with Rene and him with her. Celine and Rene demonstrated that they were indeed a power couple to be reckoned with. Their work ethic and commitment to the music industry became legendary. The 1990s saw the release of her first fully English language album – Unison, when she signed on with Epic Records. 

The timing was perfect for Celine Dion. Her voice and style suited the power ballads of the 90’s perfectly, and she had several best-selling albums, including Falling into You (1996) and Let’s Talk About Love(1997). In addition, Celine released songs that became almost immediate global No 1 hit singles, such as ‘It’s All Coming Back to Me Now, ‘‘The Power of Love, ‘and ‘My Heart Will Go On’ – which she almost didn’t record, thankfully Rene convinced her to do it!

It would seem likely that Celine must look back on this time with sweet memories as she and Rene became engaged in 1993 and married in 1994. She was glowingly happy and healthy. Her fame grew, and along with it, an adoring, loyal, international fanbase that was falling more in love with Celine Dion each passing day

‘Just Walk Away’ released by Celine Dion 1993

Triumph, Loss and an uncertain future

The Celine Dion Health Fairytale

Celine Dion Health | Healthier Me Today

This continued into the new Millennium with the renewal of wedding vows between her and her husband Rene Angelil on 5 January 2000. She had a host of awards behind her, including a World Music Award, an American Music Award, a Billboard Music Award, and a few Grammy Awards and Juno Awards. After seven years of trying, unsuccessfully, to conceive, Celine booked into a fertility clinic in May 2000, where she had two minor operations to improve her chance of pregnancy through in vitro fertilization. This worked, and their first son Rene-Charles was born on 2 January 2001. The couple later had twin boys on 23 October 2010.

 Wonderfully, Rene’s throat cancer had gone into remission in 2002. Rene had then negotiated an unprecedented five nightly performances a week for three years(later extended to five years) with Caesars Palace. Celine Dion has been a genuinely groundbreaking performer, displaying enormous energy, drive, and commitment to her profession, as well as being a dedicated wife and loving Mother.

The accomplishments of Celine Dion have been far too many and diverse for them all to be mentioned here. Apart from her musical contribution, she is a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations. She has raised money for tsunami relief and founded Nickels Food Chain, which she later sold. She is an activist for Gay rights and speaks out against racism and bullying. Celine has contracts with Coty, Inc and L’Oreal, plus she has her line of handbags and accessories. The list goes on. This is one driven and busy lady.

Apart from her difficulty in conceiving, it wasn’t until around 2014 that Celine Dion started to show signs of ill health. She developed an illness that caused inflammation in her throat muscles. Due to this, she had to cancel performances. At this time, Celine decided to take a break and care for her husband and family, as Rene’s throat cancer had returned. 

Later, in 2014, Celine had to cancel more shows as she had a viral infection in her throat. Celine must have been under intense emotional strain as she cared for her children and her husband, plus she had returned to work at her husband’s request. Sadly, their time together as one of Hollywood’s most enduring couples of more than thirty years was drawing to an end. Rene died at home on 14 January 2016. He had been in her life from when she was twelve years old. Celine was utterly empty, but she could not fall apart. She had three sons to care for. Unbearably, her brother, Daniel, died two days later.

Celine Dion only allowed herself one month to mourne before returning to the stage. She felt that that was the best way to honor her husband and help her to heal. One can only imagine the emotional pain she must have been feeling. Perhaps that was a regrettable decision made at a time of grief, as Celine lost a noticeable amount of weight and did not appear as healthy or energetic as previously.

Ear Infections? What’s Happening to Celine Dion’s Health?

Celine Dion Health | Healthier Me Today
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


In 2018, Celine Dion canceled upcoming concerts due to a middle-ear condition affecting her hearing, making it difficult to sing. It was necessary to have surgery to correct the situation. During her recovery, Celine received thousands of good wishes from her fans, plus tweets from other celebrities. She treasures a sympathetic and supportive letter from Ryan Reynolds inviting her to sing the theme song for his Deadpool movie. Then, it was time for her to go back to the work she loves.2019 had a few more hiccups in store for Celine as she struggled with a throat virus and a few bouts of laryngitis, leading to yet more canceled shows. Yet still, she rallied and planned for her next extensive world tour – and then Covid hit.

Celine Dion Health | Healthier Me Today

The world and all of her fans have been excitedly waiting for her to resume the North American leg of her ‘Courage World Tour”, which sadly, at the time of writing, has been canceled. Unfortunately, it has been distressingly apparent that Celine Dion has not recently been the epitome of health that she claims to be.

Celine’s social media posts and her P.R and marketing teams have kept a steady feed going, chiefly saying a lot, but nothing at all, and without confirming anything definitive. The world knows that she has canceled performing due to debilitating muscle spasms for the foreseeable future. There is much conjecture and many rumors, but we do not know if Celine Dion, Diva, Icon, and legend, will return to the stage again. Whether you are a fan or just idly curious, we can only wish her well and hope for her speedy recovery. 

Celine Dion should be enjoying the prime of her life; she still has far too much talent, generosity of spirit, and songs left to sing for her star to fade now.

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