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Keep Your Brain Healthy with Brain Flakes and These Other 10 Great Foods!

Pia VermaakPia Vermaak  August 16, 2023

Brain Flakes – Healthier ME Today! We’ve always known that what we eat affects our bodies and how we look, yet scientists are now discovering that what we eat significantly impacts our brains’ health. 

Eating plenty of brain flakes is vital for staying mentally sharp and focused, especially for our gray matter.

The gut, along with the brain are inextricably linked, and when we focus on providing our bodies with whole, nutritious foods, we help to care for both.

What are the best brain flakes? Fruits, vegetables, oils, and even chocolate (yes, chocolate!) are among the top brain-healthy foods. There’s something for everyone!

What Is Brain Food?

brain flakes - Healthier Me TodayBrain foods contain antioxidants, good fats, vitamins, and minerals. They provide energy to your brain and aid in protecting brain cells, which helps prevent the development of brain diseases.

How do healthy foods for brain function help with mental health? One method is to promote healthy gut function and inflammation response.

The stomach creates numerous essential hormones and neurotransmitters that can enter the brain and affect cognitive functions, including memory, concentration, and comprehension of new information. 

Hence, a healthy gut is crucial in sending the brain the necessary chemical signals to help us perform at our optimal level.

Risks of a Poor Diet on Your Brain

A poor diet can cause our bodies to produce more inflammatory cytokines, which, according to research, can contribute to inflammation that can harm the brain.

While inflammation helps to protect us from illnesses and heals the body when we do things like cut ourselves, chronic inflammation is a different story. 

It’s been linked to various mental/cognitive conditions, including dementia, cognitive impairment, and Alzheimer’s disease.

The Top 10 Brain Flakes and Foods

The following are foods for brain flakes health that experts recommend including in your diet regularly to help prevent age-related cognitive decline:

1. Avocados

brain flakes - Healthier Me TodayWhile avocados often get a bad rap for their high-fat content, it’s important to remember that these green powerhouses are high in monounsaturated fats, or the “good” kind, which has been shown to reduce cognitive decline and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Avocados, which contain vitamin K and folate, help prevent blood clots in the brain (protecting against stroke) and improve brain functions related to memory and concentration.

They’re also high in vitamins B and C, which aren’t stored in your body and must be replenished daily. They also have the most protein and the least sugar of any fruit. 

Avocados’ creamy texture makes them an excellent addition to smoothies and a fat replacement in baked goods.

2. Beets

Beets are root vegetables that are high in cancer-fighting antioxidants and help rid your blood of toxins, making them some of the most nutritious foods for the brain you can eat.

Beets’ natural nitrates increase blood flow to the brain, which aids mental performance.

Beets also help boost energy and performance levels during strenuous workouts. Make this borscht with them.

3. Blueberries and Other Berries

brain flakes - Healthier Me TodayBlueberries and other berries (such as strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and so on) are fruits that experts recommend eating daily. 

That’s because they provide numerous health benefits while tasting like all-natural candy!

To begin with, blueberries are one of the most antioxidant-rich foods known to man, containing vitamins C, K, and fiber. 

Blueberries are particularly effective at protecting our brains from degeneration, cognitive decline, and stress due to their high levels of gallic acid.

Get your brain berry fix with an omega smoothie or a healthy blueberry cobbler.

4. Bone Broth

Bone broth is the ultimate food for gut healing, which aids in brain flakes healing. 

This ancient food has numerous health benefits, including boosting your immune system, healing a leaky gut, improving joint health, and overcoming food allergies. 

Its high collagen content aids in the reduction of intestinal inflammation, and the healing amino acids such as proline and glycine keep the immune system functioning correctly and aid in improving memory. 

Bone broth is the most commonly prescribed treatment to patients because it helps heal your body from the inside out. 

You’ll be surprised at how easy and inexpensive it is to make at home using a beef bone broth recipe.

5. Broccoli and Other Cruciferous Veggies

brain flakes - Healthier Me TodayWhen she told you to eat your broccoli, your mother was correct. 

Broccoli, along with related vegetables such as cauliflower, kale, and Brussels sprouts, is one of the best brain-healthy foods available.

This is due to its high vitamin K and choline levels, which can help keep your memory sharp.

It’s also high in vitamin C, with just one cup providing 150 percent of your daily requirements.

It also contains a variety of phytonutrients that protect brain cells from oxidative stress.

Broccoli is high in fiber, so that it will fill you up quickly. 

If you’ve only eaten overcooked, flavorless broccoli, you’ll love crockpot beef and broccoli, creamy broccoli soup, and broccoli pesto dip — they’ll convert you into a broccoli fan!

6. Celery

brain flakes - Healthier Me TodayCelery has a lot of benefits for a vegetable with so few calories (only 16 per cup!). 

The antioxidants and polysaccharides found in it are helpful in reducing inflammation-related symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome and joint pain

They act as natural anti-inflammatories.

It’s a great snack option if you’re trying to lose weight because it’s high in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients while low in calories. 

While we frequently consume celery stalks, don’t overlook the seeds and leaves. Both provide additional benefits and taste delicious in stir-fries and soups.

7. Coconut Oil

With so many coconut oil applications, there is almost nothing that coconut oil cannot help with. 

When it comes to the brain, it can help suppress cells that cause inflammation. It also helps with memory loss as you age and fight harmful bacteria in your gut.

Coconut oil and related MCT oil have been two of the most common fats for people following the ketogenic diet, which according to research, offers benefits.

It’s also related to a reduced Alzheimer’s risk due to ketone bodies having a neuroprotective effect on aging brain cells.

Natural coconut milk and coconut flakes also provide healthy fats and fiber for gut health.

8. Dark Chocolate

brain flakes - Healthier Me TodayNot all chocolate is created equal. Dark chocolate can be very beneficial to your health! Flavanols, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, are abundant in chocolate. 

Studies have shown Cocoa to increase cerebral blood flow and oxygenation, as well as lower blood pressure along with oxidative stress in the brain flakes and heart.

Don’t go wild with Hershey’s Kisses just yet. Most chocolate on supermarket shelves is highly processed and is not considered a portion of good brain food.

The rule of thumb is that the darker the chocolate, the more benefits it provides. 

Avoid milk and white chocolate in favor of a minimally processed dark chocolate containing at least 70% cocoa. This ensures you get your cocoa fix as well as the brain benefits!

9. Egg Yolks

Egg yolks, which have been on the nutritional naughty list for years, are finally getting their due. The yolk is on you if you’ve only been eating egg whites.

Yolks are high in choline, which aids in fetal brain development in pregnant women. It also degrades methane, a chemical that generates hormones associated with feelings of well-being.

If you’ve avoided eating whole eggs due to cholesterol concerns, there’s good news. 

According to research, eating eggs does not affect the cholesterol levels of healthy adults and may even help raise good cholesterol levels.

It’s also one of the most affordable protein sources available. Just make sure the eggs are organic and free-range.

10. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

brain flakes - Healthier Me TodayNatural extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is one of the most highly recommended brain flakes foods due to the powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols and the healthy monounsaturated fats it contains. 

According to research, it’s a vital component of the Mediterranean diet and the MIND diet, which have been linked to cognitive benefits in older adults.

Including EVOO in your diet may enhance learning and memory and reverse the effects of aging and disease. 

The oil also aids in the fight against ADDLs, which are toxic to the brain and cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Keep Your Brain Healthy with These Chosen Foods…

Oily fish, leafy greens, eggs, nuts, berries, broccoli and other vegetables, avocado, and olive or coconut oil are among the best foods for brain health.

These nutrient-dense brain flakes fight disease and protect brain cells by giving you antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to improve memory, concentration, mood, and the “gut-brain connection.” 

Brain-boosting foods may also lower your risk of Alzheimer’s, depression, dementia, and other mental health conditions, and most brain foods also support your immune and digestive systems.

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Pia Vermaak

Pia Vermaak 

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