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The Best 8 Ways To Use Apple Wash

HMT News TeamHMT News Team  May 7, 2023

Apple wash – Learn more with Healthier Me Today! This simple and versatile solution contains only two ingredients – water and vinegar – and can benefit your health and your home. In this article we will go over the top eight uses for apple wash, ranging from cleaning products to disinfecting surfaces.

1. Clean Fruits and Vegetables

apple wash - Healthier Me TodayA popular application for this wash is as a natural produce cleaner. The vinegar’s acidic properties can help remove dirt, bacteria, and pesticides from your produce, leaving you with cleaner and safer fruits and vegetables. In a spray bottle, combine one part of the wash and three parts water, then spritz your fruits and vegetables before rinsing with water.

2. Disinfect Surfaces

It can also be used as a natural disinfectant on household surfaces. Combine equal parts of wash and water in a spray bottle, then spray on counters, cutting boards, and other characters. Before removing with a clean cloth, let the spray sit for a few minutes. Vinegar is a safer and more natural disinfectant than chemical ones since it includes acetic acid, which can help destroy germs and bacteria.

3. Sunburn Relief

If you’ve spent too much time in the sun and have a painful sunburn, this wash can help soothe your skin. In a spray bottle, combine equal parts the wash and water, then spritz on the affected area. Add some lavender or peppermint essential oil for added cooling and calming benefits. The vinegar can be used to cool and soothe your skin, while the water can be used to hydrate and moisturize it.

4. Remove Stains

apple wash - Healthier Me TodayIt is a highly effective stain remover for clothing and fabrics. The vinegar’s acidic properties can help break down tough stains such as coffee, wine, and grease, leaving your clothes fresh and clean. Combine equal parts of the wash and water, then apply with a cloth or sponge to the stained area. 

5. Increase the Shine of Your Hair

It can be used as a natural hair rinse to help boost shine and remove buildup. After shampooing, combine one part wash with three parts water and apply it to your hair. Allow to absorb for a few minutes before rinsing with water. The vinegar can help balance the pH levels of your hair and remove product buildup, leaving it shiny and healthy.

6. Clean Your Dishwasher

 Over time, food particles and mineral buildup can clog your dishwasher. To clean and freshen it, put one cup of apple wash in the bottom of your dishwasher. Then run a cycle on the hottest setting. The vinegar can aid in the breakdown of food particles and mineral deposits, leaving your dishwasher clean and smelling fresh.

7. Remove Pet Odors

If you have pets in your home, you know they can occasionally leave unpleasant odors behind. This wash can help naturally neutralize these odors. In a spray bottle, combine equal parts wash and water, then spritz on your furniture, carpets, and other surfaces where pet odors are present. The vinegar can aid in removing odors, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

8. Nausea Remedy

This wash can be a natural remedy for nausea and upset stomachs. Sip slowly after mixing one tablespoon of the wash with one cup of warm water. The vinegar’s acidic properties can help settle your stomach and relieve nausea, while the warm water soothes and hydrates.

How Did This Wash Come About?

apple wash - Healthier Me TodayUnfortunately, there is no historical account of how apple wash was discovered or who first used it. Apple cider vinegar, on the other hand, is widely believed to have been used for centuries as a natural cleaner and disinfectant, particularly in food preparation and preservation.

Name Origin

Vinegar is derived from the French word “vinaigre,” which means “sour wine.” vinegar has been used for cleaning since ancient times, with the Babylonians and Greeks known to have done so. Vinegar was also used as a disinfectant by the Romans and was frequently used to clean wounds.

What It’s Made From

Since it has so many health advantages, apple cider vinegar, which is made from fermented apples, has grown in popularity. Acetic acid, which is present in it and has both antibacterial and antifungal activities. As a result, it works well as a natural cleaning and disinfectant for use in the home and on one’s person.


apple wash - Healthier Me TodayDespite the lack of information regarding the discovery of apple wash, its effectiveness as a natural cleaning solution has been widely recognized, leading to the development of various commercial products containing apple cider vinegar as a key ingredient. These items have grown in popularity recently as people have become more conscious of the importance of using natural and non-toxic cleaning products in their homes.


Apple wash has been shown to have numerous health benefits when consumed, in addition to its cleaning properties. It has been linked to weight loss, better digestion, and lower blood sugar levels. Because of its acidic properties, it is also an effective natural remedy for acne, dandruff, and other skin conditions.


Overall, the discovery of this wash and its subsequent use as a natural cleaning and health solution has significantly impacted people’s attitudes toward household cleaning and personal hygiene. As people seek out wild and non-toxic alternatives to traditional cleaning products, this wash and other natural cleaning solutions will likely grow in popularity.

Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

apple wash - Healthier Me TodayHere’s a quick and easy recipe for homemade apple cider vinegar: 

  1. Wash the apples well and cut them into small pieces.
  2. Fill a large jar or container halfway with apple pieces.
  3. Pour in enough water to completely cover the apples.
  4. Stir in 1-2 tablespoons of sugar in the pot.
  5. Wrap a cheesecloth or clean towel around the jar and secure it with a rubber band.
  6. Store the jar in a cool, dark place for 2-4 weeks, stirring occasionally.
  7. After 2-4 weeks, strain out the apple pieces and refill the jar with the liquid.
  8. Cover the pot once more with cheesecloth or a towel and set it aside for another 2-4 weeks, stirring occasionally.
  9. To see if the vinegar is ready, taste it. It should taste tangy and acidic.
  10. When the vinegar is finished, pour it into a clean jar or bottle and place it in the refrigerator.

Making your apple cider vinegar is a rewarding and enjoyable process that allows you to control the quality and ingredients used. It’s also a great way to use up any leftover apples!

Best Ways to Use Apple Wash…

This wash is versatile and practical for household needs. It’s a simple and inexpensive solution that can make a big difference in your daily life, from cleaning products to disinfecting surfaces. Give it a shot and see for yourself the numerous advantages! Additionally, apple cider vinegar is a great way to utilize leftover apples and reduce waste. With these tips and recipes, you can easily incorporate apple wash and apple cider vinegar into your daily routine and reap the many benefits.

HMT News Team

HMT News Team 

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