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Body-Shamed and Ridiculed! The Real Story Behind Katie Maloney Weight Loss!

Katie Maloney Weight Loss: We met Katie Melony-Schwartz for the first time back in 2013 in the premiere of the now prevalent Tv show Vanderpump Rules. Over time, however, the actress went through various ups and downs regarding her weight and public image. From experiencing body shaming to making a turn in her life for the better regarding her health, Katie has been on one hell of a journey. In 2018 when she revealed her new transformation after losing over 20 pounds, the actress was met with overwhelming positivity.

When an Instagram follower said she “looked amazing” and asked whether she had lost weight?” She responded, saying: “I have, and thank you. I’ve lost a little over 20 pounds,” she said. “It feels good.”

Katie’s journey through her weight loss and, most importantly, her mental and emotional journey to becoming a healthier and happier version of herself. Comes not from extensive diets and specific exercise routines. But by finding what worked for her body and metabolism, frequently exercising with simple cardio and weight training. And most importantly, adjusting her mindset when it came to her weight and goals for personal health. 

Katie’s Experience with Body-Shaming

Katie Maloney Weight Loss | Healthier Me Today

Katie, 33, is one of the most popular actresses on television. Needless to say, like many actresses, she has dealt with a lot of body shaming regarding her weight.

Maloney said in an interview with Bravo’s The LookBook in 2018.

“At times, it took everything I had to tune out the noise and negativity. I have always thought of myself as a confident individual. But it ate away at me like a disease. It’s impossible not to let negative comments creep into your psyche.”

From fan’s hurtful comments to her co-stars shaming her weight on set. This all took a toll on her as she mentions feeling “unlovable” and being torn down by what she had experienced at the time.

“Imagine finally finding the courage and strength to finally love yourself enough to stand up for yourself to be then ridiculed and torn down again,” she wrote on her Instagram Story at the time. “It took me three years. I was a depressed person. I took it out on everyone, including myself. I was unlovable.”.

This was enough to push her to a state of self-loathing and lashing out at those around her, and for a while, things were bleak for the actress.

However, this would all change in 2018 when the actress showed off her impressive weight loss results and a newfound confidence that we were thrilled to see.

Where Katie’s Maloney Weight Loss Journey Began

Katie Maloney Weight Loss | Healthier Me Today

The actress had always been working out daily but never saw any results. Thinking it might be a Thyroid problem, she ultimately sought the aid of a nutritionist who opened her eyes to the broader picture of her health and weight goals.

“I thought it was a thyroid thing, so I was going to the doctor and getting blood work done,” she replied to an Instagram follower. “I think it’s essential to also check up on your health because even though it wasn’t a thyroid thing, I did discover that my glucose levels were pretty high, and that could’ve led to some maybe pre-diabetic problems.”

After discovering she had insulin sensitivity and perhaps insulin resistance, it was made clear to avoid any future problems that might arise. Instead, she would need to change her lifestyle and eating habits specifically.

Katie Maloney Weight Loss Approach

Katie Maloney Weight Loss | Healthier Me Today

After consulting her nutrition and assessing her condition, Katie began making some drastic changes to her eating habits. But the changes she made weren’t just sticking to a clear-cut diet plan, as most would assume.

Katie specifically wants it to be known that she is not on a diet. She says: “I think dieting is not sustainable, and it’s a concise term and just sets you up for failure,” she told HollywoodLife recently. “So, now I just feel like I just know how to eat for my body and metabolism.”

The actress has made massive changes in her life by discovering what works for her. For example, saying: “I understand how to eat for my metabolism, especially with being insulin resistant or insulin-sensitive.”

This has changed many things for the actress in her day-to-day life. From what she eats in the morning to what she snacks on throughout her day.

Katies Eating Regimen and Exercise Routines

Katie Maloney Weight Loss | Healthier Me Today

Katie has more substantive but less carb-intensive meals throughout her day. In the morning, an example of her meal choice would be a partial egg white omelette prepared by her husband, Tom Schwarts (Husband of the year, am I right?).

Tom has said: “I usually make her a partial egg-white omelette with avocado and feta cheese [and] a little hot sauce.”

Her dinner varies, but the couple tries to keep it simple and easy to prepare. It will almost always be a protein-packed meal with lots of vegetables. She tried to stay clear of carbs and starches as well. So Chicken with green beans or broccoli? Yes, please!

Another one of her go-to meals is a salad she discovered at a Woodland Hills CA Salad Shop, a favourite of the Kardashian family.

Katie says: “I’m really into the — Oh my gosh, where the Kardashians get their salads. I’ve fallen in love with that place. The Health Nut place. They have these massive giant protein salads with roasted chicken, sunflower seeds and cucumbers and carrots and lettuce and tomatoes, and they have this nice house dressing they put on it.”

Finally, throughout her day, Katie loves her fruits and Nuts. If not eaten as is, which she loves doing in most cases. She’ll opt for nut butter to balance out the carbs of her fruit and make something easy and quick.

Regarding exercise, the couple both go on hikes frequently and try to get in as much cardio as they can. They have both a treadmill and stationary bicycle as well. Along with Toms at home gym set up, the couple has been doing weight training.

“We were fortunate enough to have a treadmill here. So that was nice,” Tom explained. “We got a [Peloton] bike, too! Super grateful that we have both of those. They’ve been our saviours throughout all of this. In addition, Tom Sandoval has a full gym in his house, which I’ve been utilizing as well.”

This experience for both Katie and Tom has not been easy, however. Tom mentions during the covid-19 pandemic lockdown especially. “It is tough just not to let loose and just completely fall apart and eat a whole pizza and then order some spicy chicken,” he said. “And listen, some days we do fall apart. But overall, it’s well balanced, and we eat healthily.”

Katie Maloney Weight Loss Motivation

Katie Maloney Weight Loss | Healthier Me Today

Throughout this experience, however. Katie makes it especially clear that her motivations for this change have become less about her public image than they might have been in the past.

“For the last three years, I let MY BODY become a topic of conversation,” she said at the time. “I say ‘let’ because I didn’t have the courage or self-love [to] argue it. FOR THREE YEARS. I’m not perfect. I know who I am. But I’m not a weak b—-. So I vowed to make changes. And I did.”

She continued: “I am going to continue to grow and remind myself of my strength. If that makes me a mean b—- in your eyes, then so f—ing be it! I’m remaining true.”

She has made these changes for herself. Again, to showcase her strength and remind herself that she is loved and deserves to be loved by herself, regardless of how others have made her feel in the past. 

Katie has gone through a transformation not only physically but mentally as well. And it is one we can all learn from. Her focus now is not to be skinny or fit into that size two anymore. Instead, it is just to be healthier and happier, a goal I think we can all get behind.

She explains: “I want to enjoy life, and I love food and wine and drinks. I’m not going to look back at age 75 and say, ‘I wish I would’ve dieted more.'” And goes on to say: “As long as I’m trying to make smart choices in terms of diet and being healthy and taking care of my body, it doesn’t matter what size I am.” 

What Can We Learn from Katie Maloney Weight Loss Journey so far? 

Katie Maloney Weight Loss | Healthier Me Today

“My journey of self-discovery and self-love was a rocky road”. 

Despite everything she has gone through, Katie has left us with a powerful and encouraging message that applies universally.

With the digital world, we live in today. It is easy to be discouraged and feel beat down by the standards others set upon us. From simply comparing ourselves to others to being shamed for the way we look. But ultimately, we need to make positive changes in our lives for ourselves and nobody else. That is how we enact change. If it is for others, it’s a weak resolve. But when we do it for ourselves, for our well-being, and our happiness. Then, we can find strength where we hadn’t before.

Firstly, know the importance of seeking a medical professional. If this is something you are struggling with is not something to be ashamed of to seek help, professionals know best how to assess our bodies and metabolism. To ultimately will aid in finding what works for us.

Secondly, we start by making small lifestyle changes in what we eat, exercising often, and focusing on what matters, our well-being. It all can make a difference in the way we not only feel physical but the way we feel mentally and emotionally about ourselves.

Lastly, body shaming is a real thing that anyone can experience and affects us all in ways we recognize and don’t. So naturally, this was especially true for Katie being a famous star where the attention and unrealistic expectations are turned up to 11 constantly.

However, It is not something that we need to give in to and believe about ourselves. Negativity is a complex emotion to navigate but not impossible by any means.

Katie ends by saying: “I’m channelling my newfound confidence into positive energy to fight back against harsh criticism. I want everyone to know they are worthy and remind themselves of that every day. So tune out the noise, focus on what you have (and not what you don’t), and learn to love it! I think it’s always great to improve yourself for your happiness, whatever that means to you.”

Just as Katie has demonstrated, finding a purpose to change your lifestyle and habits for the better is something we all should pursue. It’s not easy, and it is a daily challenge but worth undertaking for our benefit and happiness.

It is not about the numbers on the scale. It is about taking care of yourself. Loving yourself and being happy with who you are. No matter your size.

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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