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Celebrities Hospitalized – When, Why, How?

Celebrities Hospitalized, What Do You Need To Know?

Celebrities are always under the spotlight and constantly criticised for either being too skinny or too fat. Let’s face it. Most of us want the perfect summer body, but society will never allow you to be at peace with your body as a celebrity. There are healthy ways to take on the weight loss journey, but not everyone has the patience. Celebrities often opt for fast results offered by different influencers and, in the process, jeopardise their health.

Do the Weight Loss Influencers Have it Wrong?

Celebrities Hospitalized | Healthier Me Today

Weight loss influencers can be found all over social media. Some use subtle body-shaming tactics disguised as encouragement, and many have fallen prey to their ridiculous eating plans. Havoc had broken loose when a famous weight loss influencer ended up hospitalised for organ failure. Many people have followed the weight loss influencer Lexi Reed, and her get a fit lifestyle. When the news broke of her being hospitalised, rumours began to spread.

Lexi Reed became famous in 2016 whilst documenting her 312 lbs. weight loss journey.

Her husband, Danny, had rushed her to the hospital when she became ill. Once they arrived, she was admitted into the ICU for organ failure and placed in a medically induced coma. She has since woken up but cannot walk and is on dialysis. 

The Lexi Reed hospitalisation left many believing that she became ill due to her strict diets and workout routines. This has not yet been established. Doctors are still unable to find the cause of why she became so ill. However, this information has not stopped people from making their conclusions and telling the world that weight-loss regimes are dangerous and should be avoided. 

While it can be agreed that some weight-loss strategies endanger a person’s health, it seems that this influencer hadn’t taken any unhealthy steps to boost her weight loss. 

Let’s Talk About Clooney

Celebrities Hospitalized | Healthier Me Today

The man of almost every woman’s dream, George Clooney, had also suffered an underweight loss. Clooney had been hospitalised after losing weight ‘too quickly’ for his role in The Midnight sky. Clooney’s dedication landed him in hospital with pancreatitis after losing nearly 28 pounds faster than he should have.

Clooney was rushed to the hospital when preparing for his role in The Midnight Sky. He had complained of stomach pains and later learned that he had pancreatitis. Clooney had to spend a few days in the hospital as pancreatitis could be fatal. 

Clooney states that he believes it could have been his diet that landed him in hospital. He says that he might have been too focused on losing weight quickly and neglected his health and wellbeing. It is obvious that quick weight loss can be dangerous. 

Restrictive Diets Could Be Life-Threatening

Celebrities Hospitalized | Healthier Me Today

A restrictive diet landed actor Ashton Kutcher in the hospital twice with pancreatitis. He was preparing to play Steve Jobs in a then-upcoming film and followed a very restricted diet. Mila Kunis has come forth and explained how restrictive this diet had been and told various sources that at one point, his only source of nutrients had been grapes.

Ashton had tried to follow the eccentric diet of Steve Jobs, causing him almost the same fate as well. This diet is completely plant-based and consists only of fruit and sometimes vegetables. According to Jobs’ biographer, he would often eat the same fruit or vegetable for several weeks. 

Kutcher had since admitted how dangerous restrictive diets such as the fruitarian diet could be. This diet nearly cost him his life twice. 

Celebrities Hospitalized and Eating Disorders:

Many celebrities have suffered from eating disorders. Many still do. It is no secret that eating disorders can lead to hospitalisation and even death. However, it is slowly becoming easier for celebrities to talk about their health and seek help for these conditions without facing ridicule. Many celebrities are speaking out on their eating disorders to raise awareness of the dangers of how fast it could happen. 

Candace Cameron Bure:

Celebrities Hospitalized | Healthier Me Today

The Full house star has admitted to developing an eating disorder during her Full house days. She has always had a good body image, but when her husband was out of town during the hockey season, she turned to food for comfort. She said that her relationship with food became very destructive. She went into a cycle of binge eating and then felt so much shame for it that she would begin purging. She says it came to a point where she felt such a loss of control. 

Jane Fonda:

Celebrities Hospitalized | Healthier Me Today

Jane Fonda had bulimia for decades. She kept it a secret from the world for many years and claims that when you have bulimia, it gets worse as you get older. She says that she was never pleased in life from her teenage years, up until about 50. After that, she overcame her bulimia and now lives a healthier life.

Lady Gaga:

celebrities hospitalized |Healthier Me Today

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, opened up about her struggles with eating disorders in 2012. She spoke about how she threw up all through high school. She had wanted to be a petite ballerina but was a voluptuous little girl. Her bulimia had affected her singing at one point, being the reason she had to stop for a while. 

Shawn Johnson East:

Celebrities Hospitalized | Healthier Me Today

Shawn Johnson is a world-known Olympic gold medalist who suffered from her body image struggles. She had limited her eating to merely 700 calories a day at one point. She felt like people had expected her to be thinner and lighter. Then, when she was twelve, she began to restrict herself. She says that she had gone as far as not eating any carbs. It had gotten to a point where her body was shutting down.

Taylor Swift:

celebrities hospitalized | Healthier Me Today

In her new Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, she speaks about her eating disorder. This eating disorder was triggered by the pictures paparazzi took and the negative comments about her body. She went without eating a decent amount of calories and often felt tired and weak during shows. She thought that this had been normal. After accepting herself and her body, she says she is now much happier and healthier. 

Jessica Alba:

celebrities hospitalized | Healthier Me Today

In 2019, the famous Jessica Alba opened up about her past struggles with an eating disorder. Her eating disorder began when she tried to eliminate the curves that caused men to prey on her. She said that she started eating less when she became an actress, essentially trying to make herself look more like a boy to get less attention. 

Demi Lovato:

celebrities hospitalized- Daily Meal| Healthier Me Today

In 2017, Demi shared how food is her biggest challenge. She has stated that she started bingeing at eight years old. She did, however, go three years without purging when she was dating her long term boyfriend but fell back into the eating disorder when they broke up. 

Hilary Duff:

Celebrities Hospitalized | Healthier Me Today

At age 17, Hilary had hit the peak of her eating disorder. She weighed only 98 pounds and admitted to being too obsessed with food and skinny. In 2015 she stated how her hands would cramp up from a lack of nutrition and that her skinny body was never healthy.

Elton John:

celebrities hospitalized | Healthier Me Today

The legend, Elton John, had faced many addictions in his life. He isn’t ashamed of those addictions as he believes they made him stronger. In 2019 he told the world that he had been bulimic for six years. He said it started because he was paranoid about his weight but could not stop eating. This resulted in him bingeing and then making himself sick afterwards. 

Although we’re unaware of how many celebrities have been hospitalised due to eating disorders, we are happy for those who have overcome it. Eating disorders are no joke, and they take out a big chunk of your mental and physical wellbeing.

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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