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The Top 4 Reasons to Book Professional Sports Speaker for Your Next Game

HMT News TeamHMT News Team  July 4, 2023

Book professional sports speaker – Learn more with Healthier Me Today! Pro athletes make excellent book professional sports speakers.

Super sporting stars create an impression with their story, whether speaking to a classroom of youngsters or a boardroom of executives.

1. They Understand What It Takes To Stay Committed To A Common Goal

book professional sports speaker - Healthier Me TodayAthletes make sacrifices on their path to success to achieve their goals, such as dedication, diet, and perseverance. 

Whatever your aim is, the traits required to attain it will be comparable to those of an athlete. These instances and tales inspire and empower ordinary people to overcome obstacles.

2. The Odds Of Becoming A Professional Athlete Are Small

It’s not for everyone. The number of people who go pro is small. Elite athletes have done various things to achieve success at the highest level and stand out from the crowd. 

Some of these factors are overcoming adversity, putting in extra effort, dealing with emotions, and inner strength. These become natural characteristics of an athlete.

3. They Understand What It Is To Be Apart Of A Team

Being a part of a team comes naturally to an athlete who understands the concept of collaboration like no other because it is part of their daily routine. 

We will all be on a team at some point and need to work together to reach a common objective; elite athletes can teach us what we need to comprehend, practice, and implement to succeed together.

4. Take A Look At The Most Book Professional Sports Speaker

book professional sports speaker - Healthier Me Today1. Alex Mckinnon

McKinnon played 49 NRL games for the Newcastle Knights before suffering a spinal injury that rendered him quadriplegic during a match. 

Although enduring incredible hardships, McKinnon refuses to be defined by his injury. 

McKinnon has a positive approach and continues to encourage himself and others for professional and personal development, with a passion for gaining perspective, leadership, and assisting others to achieve their best.

2. Anna Meares

Meares is one of history’s most successful and distinguished female track cyclists. She is the only Australian athlete to have won individual medals at four successive Olympic Games. 

She encountered several emotional and physical hurdles throughout her career, including a near-paralysis injury in 2008. 

Meares remains grounded through sorrow and accomplishment; her narrative never fails to touch people’s hearts.

3. Brad Ness

Ness is the captain of Australia’s wheelchair basketball squad and a Paralympic gold medalist. 

After losing his limb in a workplace accident, Ness keenly understands the need for good occupational health and safety policies and how to implement them. 

He can deliver these principles at various levels to satisfy the firm’s demands and motivate employees to attain best practices at work. 

Ness has traversed the world with the Australian team in quest of excellence and has lived and played basketball in Italy for almost ten years. 

He takes advantage of these opportunities and experiences to engage and inspire others.

4. Charlie Walsh

book professional sports speaker - Healthier Me TodayWalsh is among Australian elite super sporting history’s most challenging and successful coaches. 

For 20 years as Cycling Australia’s track cycling coach, he guided his competitors to 78 gold, 50 silver, and 51 bronze medals and multiple world records. 

He accomplished all of this while serving as one of the super sporting most divisive coaches. Charlie desired success over popularity. His tough-love approach’s success speaks for itself.

5. Danny Green

Danny, aka “The Green Machine” Green, is a three-time world boxing champion and an Australian boxing legend. 

Danny Green, book professional sports speaker that has some incredible stories to tell about the paths he has taken in life, the heartbreaking setbacks he has overcome, and the enormous sacrifices he has made to become a world champion in the most brutal of sports – including being locked in a cage with six lions and surfing alongside a shark!

6. Duncan Armstrong

Armstrong is a former competitive Australian swimmer, television pundit, and corporate book professional sports speaker. 

He’s been named Young Australian of the Year, received an Order of Australia Medal, and has encouraged numerous others to reach their highest business and personal ambitions. 

Duncan is a half underdog, part larrikin, and part businessman, and he appeals to practically everyone! He is a driven man who is as motivating as he is amusing.

book professional sports speaker - Healthier Me Today7. Grahak Cunningham

Cunningham is an ultramarathon runner. He is a four-time competitor and champion of the 3100-mile (5000 km) event, the world’s most protracted and complex. 

Competitors run from 6:00 a.m. to midnight for 51 days, averaging 60 miles (96.6 km) daily. Finally, competitors must learn and use resilience, stress management, team building, and a ‘never give up’ mindset (understandably!). 

Grahak has over ten years of experience in medical sales and marketing outside of super sporting. Grahak believes that we can go above our apparent limits and hopes to inspire and teach others how to achieve their g in life, business, and sports.

8. Libby Trickett

Trickett is a famous athlete in Australia. She is an accomplished professional swimmer with:

  1. Three consecutive Olympic gold medals
  2. One silver 
  3. Two bronze medals 
  4. Eight world records
  5. Eight long courses
  6. Seven short course World titles
  7. Five Commonwealth Games gold medals

She has used her position to discuss mental health, including her challenges, since retiring from super sporting in 2013.

book professional sports speaker - Healthier Me Today9. Mark ‘Squiz’ Squirrell

Squiz received the Green Beret while serving in the Australian Special Forces, is a UN humanitarian, and climbed Mount Everest in 2006 to raise awareness of the global hunger crisis. 

He has mastered the hurdles of performing under pressure, successfully communicating, and creating connections. 

Squiz employs anecdotes and real-time events that need lateral thinking to give relevant and practical advice to those working in today’s complex global market. 

He is an incredible man on an unbelievable adventure.

10. Mick Collins

Mick Colliss is a modern-day poet, novelist, writer, rugby pundit, entertainer, and guest book professional sports speaker. 

His childhood aim was to play for Australia, but he quickly found that desire is no substitute for skill. 

Finally, at 42, after failing in cricket, rugby league, rugby union, surf lifesaving, and lawn bowls, he discovers sudoku (which he also falls at). 

But that didn’t stop him from forming the first-ever Australian Sudoku team with three rugby teammates and heading to India to compete for his country at the World Sudoku Championships.

Mick’s is a true-life comedy about mateship, having a go, and never giving up, no matter what. 

And, while he isn’t a famous athlete or a gold medalist, there are numerous lessons to be drawn from Mick’s life.

book professional sports speaker - Healthier Me Today11. Patrick Hollingworth

Patrick is a regular Aussie guy who happens to have climbed the world’s tallest mountain. He stood on the summit of Mount Everest after a decade of hard work and perseverance. 

Patrick feels that a life half-lived is a life squandered, and he sees himself as an example of how moving outside of your comfort zone can h you realize who you are.

12. Sharni Layton

Patrick is a regular Aussie guy who climbed the world’s tallest mountain. He stood on the summit of Mount Everest after a decade of hard work and perseverance. 

Patrick feels that a life half-lived is a life squandered, and he sees himself as an example of how moving outside of your comfort zone can help you realize who you are.

13. Steve Bradbury

Steven is a highly regarded, well-liked motivational book professional sports speaker, corporate entertainment, and Master of Ceremonies in Australia. 

He has given over 750 speeches at conferences and events in 15 countries. When Steven became the first Australian to win a Winter Olympic gold medal, we all fell in love with him. 

His astonishing and unusual triumph in the speed skating event is one of Australia’s most memorable Olympic moments! 

This is merely a minor portion of his career. Steven’s path, honesty, and humility contribute to his popularity as a speaker.

Reasons to Book a Professional Sports Speaker…

Great athletes possess vital characteristics and unique stories from which we might learn this is why you should book professional sports speakers.

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HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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