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The 6 Best Project Management Software Options to Use!

Best project management software – Learn more with Healthier Me Today! The solution for managing projects is provided by the best project management software. 

Large projects necessitate meticulous planning, deadline setting, task assignment, monitoring everyone’s adherence, and time tracking, whereas simple projects require a checklist.

Modern tools are necessary to accurately quantify, objectively categorize, separate, and proportionately allocate jobs. 

Many project management software tools are available, and if you’re new to project management, it may not be easy to decide which ones are crucial, useful, and time-saving.

List Of 6 Best Free Project Management Tools In 2023

best project management software - Healthier Me TodayIf you’re looking for the best project management software, have a look at these top project management software tool reviews. 

The list includes both free and paid options in addition to the advantages you receive with each plan:

Kissflow Project

Kissflow Project is a top-notch free project management tool that offers a lot of versatility. It is an excellent choice for functional project managers and beginners in project management. 

With a comprehensive range of project management tools, Kissflow Project ticks all the right boxes. Its user-friendly and visually appealing Graphical User Interface makes it a great option for all types of businesses.

Although it has all the features of a contemporary project management tool, its intended audience is functional managers with an implied project management responsibility; rather than qualified project managers.

Kissflow Project provides a well-rounded feature set for a range of use scenarios. 

best project management software - Healthier Me TodayThe following are a few of the standout offerings:

  1. Project Phases That Can Be Modified As Well As Active, On Hold, And Done States
  2. A Capability To Develop Sub-Tasks And Turn Them Into Independent Tasks
  3. Project Visualization Options Include List, Kanban, And Matrix Views.
  4. Sophisticated Filters And Custom Fields For Task Segmentation
  5. For Each Task, There Are Thorough Audit Logs And A Detailed Activity History.
  6. Task-Specific Context Notes
  7. Granular Visibility Is Possible With The Ability To Add Task Watchers.
  8. The Capacity To Set Deadlines
  9. Automatic Email Reminders For Approaching Deadlines
  10. Integration Of Microsoft 365 With G Suite
  11. Ability To Designate Responsibilities For Team Members
  12. Capacity For Project Replication
  13. Project Management Templates That Are Both Customizable And Predefined
  14. Comprehensive Data-Driven Reports along with The Capacity To Design Unique Reports


After a 15-day fully functional free trial period, customers can choose between 3 pricing tiers; Free, Basic, and Advanced:

  1. Free – Unlimited users, features 50 GB of storage, three configurable displays, easy-to-use reports, and a simple activity log.
  2. Basic – $5 per user monthly for ten users when invoiced annually. Provides all the capabilities of the Free plan in addition to unlimited custom views, Office 365 integration, unlimited storage, and sophisticated reporting.
  3. Advanced – $12 per user per month for a minimum of 10 users when invoiced annually. Includes all the Basic plan and SSO-SAML features, an extensive activity history, configurable sub-domains, and IP-allow listing.

2. Trello

Trello is a well-known online best project management software application with built-in team collaboration features. 

It is easy to use, lightweight, and uncomplicated. It uses boards, lists, and cards to generate tasks and maintain organization. Users can communicate, share files, and post comments within the cards.

More reporting options or project management tools like Kissflow Project must be needed. This tool is effective for individuals or small teams who need to manage a small number of projects at the same time.


The entry-level plan is free to use. Paid subscriptions are available, including automation, integrations, priority support, and more.

3. Asana

best project management software - Healthier Me TodayAsana is a cloud-based best project management software that focuses on collaboration among team members. 

It offers automation of repetitive tasks through workflows, customizable fields and forms, and simple task displays. 

With Asana, you can invite an unlimited number of guests and create personalized rules and approval workflows.

While Asana has much to offer regarding efficiency and teamwork, many essential project management features are handled through integrations, which may only be optimal for some users. 

It’s beneficial for companies of any size, but independent contractors have better options. Asana offers powerful tools for managing tasks and collaborating, but some users may find its user interface complicated and the system less adaptable. 

If Asana aligns with your project management preferences, you will likely find it a satisfying tool to use.


A free plan is available for up to 15 users. You can manage tasks in lists, on a calendar, and on a Kanban board. 

Timelines, reports, custom fields, automation rules, and more are supported by their Premium plan, which costs $10.99 per user monthly. 

Many capabilities in the business plan are not available in the other projects, including approvals, portfolios, rule builders, workload, and advanced integrations. 

It costs $24.99 per user per month when paid in full annually.

4. Zoho Projects

best project management software - Healthier Me TodayZoho Projects assists companies with collaboration, task management, creating clear reports, and bug tracking. 

Gantt charts and the capacity to charge time on numerous projects simultaneously are among the capabilities offered by the online project management application. 

Additionally, Zoho Projects provides outstanding collaboration features, such as live chat and forum pages. 

According to many users, the Gantt charts are difficult to use, and massive teams may not need a detailed reporting breakdown. You can distribute documents from within the tool.


When it comes to subscription plans, Zoho gives users various options, including:

  1. There is a perpetually free version with few users and basic features.
  2. Custom statuses and problem tracking are features of the $3 Standard plan. Up to 10 users may use it.
  3. With a $4 price tag, the Express plan can accommodate up to 50 users. You’ll have access to functions like timesheet approvals, Gantt charts, and recurring tasks.
  4. The $5 Premium package accommodates up to 100 users. Some of its characteristics are task automation, business rules, resource management, and budgeting.
  5. The number of users is uncapped, and the Enterprise plan is $6. Some features include inter-project dependencies, custom roles, and global Gantt charts.

5. Wrike

Wrike is a best project management software platform that operates on the cloud. 

It simplifies project planning, tracks team progress, ensures deadlines are met, and promotes collaboration among all stakeholders.

Numerous sophisticated features, including task management, Gantt charts, a real-time newsfeed, and others, are available. 

You can prioritize tasks to move critical work forward and guarantee deadlines are fulfilled. Additionally, several integration options enhance its potency as a project management suite.

The sheer number of options is intimidating for most novice users, and the confusing user interface doesn’t help much. 

The organization’s marketing, software development, and professional services departments are all excellent candidates for using it.


A freemium version is available with five users and fewer functionality. Paid plans begin at $9.80 per user per month. 

A Business plan is also open for $24.80 per user per month. Subtasks, Gantt charts, time-tracking, and workflows are supported features.


best project management software - Healthier Me’s easy, essential best project management software combines an aesthetically pleasing interface with practical visualization tools. 

It provides a straightforward approach to arranging your work and is versatile. The project templates at the top allow you to create your boards. 

There are numerous display possibilities, including calendar and map views. Lack of recurrent activities is one typical cause of customer unhappiness

Some customers need help navigating the mobile app. They also provide robust functionality, excellent security, and straightforward customization.


The price structure is excessively intricate. There isn’t a freemium option; determining how many users, automation, and integration actions you’ll require each month will take time. Plans for five users start at $39 per month.

Best Project Management Software Options to Use…

A best project management software application can help you create a clear hierarchy of tasks for effective and efficient completion. 

It can also show which actions depend on each other and the specific order in which steps should be taken. This assists your team in completing their work more easily.

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