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A Wonderful New World for Technology – Best 12 Facts to Know About AI Text to Speech

Pia VermaakPia Vermaak  July 27, 2023

A wonderful new world – Learn more with Healthier Me Today! Most of us think of a “robot chatbot” when we hear an obnoxious voice telling us to “dial 1 for customer service.” 

Consumer interactions with a wonderful new world of synthetic voice technology typically revolve around solitary interaction. 

AI Voice Intelligence is one of the modern engineering sectors with the fastest growth and most active research. 

Speech is the best form of engagement when introducing your goods to customers. 

By 2025, the whole voiceover and speech recognition market is expected to increase 17.2% annually and reach $26.8 billion. 

What is Voice Intelligence?

a wonderful new world - Healthier Me TodayReal-time dialogue transcription is possible with voice intelligence, a product of artificial intelligence (AI). 

It is capable of a wide range of functions, including:

  1. Call analysis
  2. Visual voicemail
  3. Digital chats, among others

Thanks to its machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and real-time speech recognition capabilities in a wonderful new world ..

With voice intelligence, organizations may record or collect calls and learn from them, which can be beneficial in several ways. 

Additionally, it helps to increase internal communication within the company and between enterprises and their clients. 

Every modern company can use voice intelligence to increase sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

Some Interesting Facts About Voice Intelligence

1. Speaking Is Quicker Than Typing

Our most efficient means of communication is through speech because it is our most natural communication. 

The average person can only type 38 to 40 words per minute, while they can speak 110 to 150 words per minute. 

A Stanford University study found that voice can be up to three times faster than typing. The mistake rate of speech-to-text translation was found to be 20.4% lower than typing in English and a staggering 63.4% lower than typing in Chinese.

According to the researchers, who used measurements from Baidu’s Deep Speech 2 cloud-based speech recognition software and Apple’s built-in keyboard.

2. What is it Used For?

a wonderful new world - Healthier Me TodayA Just AI survey on smart speakers, voice search accounted for 20% of all internet searches:

  1. Voice search was utilized by 51% of customers to find eateries. 
  2. 58% of customers used voice search to look up information about nearby businesses. 
  3. 85% of Amazon customers bought something they had been recommended by voice search. 

It’s incredible how much of an impact synthetic voice and bright speakers have on our individual financial decisions. 

In addition to being an indispensable tool for furthering our knowledge to make better-informed purchases, it has evolved into the method we use to buy the things we need daily.

3. Businesses are Employing AI Voice.

Businesses worldwide are hastily refining their voice search optimization strategies as they begin to understand the technical and financial advantages of speech & audio marketing in a wonderful new world. 

As homes increasingly adopt voice-activated devices, 68% of businesses use tactics to court this expanding AI language customer directly.

To aggregate the user experiences of current voice technology users, Speechmatics conducted a thorough poll. 

According to the survey, closed captioning, automated customer experience and analytics:

  1. Digital asset management
  2. eDiscovery
  3. VoiceBots
  4. Medical transcription

And other applications are among the most popular voice technology applications.

4. More Trusted By Consumers Than Other Major Media Formats

Audio commercials have been more successful in escaping the public media maelstrom in a wonderful new world where personalized advertising and search algorithms are under close examination. 

In comparison to other traditional media outlets and social media, intelligent speaker advertisements are less invasive to 58% of customers, according to Adobe. 

The audio business received the cherry on top when 52% of customers rated bright speaker advertisements as more engaging and 57% as being more “relevant to their needs and interests.”

5. Are VoiceBots Popular?

a wonderful new world - Healthier Me TodayAs we indicated at the beginning of this article, VoiceBots are often considered unpopular by consumers. 

Who wouldn’t want to discuss their troubles with another person? According to a Capgemini report on conversational commerce’s customer study. 

VoiceBots are used by 49% of customers to complete tasks more quickly. Customers can benefit from the automated service’s short response time to obtain essential support.

6. When Conversing With Their Ai, Users Can Use “Natural Language.”

With the help of developments in speech recognition technologies like OpenAI’s GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer).

Google’s LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), consumers can have natural-sounding conversations with their voice assistants. 

So, in voice technology, human-like synthetic speech is an “output” and an “input.” US customers are reintroducing AI Voices into their homes as voice technology advances. 

While smart speakers are still uncommon in the idealized modern American home.

OC&C Strategy Consultants projects that by 2022, 55% of US households will have one, with major tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple dominating the market.

7. 60% Of The Elderly Use Voice Search

Studies show that almost 60% of older adults prefer voice technology search to conventional typing methods. 

Elderly individuals find it much more convenient to tap their screens and speak whatever they want to look up or get. It requires less work.

And as was already mentioned, voice search is less error-prone than conventional typing. Artificial intelligence-enhanced voice search features get smarter with each use. 

This implies that the results of the following queries will be more accurate when a person uses voice search.

8. Voice Ai Is Now A Common Feature In Modern Homes

a wonderful new world - Healthier Me TodayVoice-activated technology is already present in every modern home. 

Home users utilize voice commands to carry out chores like turning electrical equipment on and off with the help of gadgets like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Home equipment like televisions and vacuum cleaners now have voice-command capabilities. 

Without question, AI speech is becoming a necessary part of every modern home. Everybody who carries a smartphone in their pocket does so with a gadget that can be controlled by voice alone to perform several different functions. 

Businesses have no choice because AI speech is becoming more prevalent in consumer electronics.

9. Voice Search Is Used By 46% Of Smart Speaker Owners To Find A Local Business.

According to search engine data, 46% of users of intelligent speaking devices use voice search for nearby businesses. 

This demonstrates unequivocally that small local businesses may greatly benefit from optimizing for voice search, just like big international organizations.

Small business owners must optimize voice searches for customers to find nearby small businesses when they search for local establishments in a wonderful new world. 

Business owners will only catch up in this ever-evolving market using cutting-edge technologies.

10. Voice Assistants Are Changing How We Shop

As more people utilize voice assistants to make purchases of goods and services, we may design a strategy that satisfies or surpasses their needs.

It moves faster. Utilizing speech is typically quicker than any other modality since we can speak more quickly than we can type. 

For instance, Virgin Trains in the UK introduced an Alexa ability in 2018 that enables users to purchase train tickets. 

The typical booking process takes 2 minutes instead of 7 minutes over the phone. Customers are constantly looking for methods to save time.

No friction exists. No matter how user-friendly your website or app is or how diligently you try to increase your conversion rate, you will always face the challenge of the system’s inherent friction.

11. Speech Recognition For Education

a wonderful new world - Healthier Me TodayText-to-speech or voice recognition software, which recognizes speech, enables voice to act as the “main interface between the human and the computer” . 

Speech recognition has only sometimes been used in the classroom over the years, even though technology can help kids with severe learning problems and physical impairments. 

However, many of the issues are being addressed as technology develops. It could be time to start using voice recognition again if it has been a while since you have had it in a wonderful new world.

12. The State Of Voice And Speech Recognition In Banking Today

One of voice-based banking’s most widely used applications allows consumers to check their account balances, transaction histories, and other account details using their speech. 

For instance, the Westpac Banking Corporation in Australia introduced the Westpac Live Amazon Alexa Skill. 

A bank representative said that Amazon and Westpac Digital Labs teams collaborated to integrate their services with Alexa.

According to the bank, alexa-enabled devices can allegedly be used to check account details. 

Additionally, the Westpac Alexa skill allows users to listen to financial news posted on the bank’s website.

A Wonderful New World for Technology…

The idea of an AI voice is unsettlingly unfamiliar to many people. However, it is a sign of incredible technological advancement with countless uses. 

It sounds like something out of a science fiction book to be able to translate text into speech that sounds like human speech. 

Artificial intelligence’s future is quickly approaching! Investing in education and training is now essential to prepare for the age of AI. 

The choice is yours: will you improve your abilities to stay on the cutting edge, or will you keep a step behind? Do you anticipate participating in the fourth industrial revolution in a wonderful new world?

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