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Celebrity Weight Loss – Who Did It Best? Secrets Revealed!

Which Celebrity Weight Loss Story has You Up in Arms?

When it comes to weight loss and body transformations, Celebrities are often the talk of the town. But, we wonder what routines and eating plans they follow and whether we could do the same to pursue our fitness goals. 

Let’s dive into the most famous celebrity weight loss debacles in Hollywood to see who did it best and what we can learn from their experiences with the lifelong journey of weight loss and physical health. 

Celebrity Weight Loss #1 – Christina Aguilera

celebrity weight loss | Healthier Me Today

After gaining weight during her pregnancy, pop icon Christina Agulera, 40, shocked the world. Revealing her stunning transformation in 2013 with a weight loss of over 40 pounds in just three months! 

After taking a break from being a judge on The Voice in 2013, Christina began to focus on her physical and mental health. As a result, the pop star has been able to sustain her weight loss and healthy lifestyle with a specific dietary and exercise regimen. 

She has taken to eating more controlled portions and is popularly thought to have followed the rainbow diet, simply eating foods that correlate to a specific color every day. 

So ‘White day’ would be all white foods—bananas, egg white, coconut, cauliflower, whitefish, dairy products, etc. And ‘Red Day’ would be red grapes, cranberries, red currant, guelder rose, tomato, kidney beans, beetroot, lean red meat, etc. Read more about the Rainbow Diet Christina used here. 

Christina also made it a point to mention she has stayed away from sweets, sugar, alcohol, and unhealthy snacking. And has taken to drinking at least 2 liters of water every day. 

Along with this, Christina also followed a strict exercise routine. Focusing on strength and cardio exercise more than muscle building (though these exercises build muscle too!). Here’s her workout plan:

  • Elliptical
  • Treadmill running
  • Chest presses
  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep dips
  • Crunches
  • Leg raises
  • Side lunges
  • Squats
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

Being a mother and experiencing all the changes that your body goes through at that time is a daunting challenge for any woman. But Christina has shown us all (men included) that it’s possible if you have discipline, the right attitude, and a plan. 

Celebrity Weight Loss #2 – Jonah Hill

Celebrity weight loss | Healthier Me Today

The widely beloved ACtor Jonah Hill, 38, is known for his work in popular films such as Get Him To The Greek, 21 Jump Street, and The Wolf of Wall Street. However, he has been showing off his recent weight loss, and rightly so! 

The actor has lost over 40 pounds since the role in his most recent movie ‘War Dogs’, and his journey there has been an inspiring one. With Jonah enlisting the help of a nutritionist and regular exercise. The actor has focused on his health and has been very successful. 

Jonah has been following a diet consisting of plentiful veggies, fruits, lean protein, whole grain, and low-fat dairy products. Interestingly he has also been having a lot of sushi in his diet, which follows a more Japanese eating routine. 

He has also chosen to abstain from alcohol for the most part, though he admits to having a weakness for having a beer now and then. Though when you’re being as religious about your diet and exercise as Jonah is, we can’t blame him!  

Jonah began with light workouts such as jogging, sit-ups, and pushups in terms of exercise. After that, the activities got more intense, but as they did, they got easier for him as he began to feel more confident, fit, and healthier. 

His workout routine is as follows: 

  • Monday: Jiu-jitsu, running, boxing
  • Tuesday: Jiu-jitsu, resistance training
  • Wednesday: Running, 100 pushups, boxing
  • Thursday: Jiu-jitsu, resistance training
  • Friday: Jiu-jitsu, 100 pushups, boxing
  • Saturday and Sunday: Rest

Jonah has always struggled with his weight in the past, as he’s admitted. But now that he’s focused on the goal of being healthier and feeling better for himself. The actor has succeeded in leaps and bounds. And we can all learn from his dedication and motivation to want to be healthier and do it for ourselves. 

Celebrity Weight Loss #3 – Rebel Wilson

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Pitch Perfect actor Rebel Wilson, 42, has arguably one of the most inspiring weight loss journeys we’ve seen in Hollywood. After losing an astounding 77 pounds to date, the actor has transformed significantly and inspired many. 

After her stay at the vivaMayr wellness center in Austria, the actor declared 2020 a ‘year of health’ and began her journey to a healthier and more confident self. Let’s see how she went about her weight loss journey and learn from it. 

Rebel started with a cleanse at the wellness center, having a daily detox drink that flushes the toxins out of her system in the morning, Followed by a light exercise routine and meals specific to each person. 

After the retreat, Rebel states she does not explicitly follow a diet and instead follows a holistic approach to her eating known as the Mayr method. Involves adding rules to your eating habits.

These are: 

  • No snacking
  • Consciously upping protein intake
  • Reduce dairy and gluten intake
  • No food after 4 pm
  • No technology, talking, or reading whilst eating
  • Focus on chewing

Her meals, however, are higher in protein. So fish and chicken are staples to Rebels meals. She also notes that she does treat herself now and then and sticks to a healthy balance. 

Regarding exercise, Rebel has started slowly in the beginning by simply walking for about an hour each day. However, she quickly began to ramp up her exercise routine and has worked on building strength and muscle as she got in better shape. 

Her routine now involves things like: 

  • Daily walks
  • Standing toe touches
  • Walkouts into shoulder taps
  • High knee spot sprinting
  • Bodyweight squats
  • Bodyweight lunges
  • Press-ups
  • Stair sprints
  • HIIT circuits 
  • Boxing

Rebel has pushed herself far in the last two years and has maintained her weight loss. Showing us all that it is possible to change your life and lifestyle for the better no matter where you start. 

Celebrity Weight Loss #4 – Chris Pratt

Celebrity weight loss | Healthier Me Today

Our favorite smart-mouthed hero in Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt, 42, has been a hero in real life to us all. Showcasing his determination and willpower through his weight loss in the past few years. 

Specifically for his role in Guardians of the Galaxy, the actor went through a burst of intensive training, losing an impressive 60 pounds. Let’s see how Chris went about his transformation and learn from him. 

His diet consisted of more high-protein steak, fish, and chicken breasts. He also eats more complex carbs such as brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes, spinach, etc. Also uses some supplements such as whey protein, and BCAA, and he has increased his overall car intake by spending more time in the gym. 

Chis’s Workout routine has been constructed by his trainer, Duffy Gaver, who has also worked with other A-list actors such as Scarlette Johansson and Chris Hemsworth. He worked out six days a week and dedicated himself to this routine for five months straight. 

His workout routine is as follows: 

Monday: Back, Biceps, and Abs

  • deadlifts
  • pull-ups
  • lateral pull-downs
  • hammer strength row
  • heavy dumbbell row
  • hammer curls
  • barbell curls
  • planks
  • hanging leg raises
  • sit-ups

Tuesday: Chest and Triceps

  • bench press
  • incline bench
  • cable flyes
  • dips
  • tricep pushdown
  • hammer strength bench
  • cable kickbacks

Wednesday: Recovery Day

  • Rest

Thursday: Leg Day

  • back squat
  • leg press
  • weighted lunges
  • kettlebell straight leg deadlift
  • standing calf raises
  • glute bridges

Friday: Shoulders

  • military press
  • lateral raises
  • rear delt flyes
  • front cable raises
  • barbell shrugs
  • Superset:
  1. one-arm dumbbell snatch
  2. kettlebell swings
  3. dumbbell shrugs


Rest and Recover

Chris’s dedication and willpower are the fundamental outstanding factors of his weight loss. He never gave up and committed fully to becoming healthier and more fit overall, being a real-life hero to those who are on the same weight loss journey and healthy living. 

Celebrity Weight Loss #5 – Adele


Celebrity Weight Loss | Healthier Me Today

With the release of ‘Easy on me’, one of the highest-rated singles to date. The Pop Icon Adele, 33, has been thrust into the limelight. This has revealed that we have not only gotten a new single but that Adele has been working herself just as much as she’s been working on her music! 

After losing a staggering 100 pounds in the last two years, Adele’s physical transformation has been one of the most popular topics of conversation and inspiration in the past year. 

She has gone through many changes, and for her own mental and physical health, she has pushed herself to lose weight and be more fit all around. She has succeeded tremendously and has been an inspiration to everyone worldwide. 

Adele has stated she never followed any diet to lose weight. Shutting down the notion of any intermittent fasting or being on the ‘sirtfood diet’. Saying that, if anything, she eats more now that she works out so hard. 

As it appears, Adele’s exercise routine has been the primary source of her weight loss, and when we look at her routine, it is easy to see why this is highly likely. 

Her routine involves working out three times a day, every day, and doing weight exercise in the morning. Then Boxing or going on hikes in the afternoon. Then finally Cardio in the evening. This is quite a lot of exercise and is likely only possible thanks to the guidance of Adele’s personal trainer Greg Miele. 

While Adele’s routine is the most loosely structured, it’s clear that her motivation and reason for wanting to lose weight were the driving factors behind her transformation – This surely gives the clear takeaway that we need to do it for the right reasons, for our health and well-being. And as long as we are consistent and motivated, we can reach our goals just as she has. 

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